Day 3: Second Bedroom Closet

Yesterday was the day I changed sheets, and cleaned the bedroom surfaces to clear them of dust. Where on earth does all the darned dust come from???

It was also a day of grocery shopping and doing laundry. It takes almost all day to do about 4-5 loads of laundry. Sheets, etc. 

Because I have a portable washing machine, it seems to take a lot longer to wash one load. Then it doesn't dry very well, so I layer clean damp laundry across various surfaces to dry. 

Okay, down to business. This is the other walk-in closet in my bedroom, just about three feet down from the other one.

I don't think it will be as big a project as the other closet, but I have yet to dig in to see what all I'm dealing with.

I am fortunate to have these two walk-in closets. But those are the only storage closets I have. 

No pantry. No linen closet. So most everything either goes here or into stand alone furniture.

As you can see, this is where I also store paint.

This is where I put summer clothing. Quilts, lamps, and whatever else doesn't fit into the other one.

This closet doesn't have the shelves the other one does.
So if I'm not too worn out from everything yesterday, I plan to start on the closet. 

How are you doing this week? Getting any purging/decluttering done?


  1. I got a bookcase removed from my home that I didn't need/want any longer. More things in a pile for the the thrift shop. Considering how sick I've been this is at least something! I've been doing a lot of 'looking' at my stuff to make decisions about the collections I'll keep and the one's I'll get rid of. Hard, but I'm ready to do it!

  2. I purged the condiment section of my refrigerator. My closets do not need purging because I do it four times a year. I live in a 1950's tiny house and those closets are itty bitty. So they are organized at all times. Up next is my junk drawers which is a shabby three drawer dresser that my television sits on. That will be a good purge.

  3. Looks like we are all on a cleaning, organizing, purge frenzy! I have been doing the same. I asked myself the same about the dust?? I am glad I don't have carpets anymore.

  4. Lucky you to have two closets, and walk in's at that! I have one closet, and it is not a walk in. One side holds the clothes for the season, and the other side holds coats, out of season clothing, linens, and decor I am not using. This forces me to pare down quite a bit, but it is truly amazing how much stuff I can cram in there. I must purge and reorganize at least once a month, trying to figure out what I can part with and what I want to keep. I used to have a coat closet in the hallway, but I needed more kitchen storage so turned it into a pantry right after moving in. I like to store extra food, cleaning supplies, etc, so this works for me, but I do miss having a coat closet.

  5. Have you considered those space saving plastic bags that you suck the air out of? I cleaned my hallway linen closet yesterday and the result was two empty shelves. I didn't throw away too much, but folded and reorganized what was in there.

  6. You are so lucky to have those two great closets in an apartment! I haven't begun my purging yet....those will be weekend chores, but this weekend will be taking down the Christmas stuff. We always leave it up until January 6th which is my dad's birthday. It's always been that way, since I was born! I think I'll be happy to get it all tucked away again and clear out the space but I will miss the sparkly lights of the tree.

  7. As I take down our tree this afternoon...I will be putting aside the ornaments I didn't use, and other Christmas items. I did some purging before to the finish line! Have fun with your closet! ;)

  8. You have beautiful quilts and I especially love the one hanging on your wall. Space Bags are a great idea and really help. I'm not doing as well as you are but will take another run at it today.

  9. Brenda, It's no wonder your tired! Aside from the fact they are expensive, I think most of us could benefit from having wood/metal closet organizers. My camera needs repairing so I can't post a picture of my closets, but I know it will take more than a day to get them 'fixed.'
    Thank you for the push to purge. Sandy

  10. I look forward to seeing what happens when you wave your magic wand over the second closet. That's all it takes, right? Wouldn't that be nice and easy. My son was just here to tweak something on the TV (he's our technology guy) and he needed me to find a password for something. I was sure I had put it in the notebook I have for all passwords, but I couldn't find it. I probably put it under some category I no longer remember. So there's another place I need to be more organized -- passwords. Sheesh.

  11. I tackled my 17-year-old son's room today - closet and dresser. So much stuff! A laundry basket full went into the trash. The many boxes he's collected from his computer accountrement purchases were nestled inside one another to lessen shelf space. Outgrown clothes went into the attic for the spring yard sale. I love to get rid of stuff!!! I do it at least weekly from one space or another. Fun!

  12. Heck no I am not tackling my closets...I am sitting back and watching you and am trying to get inpsired for later on :) You ARE an inspiration, though :)

  13. Craft room cleaned up mostly 😜 Three trash bags to goodwill and box of stuff. Felt good! Hoping to finish it tomorrow and then make a list of projects I need to finish and want to finish.

  14. Two days of cleaning out master bedroom closet...a 20-year accumulation of stuff & dust. Donating 25 tee shirts, 9 pairs of shoes, sack of socks, and 6 purses among other things. Also cleaned out bath linen closet. Donating towels & sheets I don't use...where does all this stuff come from? Looking much better now...more to do.

  15. Carry on Brenda! It will feel so good when you've completed your purging.

  16. I have a large bin +have been putting things I no longer want. Really need to start on closets.May be tomorrow. I really need to paint inside of closet. Painted last in 1988. 😣

  17. The second closet transformation is amazing and I imagine this one will be 'redd up' as well ( Pennsylvania expression for straigtening things up...I think it is a German one :)

  18. Two closets done and kitchen cabinets done. Plan on tackling another one this weekend. I also think as I get out my decorations I have the various holidays I will go through them as the holiday comes up. My garage closet is just too hard and too cold to do all in one day.

  19. I have been working on our whole master room. I decluttered and cleaning the bedroom. Several trash bags later of trash and donations, the room could breathe again. I am tackling my closet next. I don't have a lot of time every day to spend on it but a little each day adds up!


I always enjoy reading your comments and having you join the conversation here at Cozy Little House. It is like having a gathering of friends sitting in my cozy apartment. Enjoying coffee and dessert, chatting and having a good time. I appreciate each and every one of you!


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