Bits Of News...

It's overcast today. I haven't checked the weather, so I don't know if rain is in the forecast.

The leaves are falling, but none around me are turning pretty colors. I feel like Mother Nature has missed a step in the evolution of fall. 

We've changed our clocks. We're headed toward Thanksgiving. And yet my air conditioning is still humming along while I paint and wait for paint to dry.

My living room has been taken over temporarily by an old tarp that I paint on. I bring furniture from the bedroom and paint here. One piece is finished. Working on another. 

Will show this project once finished. 

Because it is dark out today, I didn't have very good light while painting this second coat. I know I will have drips and blobs I might have to worry with. 

Or not. Depends on my mood once it's dry.

Abi and Charlie are asleep, back to back, on the ottoman. My feet rest alongside them. 

Just a bit ago, Abi was chasing Charlie away from the food, the little devil. And I had to pick her up to let him eat. 

And now here they are, twins in sleep, their little bodies aligned as if there was never a problem. 

I'm putting drops in Charlie's eyes twice per day, and we go back to see the specialist just before Thanksgiving. I can't tell if he's feeling better. I hope he is. 

In news outside my little home, seems there was another earthquake in Cushing, Oklahoma, about 50 miles from Tulsa. Earthquakes around here no longer seem out of the ordinary. 

Well, that's life around my neck of the woods for now. 


  1. Hoping Charlie starts to heal and feel better. Hope you will get good news when you see the specialist in a few weeks. Wow earthquakes!!! I think our world is showing it's age and how hard our living and lifestyles have taken a troll on her. Between all the crazy weather patterns and strange occurrences like earthquakes happening I hope mother earth can continue to handle it all! Have a good week. Can't wait to see your paint projects.

  2. I love the little windows you give us of your daily life. Somehow it is comforting to me to know that another senior woman is living a pretty peaceful satisfying life across the country from myself.

  3. Good morning Brenda! Enjoyed your little update. I will be tackling a painting project this week too. I struggle with patience for the project. Sometimes it's little by little squeezed around daily life. Looking forward to seeing what you've been working on.

  4. I read about that's crazy that your state has had so many and this one incurred quite a bit of damage. Fracking / oil & gas industry!

  5. I heard about the earthquakes but couldn't quite place where they were in relation to Tulsa. I hope this is it for awhile. And I hope you get some color. Everyone seems to have something different going on. We are warm with a lot of rain and the leaves are falling off the trees.

    Good luck with your painting---can't wait to see what you are up to!


  6. The only leaves falling here are the brown ones. I wonder if there is an order for falling. This is the first week of cooler weather here. Did you feel the earthquake?

  7. I was thinking of you with that earthquake - scary stuff, I can't believe how often it happens these days. Glad you are ok, my friend.

  8. We are having my kind of weather in central Kentucky. November is maybe my favorite month of colors, because I love the muted shades of the last leaves against the pearly gray skies. November looks like a watercolor painting to me. I've been spray painting the silvery kitchen cabinet knobs to matte black. I like the look much better and I've decided to paint the knobs black in the utility room and bathroom too. Even little painting jobs can make a difference.

  9. Rebecca told me about your most recent earthquake, our world is becoming altered in too many ways. I don't like it.
    I want my old world back.
    It is raining heavily here today, so I will put on some Christmas music and pretend I am living back in time.

  10. I enjoy when you post about the things you are doing. Just the ordinary ways of life. It is dry here in Utah. Beautiful weather as far as temperatures but way too dry. We will be suffering later on. We need the moisture. It seems our weather patterns have changed. I like the cool temps of the autumn time. And we should be moving toward snow, but I don't think it will come for several months. Thanks for sharing your life in your little corner of the world with us. I enjoy reading about it. Have a good day, enjoy your painting project. Hugs, Karie

  11. Hi Brenda! Love reading your blog. I'm in OKC and agree about the leaves... green on the trees one day and dead on the ground the next. I haven't seen any brilliant colors either. That earthquake was crazy the other day. Sad that they are so normal now that we don't even give them a second thought anymore.

    Can't wait to see your next project. Your apt is fabulous.

  12. When I heard about the earthquake, I immediately thought about you and the pups! Weather is crazy here too. Wild fires here in N. Ga. that has given us smoke filled air plus temps in the high eighties. Praying for rain! Love hearing how you're doing Brenda!

  13. I saw news about that earthquake yesterday. They said that OK has had more earthquakes lately than ever before! They talked about fracking as possibly being the culprit. I hope your dog's eyes are better. I've had my share of problems with my dog's eyes too. He's now blind in one eye and not much vision in his other one. Dogs with bulging eyes are prone to problems (which mine has). We have to carry him outside at night because he can't see in the dark at all. The weather here has been warm too. However, the mornings and nights are actually cold! We are seeing Fall color here finally but it doesn't seem as vibrant as years past. We are in a severe drought in GA! No burning outside is allowed and we've been experiencing forest fires. We haven't had any substantial rain since September! I think this Fall has been different for many of us. My mom says it's probably due to global warming but I don't agree with her on that.

  14. We had a few sprinkles this morning and it was cool. The temps aren't cool enough at night yet for the furnace, but the a/c doesn't run nearly as often now. They say that our fall foliage wasn't as colorful here in MO due to the warm weather. Some urban trees have been pretty but most in the rural areas are just brown and falling fast.
    Seems like a lot of earthquakes in many places rarely heard of before now. Glad you and the pups are okay and hope little Charlie is feeling better soon.

  15. It's been pretty warm here...haven't had out first freeze yet...but the leaves are nearly gone. Sounds like you are being creative!

  16. You paint such a homey picture, Brenda, with you and your pups snugged in from a warm fall day. Painting and food fights and feet kicked up. Hope Charlie's eyes are ever so much better when you got back for the check-up.
    The earthquakes are SCARY!!!!xo Diana

  17. When I heard of the EQ I immediately read on to see if it was in your town. They are so nerve racking. Our weather is just like yours. All of a sudden fall came and we didn't have much of a transition, now we're back up to 90 with brown leaves all over. No pretty colors. Poor Charlie, he has had such a hard time. Hope he's doing better.

  18. I want to paint my dark faux fireplace.have the antique ivory kit. Maybe this week. Healing for your little guy.


  19. sweet Charlie...... we hope he feels better too :)


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