One Painting Project Finished

I told you that I was working on a painting project. Well, here it is. Can you tell what I painted?

It's the backs of the bookshelves. 

It was plywood, and let me tell you that it just ate up that paint. What you see is four coats of paint. 

And this is that cabinet durable paint from Valspar that you have to wait at least 8 hours between coats. Now you see why it took me much of the week!

I had taken the bookshelves back to the bedroom. But the bedroom was getting a little too crowded. 

I've had these bookshelves for years, and I always thought one day I might paint the backs of the bookshelves another color to highlight what is inside. Because brown just doesn't do much for decor on the shelves.

So I decided to paint them the same color as the dining room coffee bar and little pantry. To give the whole area a unified look.

Now I know you're going to look at my Charlie up there and laugh. You see, this is how he looks now with only two teeth. The other side looks a bit more normal. 

I guess you'd call it a slightly baffled or possibly demented look.

It is his I-only-have-two-teeth, folks look! 

My poor little boy. His long serpent-like tongue is often hanging out one side of his mouth. 

And then there's the squinted look on the other side where his left eye still looks a bit pained.

So you can laugh at his expense. I won't tell him. I laughed myself.

Did I tell you that the pupsters are afraid when I laugh? It's not like I have a witch-like laugh or anything. They are just afraid of odd things, like gnats and laughter.

I have decided that I will work with three paint colors for my furniture that I choose to paint. The furniture will be painted either the light French blue color of the hutch and coffee table. 

...Or the butter cream gold color of the coffee bar and backs of the bookshelves. 

...Or the oregano green of the cabinet that has my living room TV on it. 

That same oregano green is getting ready to head to the bedroom. That is my next painting project. I'll let you imagine what I'm painting next.

And then I use some red for an accent color.

I can't remember if I've talked about these end tables or not. I've had them most of the summer. They came from Wayfair and had to be put together. Which surprisingly I was able to do for a change.

There was beginning to be a bit too much brown in here, so the light color in the back of the bookshelves helps lighten things up.

I admit that I made some boo-boos in painting the backs of the bookshelves. I ran out of masking tape toward the end, and it bled through in places. 

But rather than worry about it, I took the casual approach I've recently adopted, which is: Just cover it up with stuff and no one will see! 

Do you do that? Or are you a perfectionist when it comes to painting?


  1. The room looks so warm and inviting. The paint was a really good idea for the bookshelves. Your shelf arrangements look so nice and I see you have some family photos out to enjoy. I have some boring brown bookshelves that would look better with a such a paint treatment. I still love the wallpaper behind your sofa. As for painting mistakes, I usually can't tolerate paint getting anywhere but the intended surface. But I've had to loosen up a bit. The previous owners of our house did some sloppy painting and got the wall paint on the hardwood floors and on the ceiling -- something we didn't notice until they moved their things out. I've gotten it all up off of the floors, but there are still spots on the ceiling that are just going to have to be there for awhile. I don't have the extra oomph to tackle that job at the moment. Fortunately it's a case of a tannish color splotched onto a white ceiling, so maybe it is only noticeable to me. I like the color choices you've settled on for painting furniture.

  2. Hi Brenda! Sorry I've not been around for a bit but I've been so very busy. Busier than I want to be. Okay, when I saw the first snap of your living room I didn't realize it was yours. I thought it was a farmhouse! :) I love the warm color you've used in the back of your bookshelves. Little Charlie looks like he's smiling to me! Poor little guy, he's been through so much. I hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. The book shelves backs look great. Love your whole room. Little Charlie is so adorable.
    Happy Friday.

  4. I'm not a perfectionist providing it will be covered up.

    Poor Charlie, but I can't help but laugh thinking about his tongue hanging out. I think it's endearing and must look adorable.

  5. It looks so nice Brenda! Such a different look then the more cottage red & white. I'm a paint it and cover up the mistakes kind of gal for sure!

  6. I am in love with your apartment decorating! You are so talented at transforming you home's different looks.
    My eyes tear up when I look at Charlie. Poor thing! But, he is rather comical looking, isn't he?
    I am not a perfectionist when painting. I just do the best I can, and if there are what! That is part of the charm.

  7. Lookin good gal! I have red check wallpaper on the backs of my book shelves. No, I am not a perfectionist when painting. You can always fix it somehow! Can't wait to see your next project.

  8. Love the picture of Charlie...looks like he has a lopsided grin...such a sweet boy. Nice paint job...really brightens the bookcases...

  9. The bookshelves look awesome! I don't do a good job when I try to paint stuff. Never have, so I usually avoid it. haha I do have a little bench that I've been wanting to paint red (thanks to your influence) :) Maybe I'll give it a try! I always love to see what you are doing in your little apartment. It looks so cozy and pretty! I do love all the color. Poor little Charlie, he is just having a tough time of it. I think they both are adorable. If ever I get to stop working I'm going to get me a house puppy. But right now I wouldn't have time to take care of it and that's just not fair to the puppy. Anyway I hope you have a great weekend!! Take care and keep us up to date with your projects and life! :)

  10. Your home is just lovely, Brenda! The yellow looks great, really makes the items on the shelves pop! Awww, sweet baby Charlie with his silly face, I just want to pick him up and hug him!!

