Why I Love, Love, Love Perfect Linen Sheets

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I was contacted recently by Perfect Linens. I received their flannel sheets a few weeks ago. 

And I loved them so much that I already ordered a second set! 

It was perfecting timing because last month I broke down and bought a new mattress. My old one was from our guest room in Texas from before the divorce. 

So the mattress and box springs were a good 10 years old. And the result was having a back ache as soon as I woke up and that lasted throughout the day.

The blue sheets you see above are what I ordered this time. The color I just ordered is called Smokey Mountain Blue.

These are called Toastmaster sheets

You see, I love flannel year round. 

Here's why I chose the Toastmaster sheets:

The warmth of "Toastmaster" is the result of an intensive brushing process that raises millions of surface fibers from a base fabric. The fibers create insulating air pockets that retain body heat.

You know I say exactly what I think, so here are my unequivocal thoughts on these sheets: I absolutely love them. It is like sleeping with a soft blanket wrapped around me.
I doubt very much that I'll ever be satisfied sleeping on any other sheets. So this will from now on be my go-to place for bedding.

And they are affordable. For my full-sized bed, the set of sheets with two pillowcases were less than $60. 

If I love something that much and it makes my sleep a wonderful experience, I find that a small price to pay.

Look, the pupsters love them too! (Charlie still has the stitches in his left eye.) 

As you can see, I don't iron my sheets, and I have slept multiple times on these before I photographed them. 

I simply am not the type to "style" a room before photographing it. I like to keep it real. 

You and I both know that sheets change after some use, so I like that Perfect Linens retests their products after multiple launderings. 

They specialize in sheets, so they have come up with the softest of linens to make your nightly slumber both peaceful and comfortable.

Be assured that shoppers like you and I select from a curated selection of the most comfortable sheets around. 

Here's what sold me...

How about the warmest, coziest flannel sheet from Europe? Perfect Linens has it. Good Housekeeping's finest microfiber sheet? They've got that too.

Want relief from hot flashes or night sweats? They've got you covered!

The Toastmaster sheet set

Perfect Linens has a 45-night LOVE IT (use or abuse, they'll accept the return) free-shipping-both-ways satisfaction guarantee. So if you don't love them, send them back. 

If you'd like to try their sheets for yourself (of course I suggest the ultra-soft Toastmaster sheets), then here is a coupon code so you can save 15% at Perfect Linens ... COZYHOUSE15

This coupon is good until December 31st. I think they'd make wonderful Christmas presents for those that value a good night's sleep like I do.

I can't wait for the new ones to arrive because I'm not going back to my old sheets if I don't have to. 


  1. Thinking about a new mattress here. Any advice. Thanks.

    1. Your back will thank you if you switch mattresses! Mine sure did.

  2. Glad to hear they have some new selections! I have a set of Perfect Linens as well and love them!

  3. I got a Posturepedic mattress and box springs. They were under $800. When I was married we spent well over $2000 on mattresses. But I can't afford anything like that anymore! I got this one at a Macy's sale. And I opened a Macy's account (which I will probably never use again) and got 10% more off the price. Then you got 12 months free interest to pay it off.

  4. I love new sheets too Brenda. When we moved we purchased new ones and they really do make you rest better.
    Glad that you got a new mattress too.
    The pupsters are looking good-so cute!

  5. Thanks for the tip on these sheets...will have to try them.

  6. those sheets look mighty cozy. will be checking them out.

  7. The pupsters look right at home! I like the color you chose...cozy...

  8. Those sound great for you! I need cool sheets since I stay so hot. I'll check out their website!!

  9. I'm not in the market for new sheets, but they sound wonderful

  10. I have a pillowtop full size mattress. It's extremely deep and I have a hard time finding sheets that fit. I need about 18 to 20 inch pockets. I like to change out the entire look of my bed (all bedding) the first day of each month. It cheers me up. I'll be checking out Perfect Linen sheets. Sweet dogs.

    1. Same with me. Full size and thick. These are certainly big enough and some room left over.

  11. I have a set of the Perfect Linens sheets and love them. I love the new colors.

  12. Love flannel sheets. I'll look into this.

  13. I'm always in the market for sheets. Thanks for the review and the discount. I'll head over in a bit to their site and check them out!

  14. Haven't heard of these. Just bought two new sets of sheets though, so it will be awhile before I need anymore. xo Laura

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