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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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Cable Men & TVs & Men In General

I've been dusting and cleaning. 

I hate to dust. I'm allergic to it and then I itch all over. But it has to be done.

I tend to wash a few loads of laundry when I clean. 

Then I have wash rags and towels laid over furniture and coffee makers and the like, because, if you recall, I have a portable washer that I hook up to the sink.

And those things just slightly dry. That's okay. I know it's much better for your clothing if you don't dry them, but hang them instead. They last much longer that way.

I've been having strange pain at the top backs of my legs. I can't figure out what it is. I do yoga stretching twice per day. So I would think I'm certainly stretched enough.

Ever had this bother you?

I didn't get a chance to read last night. I was going to watch a wee bit of TV and then read. 

There are only two shows I now watch on a regular basis: Law & Order SVU and The Blacklist. (Which I haven't discussed in awhile. Need to do that for those of you who watch it I suppose.)

In the past I've always watched Criminal Minds. But two of my favorite characters are now gone. (How did they kill off Hotch?) 

So I started watching Law & Order SVU, which I love, but comes on at the same time. (How many times have you called it SUV? I bet I've done that a hundred times.)

I don't think they have any new episodes for the next few months, so I thought I'd see what Criminal Minds is like without those two characters.

But the blasted cable remote went out on me. (No, it wasn't the batteries. I tried that weeks ago, and it's just slowly been going kaput). 

So then I couldn't turn off the TV. 

I had to locate a flashlight so I could see the tiny color-on-color words on the side of the actual TV (that of course no one ever uses anymore) that would tell me where on earth to turn the danged thing off. 

Horror of horrors if I had to try to sleep with a blasted TV on.

Of course that messed up the whole cable data thing. I tried and tried to fix that. And just got more frustrated.

So I've called one of the cable techs to come out. 

I hate strange people in my home. 

Maybe it's because I live alone. 

No, it isn't. 

It's because I don't like strange people coming into my home!

Sometimes I wish we could just go back to the simple TV days. No remotes to lose or mess up.

Just get up and turn the TV on and change the channel. And get up again to turn it off. 

Think how much more exercise we got having to do that. Now people become veritable couch potatoes. 

Men and TVs: Why do men change the channels constantly? 

I remember when I was married that just irritated the daylights out of me. 

How were you supposed to see enough of a program to decide if you might enjoy watching it in those few seconds?

So glad my TVs now come without a man attached to them. Because I do believe men become emotionally and somewhat physically attached to a TV. 

I think there is an invisible cord linking them to their TVs, such is their love for turning them on and surfing all the channels in boredom. While they scratch themselves. 

Ever notice that a man idly scratches at himself when no one else is around but the wife they've long since stopped trying to impress? 

Yes, that irritated the heck out of me too. Why do you think I've been divorced three times? You would think I'd have learned that after one, but I didn't.

And they want giant TVs. I've never met a man who said he wanted a small TV. 

Why is that?

So really, just how big does it have to be to watch it adequately?

Obviously I'm not a fan of giant TVs. They're just big black boxes. And ugly ones at that. That's just my opinion.

I can't stand to walk into a home and the TV is blaring. Non-stop. 

No one is usually watching it. So why is it a constant background noise?

Why is it that people NEED so much darned noise in their life? Do they not want to think?

Sometimes I think Charlie barks just to hear himself. He barks at nothing and everything. 

Maybe he's getting senile. Abi's not much of a barker, thank goodness.

I need silence to think well. I don't want distractions. I haven't turned the radio on in my SUV (or is it SVU?) in many years. 

That's just how much I love the sound of silence. 

Noise and I never got along very well. 

When I was a child I thought other children were awfully noisy. They couldn't just say something. They had to shout it. 

I preferred libraries, where, back in the day, you had to be very quiet. Quiet as a mouse. 

You reverently walked the aisles and gazed at the spines of books whose contents might alter your world. 

That little library in that little town sure made a difference in my life. And was an indicator of things to come. 

Reading was the reason I began to love writing.

The wind is blowing like it's trying to blow Oklahoma straight off the map. My poor gazebo has been lifting a leg and then slamming it down violently for all to hear.

I just went out there and put a brick on the little edges of the legs. Probably won't make any difference. 

One thing you can surely expect when it comes to Oklahoma: The wind comes sweeping down the plains on a regular schedule. And frequently. 

Huffs and puffs like an angry old man. 

I'm still wearing shorts and the air conditioner is on. I can't figure out this weather. (I know I've said that pretty much every day. But isn't that what we do as we get older?)

