Is There Anything Wrong With Having One's Head In The Sand?

Now that I'm finished with my Christmas decorating, I'm getting more cooking done. And resting.

This Week's Menu...

Yesterday I cooked a pot roast in the crock pot. Then I like to take it out and put it into the Breville oven for about 10-15 minutes to make it a little crisper.

I've managed to stretch the scalloped potatoes all the way through the meatloaf and now the pot roast. And I now have one more serving for tonight with the leftover roast beef. 

I finished up my pan of cornbread last night. 

Of course it was a daily staple when I was growing up.  

That was good eating. Cornbread with fresh eggs gathered (usually be me) from the hen house.

Kids nowadays probably don't know as much about fresh food as we did "in the old days."

But then again I read many blogs that have somewhat "returned to that era" and are canning vegetables and fruits from their gardens. Making more foods from scratch.

Jemma, I guess you've got canning down to a fine art after this past summer. I'm impressed that you got so much done your first summer in your new Texas home!

What I'm Watching, Or Not Watching...

Do any of you watch the show Criminal Minds? If you do, what do you think of the show without Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore this season?

I've only seen one episode. I just could not bring myself to watch more without the two characters, Hotch and Derek. They were such an integral part of the show!

Is it any good with them gone? 

The Blacklist...

The Blacklist was a little disappointing this past season, although I think it starts up again next month, like many prime time shows will.

I do still love the mannerisms of Red (James Spader). I think he invented that character and absolutely nailed it. 

It is a little distracting though with Liz and her hair changes every season. I wish she'd just go back to the way it was when the show began. (See above photo)

The last two seasons, her hair kind of looks like someone forgot to tend to it before she went before the camera.

Good Old Law & Order...

I'm sitting here with Law & Order reruns going in the background. I guess I'll watch them forever. 

I consider Sam Waterston a fine and distinguished actor.

Back in Texas I had People magazine coming in the mail every week. And I read it front to back.

Now I have no idea what's going on in Hollywood. Who got who pregnant. Who's been seeing who behind their spouse's back. Who's in rehab and who's fallen off the wagon. 

And really, I don't much care.

Just got my stubborn old head in the sand...

What I'm Reading...

I started this book last night, "Under The Influence" by Joyce Maynard.

It came in the mail yesterday. And I'd just finished a book the night before, so I decided to start reading it. 

I review books for Harper Collins and then post my opinion here, as you know.

This book is about a woman who has lost custody of her son due to her problem with alcohol.

On Being A Hermit...

I seem to live under a rock these days. 

If what's going on in the world doesn't appear on my laptop when I first turn it on in the morning, before I click over to read email or write on this blog, then I usually don't hear about it. 

In a way, it's kind of comforting to live "out of the loop." 

I tend to watch reruns of old shows, read books, and I only know about an earthquake if it shook this apartment I'm sitting in. 

I gave up on local and national news a few years ago. "If it bleeds it leads" got old. The drama of the newscasts left me frustrated. 

Some would say I've got my head in the sand. 

But my little ordinary life pleases me just fine.

In the last few months before my 60th birthday, I just want to live in my little hermit's nest. 

And do most of my socializing with all of you readers.

While the pupsters snooze happily beside me. 

And old Law & Order shows continue to run in the background, just as good now as they were the first time around. 


  1. Keep your head where it is. Trust me there's not much in the outside world that would bring you any comfort, peace or sense of security Live your life like law n order were things are always made right within 60 mins. You won't find that in the USA thats for sure,, its all gone to *hit~!

  2. There's nothing wrong with you living your life exactly the way you want to, Brenda - you've earned that right! xo

  3. I am a happy hermit living a very small life. it's cozy and comfortable. and literary.
    I find now that it suits me very well. and at this stage I'm the only one I have to please!
    I always used to feel a little guilty for my 'head in the sand' life. but not anymore!
    everyone has to find their own happiness. it's all in knowing and accepting oneself I think.

  4. Wow! I just wrote a very long response and suddenly it disappeared into the ether. Not sure what causes that and it is very frustrating!

    Your food sounds delish! It's difficult to cook for one, especially soups, stews and casseroles. I normally share with my daughter, a friend downstairs and then freeze containers for future meals. I love leftovers but I can't eat them day after day, thus the freezing.

    I'm with you on the news! I just can't watch all the negatives and sensationalism. I tune in at times to check the weather but don't watch the ugly stuff. I also stopped watching Criminal Minds, CSI shows and a few others that I used to love. Seems they've become so graphic and violent and I can't deal. I don't believe Criminal Minds would be as good with Shemar Moore [be still my heart! :) ] or Thomas Gibson. I just prefer that my world is all about kindness, love, laughter and joy!


  5. I think I feel much like you do cept I have the news on a lot. totally relate though.

  6. I have not seen the new season of Criminal Minds. I can't IMAGINE it without those two characters!!! Don't know that I want to go there.

    My first thought on your title was of an ostrich. lol I do watch the news every day because I have relatives in different areas of the country and like to know what is going on there. Plus, working at the VA there is always discussion of current events going on and I don't want to be uneducated as to what they are talking about.

