Ladder Love For Your Home

After I repurposed my old weathered ladder, I became interested in ways others might have repurposed their ladders. So I went to Pinterest to see what I could find.

Home Of Apartment Therapy Founder Maxwell Ryan

Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Ryan created a career out of teaching people to live smaller in beautifully organized homes. 

Sunday Snaps

How My Sister & I Found One Another

Many of you wanted to know how my sister found me. So I emailed a cousin on my father's side yesterday, and she emailed me the following...

Reflections & Family

Sometimes when I'm blog-hopping, I find that I have more in common with European bloggers. 

Boxes & A Book Review

I added some things to the boxes on the ladder. But I'm not sure I'll leave them in there. Looks a bit cluttered. But it took me awhile to do this sitting on my garden cart, so I'll leave it for now.

A Sign & Yellow Tulips

Do you notice a little something different? 

Why The Hate?

I grew up in a small town of about 3000 residents. I don't even think that I saw anyone of color until I was riding the bus to school one year. 

Small Space Tips From A Homeowner

The homeowner of this 534 square foot home has some small space living tricks to share.

My Stint At Meals On Wheels

Before I moved to Oklahoma from Texas, I had a Meals On Wheels route.

Books & Getting Errands Done

I got out today and put gas in my car and got groceries. The cupboard was nearly bare. I hadn't been out since my doctor's visit earlier this week.

Gardening Companion Planting Tips

This graphic was put together by Green Future.

Giving A Wide Berth

I sit here with my morning cup of coffee and look at the sun lighting up the weathered wood of the fence. The birds are chirping in a sweet chorus. There is no wind. Not even a hint.

Boxes & Ladders & Pupsters

Here's what I did with my ladder. This is most of my vintage box collection.

A Tree Problem & Tendonitis

I had a reprieve over the weekend. But yesterday when I woke up, having had little sleep due to pain, I knew I had to give up on the waiting and see my ankle surgeon. Which I did. 

Kitchen Decor, Etc.

This mug full of dark chocolates (that I happily understand are actually good for you) are all I've done in the way of Valentine decor. I doubt I'll do anything else.

Small Home Tour In Oklahoma

This is a darling little home owned by a young couple in Oklahoma.

Warm Weather & A Few Living Room Changes

Abi, why do you feel that you must be in every photograph? Yes, you're a pretty girl. Despite mom's giving you a new "do."

Appointments & Taxes

I've had appointments this week. And my ankle is doing better too, I'm happy to say. VERY happy to say.

Staring Out The Window & Washing Dishes

Several times a day, I stand here in the kitchen and wash dishes while gazing out this window.

Boys Will Be Boys

Yesterday I watched a video that had tears rolling down my face.

Ode To Dancing In The Rain

Yesterday I had to run errands. First I stopped at the tire place and asked if they could break the locks (or whatever they have to do) off my back tires, lest I get a flat tire and it can't be changed. 

Things I Do On Cold Winter Days

The wind has been whipping around the corners and the wind chimes out on the patio are getting a real work out here in Oklahoma. 

Small Space Tour: A 1890's Row House

 I just love this little row house.

My Long Trek Around Tulsa

Yesterday morning I went to see Andrew. Then my daughter and I went out to lunch.

Book Review: Slightly South Of Simple

Three grown daughters from different walks of life go home to Peachtree Bluff, Georgia to stay with their mother.

Bathroom Project Thoughts & Books

It got cold again. So I will have to wait until it warms up again before I can take my new-to-me black towel bar outside to spray paint. I want to give it a coat of glossy black.

An Eventful Day

Well, yesterday was a busy and eventful day. At least for me it was.

Freezer Meals

I freeze a lot of meals so I have leftovers. But I have a small freezer on top, and I have ice trays and an ice container up there as well.