Another Book Finished

I finished this ebook on my Kindle. I would love to read other books by this author, but I think this one may have been her first.

When we're young, we often make foolish choices. Heck, no matter how old we are we still make foolish choices!
In the end, she makes a good choice. What I thought was the right choice under the circumstances. Though she came very close to going in the other direction.
I managed to get three suppers out of my Thanksgiving meal. Two large boneless chicken breasts in the crock pot with dressing. 

With the price of meat these days, that made me happy!

I keep thinking I'm starting on my Christmas decorating. But then I get side-tracked. 

Yesterday I went to the closet to dig around in my Christmas stuff, and ended up finding and ironing the red and white buffalo-checked curtains. 

I hung them in two windows. I looked and looked and couldn't find enough for all three, though I know I have them somewhere.

Sometimes I wonder how I can live in such a small place and not be able to find things. Amazing, isn't it?


  1. What's most frustrating is to find that exact perfect thing for that particular season two days after the holiday and usually right under your nose!!! haha Our leftovers are almost gone, too. Even our dog, Dixie, is getting tired of turkey. I froze some for later in the month.

  2. I've been reading a lot but need to decorate for Christmas since I dragged out all the bins and now they are stacked in the living room. Yikes!

  3. I am so happy you are back to writing like you used to. I do so enjoy it,

  4. My decorating so far consists of taking down the fall wreath from the front door. That book sounds really good and I will look for it. We have no leftovers. No leftovers here. My husband and I spent Thanksgiving day alone because we didn't visit with family until Friday. So on Thanksgiving we ended up getting takeout hamburgers and sweet potato fries and pumpkin pie from the only restaurant open that day. It was delicious! I like your idea of chicken and dressing instead of turkey. I like chicken a lot better.

  5. Ha ha! I know what you are talking about with the curtains. Amazing how easily one can lose something in a small apartment!

    I went to my grandson's for thanksgiving. They hosted the family, 9 of us in all. I took enough leftover turkey for two meals plus the carcass which they were not interested in keeping. So I toted it home, cut off the remaining meat. and put it in the crock pot with carrots and onions and spices and lots of water and simmered it all night. The next morning I picked the bones and got a lot more meat off. I froze the broth and the leftover meat for future meals.

    I will make turkey soup this week and have them over for dinner, and I still have enough to make chicken enchiladas. Whole turkeys and chickens are such a bargain. I always get at least 6-8 meals for myself from them.

    We had snow here on Saturday, very pretty, and I enjoyed just sitting in my warm home, and enjoying the view from my living room window. Life is very good.

  6. I think your red and white buffalo curtains sound very festive and Christmasy. I can easily see them with a beautiful little green tree!
    and yes.
    it's maddening to lose or misplace something in a tiny space.
    it's like... WHAT! ???? HOW can it magically just DISAPPEAR!

  7. I was glad to see you use the word 'supper' as my grown-up kids have almost got me calling that meal 'dinner' and what I used to call 'dinner', they call 'lunch' - go figure. I like my dinner and supper words the way we used them when I was growing up! Also, when the fancy-pantsy people from up north started coming down here to Texas, we in the real estate business had to start calling our properties with 'tanks' as properties with 'ponds'; they couldn't see calling the rainwater-filled dug out holes tanks, because they saw water and dirt and no big, ugly metal upright tanks...

  8. Oh, Brenda, I am glad I'm not the only one who can't find things.

    I removed all my letters and numbers from my decor for Christmas and put them in the box that held all my breakable ornaments. It's now under the guest room bed and I hope I remember that in January when I remove all my Christmas.

  9. You, my friend, are a prolific reader!!

  10. And yet another book I'm drooling over now! I have such a bunch of books and samples of books in my kindle now....but I have to finish the third in a trilogy I'm reading before I can get started on anything else! Can't wait to see what you decide to do with your cozy home for the holidays, my friend.

  11. Oh I LOVE those red and white buffalo checked curtains! I hope you find the other ones to hang up too. They are so perfect for the holiday season and wintertime in my opinion. Red is such a warm color. My favorite color to decorate with.

  12. You are on a reading ROLL lately ! :)

    I dug out all of my Christmas stuff and sent a good bit to my DIL ( did this with fall stuff about 2 years ago )

    AND have been thinking ....where is that such and such / and this and that ( in other words I still have Christmas stuff lurking somewhere and I have a small place too...maybe that is the issue in itself? :) We put things into little nooks and crannies versus having one huge storage area ! then the search is on...

  13. You're inspiring me to get into reading a bit more...if I can tear myself away from chess, my new obsession.

  14. I'm catching up on reading finally, I'll look for this book. I'm glad you were able to get so many meals from those chicken pieces. I actually prefer chicken over turnkey so I oblige my husband with his leftover turkey sandwiches and can't wait to get rid of the greasy Tupperware!

    I have been meaning to clean out my linen closet. Just me and hubs and I have well over 30 pillowcases! I remember your curtains, they will be pretty for winter.


  15. I love book recommendations. Pinned!

  16. Oh Brenda...I have soooo many books to read...I don't think I can ever possibly finish them...when I do happen to get close I find more that I want to read...You are so right about losing things in small places...where do they go...I'm glad you are getting the red check curtains out also...they will make your place feel warm and cozy for Winter...


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