I'm sure you've had enough of my daily trivia for now. If you haven't nodded off.

Shoot. Most likely the cable guy won't be here until it completely messes up my evening schedule. Then I'll really be cranky and loaded for bear.
Cozy Little House
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  1. Walmart has a nice assortment of lightweight drying racks. I bought a couple when my dry was out for awhile. They fold up nice and easy, too, to store in a small space. It's amazing just how much you can hang on them.

    1. I actually have that fold out thing I got to review from Belgium attached to my fence. But it's so hard to pull it out I don't bother. I don't have many things to wash, since it's just me, so it's just as easy to layer them on things and they're dry in a few hours.

  2. I'm with you about the silence - I can't stand unnecessary noise, or much noise at all. Don't like it when I'm eating, sleeping, shopping (oh please leave me alone when I'm shopping!), reading, driving. Yes, pretty much most of the time.

    1. But they can't leave you alone while shopping as long as cell phones are in their purse or pocket! I wish there was a way that, as soon as someone walked through the doors of a store, their cell phones would be rendered useless until they walk back out.

  3. I think a LOT of women will relate to this post. Made me laugh :)

    I can't stand it when a tv is on constantly either. Thank goodness hubby feels the same way.

    1. It seems so unnecessary to have that thing blaring away in the background. I've had to ask my daughter or whoever to please turn that down because I can't filter out the noise to hear her talk to me.

  4. I think you wrote this post just for me! I hate strangers in my home too and I have had my share lately of repairmen. I don't know why they can't come in the kitchen door or the back door when that is where they will be working. But my husband lets them in the front door and they have to walk through the entire house to get to where they are going. That just irritates me to no end!

    And I agree with you, why do people keep their tv on all day. Everyone I know does that and it is always full blast to where you can't carry on a conversation. I think some people cannot stand to be alone with themselves. As you posted yesterday, why don't people go outside. My neighbors only come outside to go to their car and they never open their blinds or curtains. Most people that I know keep their homes closed up all the time. I would seriously loose my mind! I have actually stopped visiting some of our friends for this very reason. Their homes remind me of being in a cave.

    And also like you, I love the sound of silence, I could listen to it all day!

    I am a decorating fanatic, but I am truly loving your everyday life posts, they are refreshing and you remind me so much of me! I read you every morning while I am having coffee.

    PS: I have a drying rack from Walmart also and you can hang a lot on them and they work wonderfully for small spaces.

    1. Do you think the neighbors are a bit paranoid? Think the KGB are hiding in the bushes? I don't get it...

  5. Funny about men and the tv remote and so true!! I love having my home to myself. Well me and the cat. I like silence also, so much noise in this world. Hugs.

    1. I think it would be easier on married people if they just had apartments or houses next to one another. Then they could get together when they want. And when they get tired of being around one another, they could go to their respective homes and relax. Fewer arguments! Fewer divorces!

  6. Really enjoyed your humorous post! Very funny comments about men. And true, too!
    I love total silence! Noise disrupts my concentration. I rarely watch television, except for my favorite shows, like SVU and The Blacklist. And I do call it SUV by accident!
    I'm hoping your TV remote situation gets fixed soon...

    1. Well, I have a whole 'nother story to tell you about that tomorrow.

    2. See, my posts go out at 7 a.m., and so I post the night before. If that bothers anyone, let me know and I'll bump the publishing time for Mad Mimi to later in the day.

  7. Recently read a book with my 3rd grader called "Isaac and His Amazing Asperger Superpowers!" by Melanie Walsh. She wrote this book to explain Asperger syndrome to her son's classmates, friends, and relatives.

    One of the pages refers to the sounds. "My ear can hear super well. I can even hear the buzzing that some lights make in school. This makes my ears really hurt, and then I feel upset."

    On another page about his pets: "My pets understand me and my superpowers, and I love them..."

    Book published 2016. We got from the library.

    This book helped us to talk about some challenges my grandson is facing. The author states "Children who have ASD do have challenges, but also many amazing strengths." Thought you might be interested in knowing about this book.

    1. Oh, bless you! It's those fluorescent lights that they have everywhere! They have this buzzing sound like an insect detector.

