Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for all of my readers. For all of your thoughtful comments. For your daily friendship. 

I thank you with all my heart.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!


  1. Thank you for sharing with us. I hope you have a great day today.

  2. Brenda,
    Thank you for your thoughtful columns. I enjoy reading your work. Have a cozy happy Thanksgiving.

  3. we're thankful for you too Brenda.
    it takes a lot of work to post every single day. I don't see how you do it!
    and if you should ever want to take a day or two or even more off...
    we'll happily be here whenever you return! LOL!
    happy thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day :)

  5. Brenda and Mary Engelbreit -- two of my favorite creative people! Thank you for this lovely illustration -- it makes me think of you and the pumpkin pie you've enjoyed this week. I'm thankful for you and your blog. Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone else who visits here.

  6. I am truly thankful for you, your insights, wisdom, and humor. Oh, and your amazing photos! I just love your blog and am grateful I can enjoy your posts every day. Wishing you a serene Thanksgiving Day. I would rather spend my day as you are, but I am bound by family obligation...

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the pupsters! I am thankful for you, your insight, sharing your home, and sharing your beautiful photographs.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you have a very Blessed day.

  9. Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to you also. I am thankful to have discovered your blog and it is something I look forward to reading every morning while drinking my first cup of coffee.

  10. Thank you Brenda for always showing up in my email! You continue to help me strive for the peaceful, contented life I seek.

  11. I am thankful for you too Brenda...for sharing your friendship, your wisdom, your advice and so much more...Wishing you, Charlie and Abi a quiet, peaceful holiday...Hugs

  12. We are thankful to you too Brenda ! The Coziest of little homes :)

  13. Happy Thanksgiving Brenda! I am thankful you write each day and share your decorating talents with us, your photography, wonderful books and best of all the stories about Charlie and Abi. Have a peaceful holiday.
    Sending you ((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Brenda...and the pupsters, too!

  15. I am so thankful to have you as a friend. You share so much of your life with us and I know how people appreciate it. And I agree with others, how you manage to post daily is amazing. You boost my spirits all the time.


I always enjoy reading your comments and having you join the conversation here at Cozy Little House. It is like having a gathering of friends sitting in my cozy apartment. Enjoying coffee and dessert, chatting and having a good time. I appreciate each and every one of you!


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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She majored in professional writing/journalism in college, where she won awards for her feature writing. She loves to decorate, garden, enjoy nature, read and spend time with her Yorkies.


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