Cleaning Closets, Crazy Weather & Airport Shootings

I finished the book. Boy, I didn't see the end coming at all. 

I was shocked. Really I was. I'm not going to say more. I don't want to spoil it for those who might read it.

I want to know what you think if you read it.

Here's news I saw on the internet.

Oklahoma City police have confirmed that one person who was shot at the Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City, Tuesday afternoon has died. 

The male victim, identified as Michael Winchester, an employee of Southwest Airlines, was transported to a local hospital shortly after 12:50 p.m., police said. 

Police confirmed that the airport is closed while authorities investigate. Police said they do not have a suspect in custody, but they are still searching.

"At this point in time, we located one victim and we're looking for a second reported victim," Oklahoma City Police Capt. Paco Balderrama told reporters. "We don't have any information to put out on the suspect vehicle or the suspect itself, but gunshots were heard."

Authorities later ruled out the possibility of a second shooting victim.

People at the airport were urged to take shelter immediately after the incident.

Police told airport officials they believe the incident was an isolated event
A plane carrying federal prison inmates was allowed to land Tuesday afternoon and some of the dozens of vehicles backed up were being allowed to leave.

Airport spokesman Karen Carney said the facility remains closed, but the Federal Transfer Center aircraft that landed shortly after 3 p.m. has its own security and goes directly to the federal prison that's located on airport property.

Police were also searching the vehicles and taking photos of license plates.
The only other aircraft in the sky was a police helicopter that was circling the airport.

Police said they are not treating the situation as an active shooter situation. They said they are doing a sweep of the area to make sure the suspect is not still on scene. All airport arrivals and departures have been suspended until further notice. Police said they expect the airport to reopen Wednesday.

Has the whole world gone crazy? Can you imagine the chaos of people trying to go somewhere or are coming home? 

I spent the morning cleaning out one of the big closets in my bedroom. Boy, was that a job.

I don't know where this stuff comes from. Seems like it walks itself in here while I'm sleeping and plops itself in my closets. And multiplies by the day.

Every few months it's a mess again.

This entailed more purging and walking to the end of the block to the dumpster.

I'll have to rest up a bit to tackle the other one.

I noticed the other day that my cow had some white streaks at the top. I'm sure I dropped it and it hit on something. Or it got hit with the ceiling fan. 

I do things like that a lot. I forget the thing is on.

What to do? I took a dark-colored pencil and filled it in. 

Presto! No more white streaks. Well, you might see them with a flashlight. But I'm not about to pull one out and torture myself.

I'm still in my shorts and t-shirt. With the air conditioning on.
When is the weather going to look at the calendar and realize it's supposed to be cooler come Thanksgiving? Which is right around the bend.

Didn't Mother Nature get the memo? Maybe it's that crazy daylight savings time messing her up. Or global warming. Something.

Guess I'm going to have a bowl of taco soup tonight. I put one of the baggies in a bowl in the fridge to thaw last night. That and a piece of cornbread will suit me mighty fine. 

Charlie goes back to the eye specialist next week. His eye, I'm happy to report, is looking much better! I put drops in twice per day.

Gotta love this pic I found...

I don't think I've ever seen a cat smile. 

Now Abi smiles. In a weird fashion. She raises one side of her top lip and shows her teeth. 

I dunno. Would probably frighten some people to see it.

Gotta start another book tonight. Happy reading!


  1. These shootings are so scary - especially when they are random. Sometimes I feel like you aren't safe no matter where you go! Glad you liked the book - I have to scroll back to see what one you read! Have a great day!

    1. I know. I feel the same way. Kind of scared to go anywhere.

  2. Thought of you when we saw this incident on the morning news. Frightening for people wanting to get to their destination. I put a hold on the book at my local library. Looking forward to reading it. Reading Harlan Coben now...

    1. I haven't read any Harlan Coben, I don't think. But I've heard he's good.

  3. Life is just scary right now. Glad you enjoyed the book. I think of the library has it I'll put it on hold.

  4. I seriously can't wait to start that book - I told my daughter about it last night also, she's an avid reader like me!

    1. Let me know once you finish it. I would love to know your thoughts about it.

  5. I can't fathom what makes people do these horrendous things. It makes me think twice about going places alone that I used not to think anything of. Such as driving to KC by myself. I'm wanting to go to NFM, the huge furniture mart, but son who lives in KC asked me not to drive through the city alone. I hate the way the world has gotten and we have so much to be fearful of these days.
    Cute photo of the smiling kitty! My Stormy has a very expressive face and walks like she's the boss around here. Ha!