  8. My dear husband is a lot like a big old Labrador retriever. He scratches and grunts but he is so sweet and affectionate and he is a great listener. Thank goodness he isn't much of a TV watcher. He has to work on a computer all day, so when he gets home he doesn't want to mess with anything that has a screen and buttons to push. We don't even have cable. We occasionally watch something on Netflix. I hate going into restaurants that have a TV or music blaring. I've asked waiters if they could turn down the sound. Sometimes they do, but sometimes they say they can't. So, I just don't go back to that restaurant. I can just stay home where it is peaceful. Except for the occasional loud masculine burp!

    1. Do you ever wish they had a "kid-free" zone in restaurants for us empty nesters who have grown cranky about noise?

    2. "Occasional loud masculine burp"...not to mention the occasional loud masculine expelling of gas. Well, as my first husband would say: Why put lipstick on a pig? So I'll just say it: fart.

  9. Lol, this post made me smile... I've been divorced 3 times too and like you I don't know why I didn't learn the first one or two times! I can remember my dad sitting on a little 70's mushroom shaped footstool in front of the TV just turning the channels (before remotes)!


    1. I have a blogging friend who I occasionally talk to on the phone. I told her she and I could go into a huge stadium full of men. And we'd still manage to walk out with the mean drunk or the one man that's not at all appropriate for us.

      That's funny about the footstool and your dad. So I guess I can no longer blame it on remotes.

  10. Hotch got in a physical fight and was fired from the show - I don't remember the details, at the time I didn't commit them to memory, just heard it in passing on the news.

    1. Yeah,but I wonder how they killed him off on the show? I read about his bad temper a number of times.

      And he seemed so calm and collected in his character role. Guess he's a really good actor!

  11. Thank goodness my Husband naps for an hour or two each day.... ahhhh silence.

  12. Ah, the sweetest sound never recorded...

  13. I loved this post. I like silence also. I have lots of CD's of great music an old friend compiled for me, everything from rock to classic and shamefully I never play any of it except for once or twice a year.

    I enjoy silence, and I rarely turn on the tv during the day, but do occasionally watch it from around 4:00 pm some days to see Judge Judy. Isn't she something else? Kinda rude, but I suppose if I had to deal with the kinds of people she does every day, I might be rude also.

    I also was married several times, (I am a slow learner) and it took me a while to get the hang of being alone, but now I love it, just like you do.

    The kids' dad would come home around 5:30, and he expected three things: A fresh pot of coffee, the television for the evening news, and to smell dinner cooking on the stove. (And of course, the little obedient wife, making sure it all happened.) And he would of course control the remote and I watched lots of episodes of Gunsmoke and such as that, never anything I might like to watch!

    Now I actually live a good life, very peaceful, just me and my dog Sparky.

    Oh yes, that is such an adorable picture of Charlie, I just want to hug him!

    1. I recall that my first husband and I watched quite a bit of old Gunsmoke reruns from my childhood. Matt Dillon, oh he was a handsome sheriff!

  14. this was delightfully funny! I like the 'unvarnished' you!
    I also don't dry my clothes to a crisp. I don't ever iron anymore so it's important to me that they hang dry.
    I use an extension shower rod in the middle of my shower. that way I can hang any clothes I wash on a hanger. and I have the full length of the bathtub to hang them. it will hold a lot! and it's not in my way. and they dry wrinkle free! as to towels I just hang them over the regular shower curtain rod. it all seems to work very well.
    I too am a silence loving person. why are people so afraid of silence???
    what I have come to HATE is the loud music blaring everywhere you go. grocery store... restaurant... doctor's office... any waiting room no matter whether for car repair or at the dentist's... MUSIC blaring. the mall has such loud music from every store that it's nothing more than a din.
    you pull up to a stop light and every car around you has music at top level blaring. AAAGGGGHHH!
    ok. rant over.

    1. You are allowed to rant here any time you please!

      I recall the days when I'd take stuff out of the dryer and burn my darned hands! What was I thinking?

      The oomba-oomba you have to listen to sitting waiting for the light to change feels like it vibrates my car.

    2. Tammy: I also have an adjustable shower rod over the middle of my bathtub and regularly hang clothes to dry on it, it works really well. I thought I was so smart to think this up, I laughed when I saw your posting.

    3. LOL! well... great minds run with the same shower rods I guess.
      I've done that for years. I can't even remember now where I first heard of it!
      but it's really cool isn't it!

    4. and yes Brenda!
      that loud bass sound from the cars...
      I can literally feel it in my HEART! my chest I mean. it's weird and uncomfortable!

  15. I'm always saying SUV. I think my brain has a glitch. Having problems with my cable and internet too. It is on my list of many things I need to do. xo Laura

    1. I think my brain had a glitch at about 50. Menopause time. I get things backward. Between aging and having gone through menopause, I'm surprised I can string two words together and make decisions of any variety.

