Redecorate With No Cash

Not many of us can go out and buy something new when the mood to decorate hits. 

So let's think of ways to change up or cozy up your home without breaking the budget.

Shop the house and look for ways to restyle your coffee table. All you need is a container, like a basket or tray. Then go look in every nook and cranny and gather up found objects to put inside.

Many of us have old pieces of leftover wallpaper or paper scraps. Give new life to an old piece of furniture with decoupage. 

Use one of the drawers while you're at it for a unique wall display.

Quilts are the ultimate way to cozy up your bed. If grandma left you a tattered old quilt, get it out and spiff up your bed with it. Don't hide it away. Enjoy it!

You probably have old vintage pieces gathering dust in the basement or attic. Turn cold corners into cozy spots with minimal effort.

Don't throw out that old sweater. Cut it up and cover candle holders with the scraps. See how cozy that looks!

If you have an old galvanized container, bring it in. Put pillows and throws inside for a cozy little accent.

There are so many ways we can decorate and redecorate without putting out any cash. 

Before you head to the store, see what you've got at home first.

Nothing beats free!


  1. I always shop at home first! I have lots of goodies that are tucked here & there to save for decorating & changing things around. I don't like to go shopping at all, unless it is a resale shop, Goodwill or such stores as that. I despise the malls! You are so right about doing a lot with a little!!

  2. all great ideas. I want to do the drawer front on the chest thats used beside my chair.

  3. Oh, I love those candleholders - super cute idea!!

  4. I love this kind of post. I have a very limited budget, so I like to get some new ideas this way. The sweater used for a candle holder covering is a really great look. I like the use of the galvanized tub, too. It makes me think of an old watering pail I have out in the garage, that might look good somewhere in the house. Thanks!

  5. I agree completely. Shop your house first! That's what I like to do. sheila

  6. I'm doing the sweater one!! Thanks!! :)

  7. Lovely ideas - the dresser is genius. I did get a laugh at the galvanized tub first thought was Oh Good, we have a tub in the barn...Perfect...but then I realized it was a water trough for the sheep...enormous(!) girls would think it was set up inside for baths...Yikes(!)

  8. I'm on a tight budget and love all of these ideas!
    I sure hope Charlie is feeling better today...

  9. I think it's exciting to shop the house, and it's a good thing I do feel that way!

    I really like that hammered aluminum vase (if that's what it is) on the small table with the fan.

  10. Oh, I love the dresser! I have one downstairs that is just about that size that holds a TV. Great ideas. I love seeing things repurposed or redecorated.

  11. When I do go through all the things I have tucked away, I discover things I forgot I even had...It's kind of like Christmas always have a quilt on my bed...lighter one for Spring/Summer..heavier one for Fall/Winter...I love that one in the picture above...

  12. Lots of great ideas here to get the creative juices going! This is a great time of the year to do a little something, just before the winter shut in. Thanks for the idea boost.


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