Slice Of Life Sunday 10/9/16

slice of life...
n. pl. slices of life
An episode or actual experience represented realistically and with little alteration in a dramatic, fictional, or journalistic work


  1. I love your blue pumpkins. Cobalt blue is such a beautiful color. Thanks.

  2. Beautiful. I love all your photos especially the one with coloured bottles.

  3. Those red Mums are gorgeous! You know I love the green Buddha..

  4. I love A Slice of Life, it seems so fitting for a Sunday, and especially in this helter-skelter world we live in now. I find them so calming. Happy Sunday Sweetie. Hope Charlie is coming along and not fighting his cone so much.

  5. Amazing pics, as always, Brenda.

    Annie @ The Cooler Side of My Pillow

  6. Gorgeous!! Love getting a little peek into your world!!

  7. Ohhhh I love your dishes and mugs.


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