    1. I don't veer very far, I can tell you that.

  6. My son, who is 31, got a cat from an animal shelter a few months ago and he is so happy that he is smiling like the cat in that photo. He loves cats but hasn't had his own since he was a teen-ager and living at home. He knew he wasn't settled enough before now to be able to take care of a pet. He moved around a lot but he's been in the same apartment for over a year now. It's so good for him to have a pet. We have two cats who drive me crazy at times, but they can be so sweet and fun, too. My husband would be so sad to not have a pet.

    1. Oh, everyone needs a pet I think, especially if they live alone. I'd love to have a cat like my Clyde someday. He was a stray, but we figured out that he was a Maine Coon cat. So smart!

  7. I need to go back and see what the book is. Sounds like it would be a page turner.
    I've been out of the loop with the news these past few days and hadn't heard of this shooting at the airport. It really concerns me how these shootings are becoming so common place. I have a lot of thoughts on the matter, but often feel I'm in the minority so I'll keep those thoughts to myself.
    I had to laugh about your closet clutter multiplying. I so understand.

    1. If you like suspenseful thrillers, I believe you would like the book.

  8. i love the way you cope with things! i was taught that too.
    i grew up military. rental houses. my mother could make any place home and magical.
    i learned early on that "paint and ingenuity are your friends!" LOL!i used to know a great cheasapeake bay retriever who smiled. she mostly scared people to death doing that and she was the most loveable dog i've ever known.
    just grinned in a wicked looking way! the owner was always explaining...
    "she likes you! she's just SMILING!"

    1. "Use it up, wear it out. Make it do, or do without." Love that phrase.

  9. You are one of the folks I thought of as we watched news coverage about the OKC airport. Yes, we do live in a troubled and troublesome world. Just want to say how much I have enjoyed a week of your blogs just chatting about your world. When I first discovered your blog a year ago, I waited with great interest every day to see what was going on down there at your place. I am so glad that you have gone back to this format, at least for now. I can't imagine the challenge of maintaining a daily blog and finding material of interest. But you do, and you do it well!!

    1. I'm sorry it took me so long. This past year, I've had some real mean folks leaving ugly comments, so I went to what I felt was "safe" for awhile. This is really me, the writer who is writing what you're reading now. I'm moderating comments, to "play it a bit safe" but I'm going to write and be the real me now. If folks get mean, they won't get seen! I never even thought to do that for many years. But times change, and you have to change with it.

  10. Brenda, the police found a man shot dead in a pickup at the airport and say he shot the first guy and committed suicide in his pickup. They say it was planned. Maybe something to do with a girlfriend or something. The shooter wasn't out to get anyone else, which is a relief, since airports have a lot of people around almost always!

    1. Well, I'm glad to know that. I haven't been listening to the news. Thanks.

  11. The world, or let's say people...get scarier all the time Brenda...I just think of what it's like to live inside my son's brain and read about these things...I have to find a poster of that smiling could you not smile back at him?...yes, cats certainly do smile...maybe not as enthusiastically as the one in the picture but they do smile...mine do it quite often as they know how much they are loved...They see it every day...I fix up scratches the way you did...I keep boxes of pens and markers just for that purpose...I am so happy that our little boy Charlie is getting better...My oldest kitty, Susie, was sick this week and it was such a worry...I am also glad that you have gone back to being yourself online...the other stuff was nice but it wasn't our Brenda...Hugs

  12. Also, if there is anyone out there that doesn't like what Brenda has to say...Please just go away and let the rest of us enjoy her company...we like her just fine the way she is!

  13. I'm firmly convinced that the world has gone completely nuts and that's why I tend to live in flowers, unicorns and butterflies. Hah!

  14. I just love hearing about your pups Brenda and their funny little ways, that one with Charlie smiling that (demented) smile had me laughing for days! I'm really enjoying reading about your days and what happens in them best!

  15. First, I'm so glad Charlie is doing better. The trouble in your area is hard to wrap your head around. We are all grappling with violence and unrest these days. Hang in there.

    I have wickedly needed cleaning! Give me some mean motivation! You can clean and organize all you want but it is the keeping it clean that matters!

    Love how you treat yourself like the best patron at a restaurant with your dinners!



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