The Concept Of Hygge

I just received this book from Harper Collins. I haven't had a chance to dig into it yet.

The word "hygge" has been bandied about a lot lately.

It is a Danish term. Danish winters are long and dark, so the Danes fight the darkness with hygge.

There is no single translation for this concept. It is pronounced hoo-gah or hue-gah. The Danes use this word to describe feelings of happiness, coziness and comfort.

Hygge is both a philosophy and a way life. It has helped the Danes understand the importance of simplicity.

In March 2016, the UN World Happiness Report (WHR) announced that Denmark once again ranked as ‘the happiest country in the world’ – the third time the Scandinavian country topped the UN list since it was introduced in 2012.

Happiness can be defined in a number of ways. According to the WHR, happiness is more closely linked to social equality and community spirit rather than how much money you earn or how big a car you drive.

They pay high taxes in their country. That and the long dark winters would seem to indicate depression instead of happiness.

But, those aforementioned high taxes might play an important role in securing Denmark's happiness. 

They help level the playing field, making Denmark a relatively egalitarian country where the costs of health care, college education and child care are shared.

To quote the 18th century Danish thinker Nikolaj Grundtvig, Denmark is a country where “few have too much, and even fewer have too little.”

Go here to read a great article on the Danes and hygge.


  1. this is so interesting ! off to check out the link

  2. Fascinating post today! I've known that Denmark is a happy country, and know I know why. I'm very interested in finding out more about hygge. Thanks for the link.

  3. me again...I googled why the danes are so happy and found some news videos/ one interviewed an author / blogger and I found this blog ( which lists many danish blogs ) to check out :)

    Now I will go back to what I was supposed to be doing before you got me exploring denmark, lol ! :)

  4. Read about this the other day, sounds like a positive way to live, and a great way to relax from the stress of life. I can use some of that! I'm going to find that book! Thanks Brenda!

  5. I have been reading so much about hygge...I have been to Denmark (in summer) and it is a lovely country with gracious people! I will be checking out this book...Happy Saturday!

  6. have been meaning to get that little book on hygge!
    and thank you for the link.
    more proof that happiness is not about STUFF.
    I think it might also just be inherent in the people. I remember reading once that of all the scandinavian people the danes were the friendliest and showed the most warmth to others. their sense of hygge is just deep in their souls I guess!

  7. I love this concept. Being from Minnesota with its long winters, I immediately saw its merits. So many people get depressed here in winter, and hygge is a way to help with that...surrounding ourselves with what makes us feel happy. For me though, it's a year-round concept...a way of living and experiencing life.

  8. I love the concept of Hygge. I have found that although I enjoy looking at pictures of homes utilizing lots of color, (bohemian for instance) if I try to incorporate strong color in my own home, I become more stressed and anxious. It is probably just me, but I find that a more tonal, monochromatic color scheme is relaxing. Also the less "stuff" I surround myself with, the more calming I feel.

  9. Also, I think the things that bring the most contentment are simple things, like the ones mentioned in this article. Books, candles, a fire in the wintertime, a comfy cozy bed, etc. None of these things require a lot of money.

  10. I have heard this word a lot lately, too. It's all over blogland and pinterest. Interesting. I agree with Linda, works best when incorporated as a true way of life rather than a decorating concept, but interesting nonetheless.

  11. I heard about this book and I so want to read it. Can't wait to hear what you think of it. Might have to go get it this week. I live in Colorado Springs Colorado where it's cold and dark for most of the winter but I love cold weather but I like it to be light too.

  12. Your book recommendations are always great. I couldn't remember if you were the person who said 'A Man Called Ove' by Frederik Backman. When I read it I thought of you!

  13. I like the cozy concept Florida in the winter.

  14. I've been reading lots of hoopla about this in the past few weeks. I think a lot of us that live in these cold, cold climates do a lot of these things automatically to bring warmth and coziness to our homes over the cold winter months. I love that we now have an actual term for it though. xo Diana

  15. I have also seen a lot about hygge lately..a great concept and one I am interested in learning more about!

  16. I had never read about this concept, but I'm pretty sure a cup of hot chocolate won't make me happy!


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