  16. I can't remember the last time I turned on the radio in my car! I like driving in peace - it feels like sometimes that's the only quiet moment in my day. And I hate when the TV is on constantly - it drives me nuts! I'd rather spend time reading a book by the fire.

    1. I remember my more "youthful days" of getting into the car and immediately turning on the radio. Low of course, due to my hatred of loud noises. Now, like you, it never even occurs to me.

  17. I love this post, and all the comments! Brenda ~ I SO agree about "kid-free" zones in restaurants!! There you sit, about ready to bite into something yummy you didn't have to cook, and some squalling little brat starts screeching, crying or yelling... We've asked to be moved not a few times!
    I like having some kind of music on most all the time SOFTLY, but no TV!

    1. I have asked to be moved, back in the days when I frequently went to restaurants, to the embarrassment of whoever was with me. Who wants to pay those high prices for a meal and have the ambiance be like that. Parents who swear up and down to their children if they "do that one more time we're leaving." And it's just words. They never get up. I want to tell them to either back up what they say or keep their mouths shut. I'd probably get shot.

  18. SVU-SUV lol I do the same thing with DIY-DYI
    I love silence. My 15 yr old foster daughter has to have either the TV or radio on all the time, or listens to music on her phone with earplugs. That would drive me crazy.
    I love Blacklist! You got me started on that. Sometimes I watch Law and Order but not enough to know who Hotch is. Was he the good looking black guy? What happened to him.
    I brought my geraniums inside last night because the weatherman said it was going to get cold. I have never had geraniums before but my friends tell me that if I brought them inside and water them as normal they will last thru the winter. Guess I will find out.
    I bought a little fake fireplace space heater at a garage sale the other day. It doesn't put out to much heat, but I enjoy watching the fake fire while sipping my vanilla chia tea before bed.

    1. Now that I think about it, I do the same thing with DIY and DYI.

      Oh my, The Blacklist! Well, Raymond finally admitted to being Liz's father. But then he went to see her and didn't tell her. But I guess that's part of the suspense. Thank goodness he said he was, because I have wanted to hear him say those words since the first season. Sitting on the edge of my seat every episode and it looking like he might. And then didn't.

      It's Criminal Minds that had Hotch. The good-looking black guy just left to pursue other interests. Now you know at least half the women watching want to watch that man move and do his thing. What a hunk of a man! Shoot, 90% of the women if they'd admit it!

      I know they brought some hunk on. But I want the hunk they had. I resist change.

  19. You hit the nail on the head with this post. So many people are afraid of silence and peacefulness. I cannot stand racket and noise for the sake of noise. I am alone all day in a nice quiet house, just listening to the sound of the wind, leaves falling or whatever. I truly believe that people are afraid to be alone with their thoughts. I have a lovely husband and we are not huge TV watchers. We prefer to read!

    1. Oh, I haven't heard anyone use the word "racket" for the longest time! Except for me. I was just thinking about that very thing this morning. That once in awhile I'll say something to my daughter like: "What's all that racket?" And she just stares at me as if I've grown horns.

  20. I have always had a loud voice. I like the quiet and always wished I were a quiet voiced person. I do love music but like it more in the background.
    I always enjoy you blog Brenda. You are just yourself and make people feel welcome and at home.

    1. I'm not "soft-spoken" either. But then mostly I'm with the dogs and talk to them. They don't care. They have loud "voices" themselves.

  21. Brenda, have you ever given PBS a look?? They have hands down the best programming on television, unbiased news coverage and such a wide variety shows to appeal to almost anyone. We have chosen not to spend money on cable, still use an antenna and reasonably sized flat screen. We do donate some money that would be spent on cable to PBS but that is a personal choice. I also love silence, altho I do enjoy public radio or classic country when I drive. Your comments about guys and the remote/TV are spot on!! 350 miles north of you we are having high winds that are quite cold, so maybe your temps will start dropping, too.

    1. No, I haven't. I'd have to figure out what channel it is. I really don't want this cable TV, but I just checked my bill. With taxes, etc., my total package is $135. One hundred of that is the internet and Cox Tech Solutions. And I really need the Cox Tech Solutions because I'm a blogger. And when something needs fixed with my internet, they're there for me 24/7. I count it off my income tax as a requirement for my blogging business, such as it is. So for the home phone and TV I'm not really paying much. If I take Cable or Phone off, I actually will pay more, unfortunately. They get you going and coming! Wish it was just a la carte.

