Lunch, Books, Plans & Pupsters

It is sunny and bright today. A beautiful landscape of sky and clouds. I think I hear a mockingbird squawking outside.

All the leaves are now off the trees and scattered in piles on the patio. Guess I need to borrow a leaf blower and clean it up soon.

My Living Room Walls Now...

Here is the wall that was a gallery wall when you last saw it...

There's just one long horizontal painting, the one that's been there for awhile. And alongside it two of my own enlarged photos that were on another wall. 

Here is the adjacent wall...

I can't believe I now have a grand total of five things on my living room walls. Don't think that's ever happened! 

Lunch With Daughter Yesterday...

My daughter picked me up and we went to a favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch. Then we drove around town, looking at various neighborhoods and houses. 

I always love to look at houses, which I guess is what compelled me to attend real estate school years ago, though I never got a license.

We had a great time. She had picked up a large box of 72 K-cups for herself. So she brought me one as well. 

She gave me the second installment of the Cormoron Strike book series by Robert Galbraith/aka/JK Rowling, The Silkworm. 

I reviewed the first book she gave me here.

What The Pupsters Are Doing...

And just for kicks, here's what the silly pupsters are doing right now...

Though I hate having a dog bed on my couch, I can't bring myself to take that away from Charlie Ross. He dearly loves that spot.

Isn't it funny the things our pets do?

Book Review...

Here is the book I just finished:

The book revolves around a woman in her forties who is in prison for a white collar crime. 

But the characters in this book are varied. The women who work at the prison, along with several of the prisoners themselves. 

The premise of this book is what is going on in these women's lives as the years go by. 

The author manages to do a great job with the transitioning of characters. The voices were genuine and unique. The book flowed well.

I found the book quite interesting, and read it in two nights.

Another Book To Start...

I guess tonight I'll start the Robert Galbraith book that my daughter just finished. She is now reading the third in this series as I begin the second.

It is so nice that we enjoy the same genre of books and we have discussions about them.

Plans For The New Year?

The new year is almost here. Got any special plans?  

Of course the Urge To Purge de-cluttering/purging series will begin. 

I'll be starting to think about my spring garden, though it is some months away. The planning and creating is so much fun. I think you gardeners out there would agree.

Bathroom Plans?

I'm thinking about doing some renovating of my 1960's bathroom. That may be one of my next projects. 

It is the only area I really haven't done much too yet in my apartment.

So today I will enjoy the sunlight slanting in my window and the companionship of the pupsters.


  1. Your new simple décor must be restful for your eyes and soul, Brenda. Glad you had such a nice day with your daughter. We are in the midst of quite the snowstorm right now, with whiteout conditions outside my window. Can't see the mountains at all today!

  2. We made a drive to Columbus, Ohio yesterday. Along the way we drove through central Ohio farm country and saw a number of farms that had a similar look to the one in the painting above your television -- big barns and white frame houses surrounded by a few maples for shade and a row of pines as a windbreak, amid acres of flat land. Because I've spent most of my life in Kentucky, I prefer a more hilly, wooded vista, but the farmhouses in their acres of emptiness have a strong, quiet beauty that is appealing. I also love to look at houses as you do. I love to imagine what life would be like in the different homes. I always enjoy walking back into my own little home and seeing the things that make me feel comfortable. It's interesting to see what items are sticking around as you purge and re-arrange. I love the red and yellow touches throughout your living and dining area.

  3. I really like the art arrangement over the television. Very nice!

  4. i'm like you... how could you possibly put his bed any other place!
    they're just the most adorable little folks i've seen in a long time.
    i love the quilt over the sofa. it looks so cozy! no wonder they both love it so.

  5. I love it. I also thought about jumping on the gallery wall bandwagon but never got around to it. Now I find it to be too much.

    Do you remember where you got that glass table lamp?? Love it too:)

  6. I love it! I also thought about jumping on the gallery wall band wagon but never got around to it. Now I'm glad I didn't.

    Do you know where you got the green glass table lamp? Love it too:)

    1. I got the green lamp from Target years ago in TX.

  7. Good morning Brenda, the beautiful Autumnal picture above the tv would look lovely above mine:). I love landscape paintings, especially Autumn and Winter. We have the two small dog beds in the middle of the couch. They like to take their naps there, if they are not laying by us or on our laps:). I love pupsters pictures!
    My husband was busy blowing the leaves and cleaning out the gutters in the backyard yesterday.
    I think the hall closet needs to be organized, it's our catch all.
    Enjoy the day reading with your sweet pups by your side.
    Kathleen in Az

  8. I have leaves everywhere and two more days of windy weather cominbg in. I could use a leaf blower. Don't even know where to begin to buy one, I mean like how much power. Just got back from vacation last night and going to pick up my doggies. The hse is so quiet without them. And there's no dog hair wafting across the floor, what's up with that? I'm so glad you and your daughter enjoy the same books. It is such fun when you do.

  9. I like all of the changes you've made in your apartment. It looks so peaceful. And the dog bed on the couch is an entirely normal thing for those of us that love our little dogs. I have one on my couch too!

  10. I have such a huge yard and my house is close to the edge of the woods that climb up into a ridge...I could leaf blow until Spring and still wouldn't be I let the leaves alone to go back to Mother Earth where they's great for the least that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

  11. Your home is really looking good. I have been gathering items for a Paris themed gallery wall but doubt I'll ever hang it now. I'm starting to want a simpler life style so less clutter and boy do I have a long way to go for that. Fun to see the sweet dogs all snuggled. I am so glad my new kitty is here with me, I would be so lonely with Mr Toes gone. I've got lots going on the first week of Jan but then I plan to start working on my home. I'm looking forward to your series. Happy New Year. I'll be staying quietly home either reading or watching a movie. Hugs.

  12. Glad you had a great outing with your daughter. Those times are the best. Love Charlie and Abi enjoying some snooze time. So cute. Have a great weekend and wishing you a new year full of good health for you and the pups and lots of joy and happiness.

  13. I was at the library yesterday picking up a book I had requested. I looked at it and thought "I don't know this author. Why did I request this?" It was 'The Cuckoo's Calling' which you had reviewed. After reading todays blog I'm excited to see if we have similar opinions about books.

  14. I like the new arrangement above the TV. I hate for the TV set to be the center of attention in my living room, but never certain what kind of art to hang above/around that black hole. Your ideas inspire me. I can't wait for the new series, Urge to Purge. Also to see what brilliant ideas you come up with for the bath. That should be fun!

    What a treat for your daughter to pick up 72 KCups for you!! One thing I have wondered about is the basic layout of your apartment. I can somewhat figure it out, but not entirely. Since I never miss a day of reading your blog, I may as well share that bit of curiosity!!I am a layout person and before I re-arrange furniture, I do it on graph paper to make sure my ideas will fit.
    Happy New Year to you.


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