  11. The book cases look wonderful. I live with my son and we are always fighting about whether I can paint something of should it be left natural wood. I love all the colors and grains of natural wood, but sometimes I just want color. I try to buy old used furniture that won't be insulted if I paint it. I'm not a perfectionist, but if I smudge or get out of the lines it does tend to annoy me. Beautiful apartment, so warm and cozy. Sandra

  12. I think most of us have to resort to covering things up surreptitiously once in awhile.

    I like that you painted the backs a lighter color to make things pop against the wall.

  13. I have followed you for quite a while. I love the many changes you've made to your cozy space. The shiplap wall is one of my favs. I feel for your furbaby. Mine just had some teeth pulled as well. He's doing much better with them gone however. He's a rescue and had never had them cleaned before and once the vet began the process some, like 8 or 9, had to be removed, but he is much happier. The paint really brightens the space too. That creamy color is beautiful in your room.

  14. Perfectionist I am not!! I jump in with both feet and if it turns out ok, I'm happy. I love your home. And I love your puppies. Charlie looks like he is grinning at you because you can't take a picture of his poor eye. Have a great day!!

  15. I love the look, Brenda... painting the backs of the cabinets adds a nice color! I'm not a perfectionist about anything any more!
    Our Bailey only has a few teeth, too...and her tongue is always out.

  16. Your bookcases look great! Four coats of paint, wow. You are much more patient and determined than I am. Aww, Charlie is cute no matter what!

  17. It all looks great. I like the idea of painting the back of the shelves. It does make the things on the shelf show. LITTLE Puppster is adorable. my little pups make me laugh too. Have a great day. Karie

  18. Hi Brenda, The room looks so nice!!! Everything marries so well together, I could definitely live in your apt. it has such a cozy reflection. Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  19. Definitely not a perfectionist!! Poor Charlie. Give him a big snuggle for me! : )

  20. Brenda it looks great / no matter what you do that's the end result :)

  21. Looks good Brenda...I like that butter cream gold color...I like those stools used as tables too...Poor little Charlie...better that he look funny and be healthy than be to try and guess what you are going to paint in the bedroom!

  22. Your shelves look very nice!

    I thought Charlie looked adorable. It looked like his ears were up and kind of windblown looking. He looked like he was at the bow of a ship. Captain of all he surveys.

  23. Replies
    1. Some red-checked pillows or an afghan with red it in would look good on the sofa, maybe?

  24. Those bookshelves look great-yes, brown back boards do nothing to showcase what is on the shelves unless everything on them is white. You have done such a nice job with everything you have, Brenda. I can still remember when you lived in the big house and had LOTS of stuff...and look how content you are today with so much less. That is a good lesson for all of us. xo Diana

  25. I like the bookshelves on each side of your couch and the paint makes your photos and books stand out more. I hope Charlie's eye is getting better.

  26. Your bookshelves look great with the new paint, Brenda. Love the new end tables too, very industrial.

  27. I love painting the back of shelves! It's kind of hard for me NOT to do it!

    Your poor puppers! Our Millie is missing a few teeth too as is one of our cats. It seems we have a knack for adopting pets with bad dental issues!

  28. I love the look of what you did and if it is easy to cover something up, heck yeah!

  29. Great job! It really does lighten things up to have the backs of the shelves a lighter color. :)

  30. Love it Brenda!! Great color choice and it sure gives everything in the bookcase interest. What a nice looking space.

  31. Very nice, Brenda. Lots of work painting four coats; don't think I would have had that much patience. I am thinking of cutting red poster board to fit the backs of my bookshelves and attaching it with double-face tape. Do you think that would work or not? BTW, I am missing your two beautiful red Jenny Lind lamps in your LR area. Are they in your bedroom now?

  32. Love the book cases.. the yellow is really pretty.. [I love all 3 of the colors that you are using.. ] Yes, I do the same thing, if I make a boo boo, I will cover it with
    Poor baby.. I am not laughing at him..[but had to laugh at the idea of him getting scared of your laughing.ha]
    Have a great weekend.

  33. Brenda, this looks fabulous and cozy. I love the bookshelves flanking the sofa. Next time you paint fresh wood use a primer first and then it won't take so many coats of paint. :)

  34. I love the painted bookshelves and from France, they look perfect and I can't see any bleeding through!Charlie reminds me so much of my late dog on this picture! She had lost her teeth as well!

  35. Everything looks so nice, Brenda. Love the amazing feel of the space....Just like a COZY HOUSE!! :) Charlie looks so cute! Our little Twinkle Terrior (cairn terrior) had very few teeth too. He lived to be 16 (we lost him to kidney disease Aug 2015). He still loved all his treats though! HUGS from our cozy little house (but not as cute as yours and the pups)

  36. Brenda, I really like your tables! I am a messy painter...really messy. I try to be better, but alas, I have drips and splotches all over my plastic dropcloth. ugg. Sheila


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