    2. PBS has wonderful documentaries and great shows like Anne of Green Gables

  22. I crave silence and love being alone at home (or in the car). I use ear plugs when I have had enough! Thank you for your blog, breath of fresh air. I use folding clothes racks (Costco) outside from about March to late September. They are a bit too big to use inside (small house) but I do use them to dry things overnight inside. I also hang shirts, pants and delicates from the shower rod. Easy to move around

    1. We have a Costco now. Haven't been to it. We just got a Home Goods, which opened last Sunday. My daughter went to the opening with friends. I'm waiting until it isn't so crowded. She said it was terribly crowded. Not close to me either. And they're breaking ground for the state's first World Market.

  23. Yes Brenda, I invested in an indoor antenna that hangs on the wall of my apartment. I paid around $50.00 for it at Walmart. I looked up on the web to find the location of the broadcast stations in my area, and I pointed my antenna in that direction. I get ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS plus a few more. About 14 or so stations.

    Then I invested in a Roku which set me back around $50.00 also from Walmart. I proceeded to subscribe to Netflix which runs me around $10. So in one month after cancelling my cable package down to internet only, I spent less than what one month of the cable bill was, and now I have a monthly outgo of $10 and I can still watch any of the most watched television series being shown on tv for free.

    Of course I no longer get the cheaper rate on the cost of internet, but I will never go back to cable tv which I think is a huge waste of money for a lot of junk channels I never watched anyway. The Netflix I use mostly for movies, but have also watched a few television series also.

    1. I just got around to looking up my bill online and talking about it in a comment above. I really don't want the cable TV, because I only watch a couple of channels and rarely have the TV on. But where they get me is the internet. I have to have a pretty fast downloading internet or I'd never get this blog online!

  24. Back to the beginning of your post - perhaps your legs are hurting from that recent, little episode of bending over or whatever to paint the furniture? My legs always hurt when I do something unusual like go up the pull-down stairs in the attic and haul holiday stuff up or down. The reason is we are using leg muscles that we don't normally use.

  25. Actually they haven't hurt since I cleaned all day. So maybe I'm just not getting enough exercise, aside from the stretching. Which of course is just done on a yoga mat. I'll be 60 in February. So it's either that or just simple aging I guess!

  26. Thankfully the hubster shares the remote so that I can watch some of the shows I really enjoy...but we both like most of the same things, so it works out. EXCEPT, I do not like those shows about the cars...UGH! Nothing is as boring as watching someone work on a car...LOL. Love and hugs!

  27. I laughed and nodded all the way through, Brenda. SUV...all the time, my husband constantly watches what else is on tv and clutches the remote like it's going to walk away. He had to have a giant TV (even bigger than the old one) when the old one broke...AND now that he works from home, he has the business channel on all day long. All day. I love silence and miss it terribly some days. Honestly, when I'm alone, I could do without a TV altogether.

  28. I hate having strangers in my house, too. It's very unnerving. But please don't lump all men into the remote hogging, big TV, scratching lugs that you make them out to be. My husband is not like that at all. He doesn't give a hoot about the size of a TV, nor does he change channels all the time. I'm actually the one that does that!

  29. Love this post! Couldn't have said it better myself! LOL!!!

  30. For your cabana legs, you may wish to buy four "plate" weights (10lb. or heavier)--the kind you slide on to a weight bar-- and attached to each tent leg with bungee cords.

  31. Interesting post, Brenda. I learn a lot from reading the comments, too. I'll have to tell my daughter about the Roku and antenna someone talked about. She doesn't want to have to pay a big bill for cable or satellite when she moves in the house we're working on.

    I laughed about the men and tv's. My hubby watches his tv down in the man cave (basement) and if he falls asleep down there, well so much the better. lol! 'Cause I'm an introvert and I love my quiet time and being alone. He snores very loud...drives me nuts and I have enough problems with sleeping. Just so anyone doesn't misunderstand, I do love him and we get along great, but I like my space and he does too because he's also an introvert.

    Hope your leg pain goes away, I know it's no fun. I've been having pain in my right leg and my knee, so I finally made an appointment with the chiropractor. Hopefully he can help me, but I'm wondering if part of it isn't arthritis. I don't walk as much as I should, mainly because of the old ankle injury. You probably know what I mean since we had similar breaks.

    I was glad to read about Reddington. I knew it!! Even tho I just barely started Season 3 some time back. I keep telling my son I'll get caught up, but I rarely turn on the tv and haven't since the election. He watches the Black List and won't tell me anything about it. Now I know...haha!