    I never know what is going on in Hollywood either...and don't recognize most of the 'new stars' anymore. xo Diana

  7. Same here Brenda,it's taking me 61 plus years to realize I'm pretty much an introvert and lonely isn't part of my vocabulary.
    I always loved the real old "Law and Order" with Jerry Orbach.
    I'm a huge fan of Sam as Jack McCoy,I found myself a little disappointed in the role he played in "Grace and Frankie"
    Enough said,it's a job,right?

  8. I live with my head in the sand too. We gave up on T.V seven or eight years ago and just watch the odd old show on DVD. We listen to the radio and just read our two little local papers. If something major happens we eventually hear about it. Don't ask me who is having a baby or who is married to who in Hollywood, I won't know! Give me a book and I'm happy. By the way I have had a Breville oven for a few years now and love it too.
    Have a good evening Brenda.

  9. I am along with you on not watching the news. Very seldom do they report anything good. I don't like all the negative things that they report. I guess I am in introvert to some point too. It doesn't both me one bit to stay home & and do what I like best. Since I retired, I have learned, that I am the one that I need to please. I can sew, read and work on crafts to my heart content...Not leaving the house is just fine with me!

  10. My daughter keeps her head in the sand. She watches no news, and doesn't want to know about much of the goings on in the world. She has a stressful job and doesn't want to add to that, so I don't blame her. My husband watches cable news all day. I put my earplugs in and read blogs, watch YouTube tutorials, etc. I can only take so much news!! Sounds like you've been eating some good food! I have a recipe I came up with a few weeks ago that I plan to share soon. It's delish!!

  11. I do keep up with the news, but not the Hollywood news. If you do read the tabloids, I don't think you see the likes of James Spader and Sam Waterson in them. I think those craftsmen keep their private lives private, which is pretty smart.

    I made a pot roast in the crock pot yesterday too. We had it for supper last night, and I packed some of it in my husband's lunch for today and I had the rest for my own lunch. As for cornbread, lately I have been making corn cakes or griddle cakes, of whatever you might call them, rather than cornbread in a pan. I make them on a cast iron griddle and they are so good. Nothing beats cornbread or corn cakes.

  12. Oh gosh how I hate the news. I loved Criminal Minds, with Shemar. I was never a fan of Hotch. I always thought he was a cranky, hard to get along with character even before the episode when he lost his wife...any way I am finding that I love the old Law and Order. There is something about the theme song. I am down to watching tv with any interest on Tuesdays and Fridays. CBS. I love your book selections...and your blog.

  13. I don't watch any of those TV shows you mentioned. The only shows I like and watch are The Middle, Modern Family and my newest favorite, This is Us. And the only show I watch during the day is Jeopardy. I rarely even watch movies. I'm just not much of a TV person. I must get it from my mom - she doesn't even have a TV.

    I don't watch the news either. Too depressing and negative. When I sign onto FB, I see the trending news topics on the right. If there's something that interests me or piques my interest, then I click on it to read about it.

    I'm in the middle of reading Pat Conroy's last book, A Lowcountry Heart. It's excellent.

    I made a roasted pork loin for dinner tonight, along with mashed Yukon Gold potatoes with a couple of sweet potatoes thrown in there too...and steamed carrots glazed with butter and pure maple syrup. Was a wonderful comfort food meal on such a cold night!

  14. Your dinners sound wonderful and there is nothing like a good pot roast for cooler weather! I can't wait to hear your review of the book you're reading - hope your having a great week!

  15. I would rather read a book than watch TV any day...Your meals sound very good...simple and delicious...The simple life for me too Brenda!

  16. The news is so depressing these days, I wish I had kept my head in the sand! My husband can't watch the news anymore. Sometimes, you just need a break from it. I've got a post half-written about what I'm watching on tv - but none of your shows are on my list :(

  17. Love Joyce Maynard......especially her memoir, At Home in the World, which tells of her affair with the elusive JD Salinger. Hope the book is a good one!

  18. I am like you Brenda at least inside! Not able to be completely alone although I would be happy piddling around the house all day or on the computer reading your blog and some others!! I do listen to the news some to keep in the loop because I have clients. I could care less what is happening in Hollywood! Mainly trash there now anyways. I love to watch older movies and this time of year the Christmas shows. I am trying to read more books but I prefer a magazine. I just keep my mind on a book!! But I am going to try!!
    Hope that you and the pupster have a Merry Christmas! My cats and dog and hubby will. Don't know if the kids will be home or not for Christmas due to work schedules. Life happens doesn't it? Anyways, happy holidays sweet lady!!

  19. Brenda, there's nothing wrong with living as you do! My mother lived with her head buried in the sand for years and she always had a positive attitude and lived to be 89. What she didn't know, was fine with her. Since we moved more than three years ago, I tend to stay home a lot more than before and I love it. I watch TV in the evenings and just a little in the morning, like the Today Show. Keep doing what you're doing!

  20. Brenda, I tend to like my head in the sand, as well. We'd all probably be a bit better off if everyone did that a bit!

    Grace & Peace,

  21. I'm a homebody. I enjoy my home reading sewing art +cooking. I each a like news +some tv. I would rather be happy doing my thing. I want tolive out the rest of my life peacefully.

  22. I like the way you live! I have to get out in the work force, but I don't like the news! I tell my husband to inform me of anything I need to know that will affect me.. LOL It is just to depressing.

  23. Looking forward to your review of Under The Influence. I found it very disappointing.


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