  32. Hi Brenda,

    I'm like you in a lot of ways, too. Noise can just about make me jump off a cliff, sometimes even when I'm in the classroom. I dont like it to become too noisy at all. The teaching assistant who works with me speaks very LOUDLY all the time. I've had to come to accept that fact. I, on the other hand, speak very softly simply because I dislike loud noises. So I insist on keeping the noise level down in the classroom for no other reason than I can't put two thoughts together when it gets noisy so my students probably can't do it either since they're all identified as special needs students. The classroom needs to be a place where it's the best place for everyone to learn. Even with my noise control efforts, I'm always happy to jump in my car and head home after a long day and enjoy the peace and quiet of my silent house. Except for the barking of my own 2 little pups when I walk through the door.

    I guess I lucked out with my husband. Neither he nor I really have any interest in TV so I mostly just PVR any show I have any interest in watching because that way I can simply skip the commercials. Commercials are always so much louder than the actual shows. I guess they want to be sure we hear it even if we get up for a trip to the kitchen for a snack. My husband never watches TV but prefers to bury his head in a book. That's a nice and quiet activity!

    I have 3 adult children but when they were just kids, we frequently ate out at restaurants that were far removed from the fast food category. I knew the only way they would learn to behave properly in a restaurant was to take them there and train 'em. That's the teacher in me coming out there. If theirvbehaviour wasn't quiet and well-mannered, out they would go to sit in the car until the rest of the family were finished. My husband and I took one turn each at accompanying my son to sit in the car and wait while the other parent and his sisters finished their meal. Thats all it took for him to learn that I meant what I said. We actually had older couples come by to speak to us on their way oUT just to tell us how delighted they were to see such well-behaved children in a restaurant. That only confirmed to me that other people also enjoyed a quiet, pleasant dining experience and I wasn't crazy for making mine learn to do so. 😊

    My children are all in their 30s now and when we're able to get together and eat out (we all live thousands of miles apart now), they all comment on the unruly behaviour of other children they see in restaurants. So hopefully, when and if I ever am a grandma, they'll teach their own chikdren to sit and eat quietly in restaurants.

    I think about the only real noise I truly enjoy is sitting outside to listen to the birds and squirrels carrying on in the trees in the yard. Since the winter will soon be arriving in my part of Canada, I think today was probably my last 'sit outside day' until sometime next spring. Boohoo to that!

  33. You hit the nail on the head when it comes to men and their TVs. My man loves a huge TV and constantly changes the channels. Enjoy your weekend, Brenda!

  34. Oh my goodness. Thanks for this post, Brenda. I don't get the huge TV thing either and the constant noise makes me crazy. More than one TV is what keeps me sane...I'm in control of my own remote, lol.

  35. I'm siting at my table, surfing on my laptop. The room is quiet except for the ticking of my wall clock. It is so peaceful and quiet. It is very cool outside, and the wind is blowing through the trees that I can see outside my living room window. No television blasting, because noise bothers me. The older I get the more aware I am of not liking loud noise or music, crowds, parties, etc, it is very draining to my energy. Once I am back home, I am exhausted.

  36. Hi Brenda! I landed over here from Blogging Fifty. It amazes me the number of people here in your posts talking about loving silence. I thought I was the only one. We rarely have the TV or any other sound on, so it is very annoying walking into someone's house and the TV is blaring. I have to ask them to turn it down or neither one of us could hear. I love libraries too, & I've noticed people don't bother to be quiet anymore...another annoyance. I think we are on the same page Brenda. I like your blog!

  37. I agree. I visit my local library often and no one is quiet anymore. Kids running around shouting, people talking loudly, it is so annoying to me. No one seems to know library etiquette anymore, and I heard that the libraries want everyone to love coming so they are willing to put up with it. I know not nearly as many people visit libraries anymore, most read in kindles if they do read, and the rest only want to watch videos on you tube or television. Very sad to me.

  38. You made my day with this post...I haven't laughed this hard for quite a while...."the wind comes sweeping down the plain" have to agree with everything you said!


I always enjoy reading your comments and having you join the conversation here at Cozy Little House. It is like having a gathering of friends sitting in my cozy apartment. Enjoying coffee and dessert, chatting and having a good time. I appreciate each and every one of you!

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] [description=Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.] (facebook= (twitter= (instagram=Instagram Profile Url) (bloglovin= (pinterest= (tumblr=Tumblr Profile Url)

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