A Tree Problem & Tendonitis

I had a reprieve over the weekend. But yesterday when I woke up, having had little sleep due to pain, I knew I had to give up on the waiting and see my ankle surgeon. Which I did. 

I knew a month ago when I was painting the bathroom that I had done something more to my ankle. But I kept thinking that with rest it would go away. 

I have tendonitis and will be undergoing physical therapy. I have new lifts in my shoes and in my new cam boot, to try to take the stress off of the tendon involved. 

By the time I got there, my blood pressure was 177 over 97. Pain raises my blood pressure, despite the fact that I take blood pressure meds.  

This ankle is always going to be problematic. All I can do is try to keep it to a minimum. 

Limping around puts stress on your hip, and that is causing problems now as well. You just can't walk around uneven without problems occurring.

So the bathroom project will just be put on hold. And I'm hoping this will get sorted out before the advent of spring when I certainly want to be outdoors planting. 

I haven't gotten around to ordering any seeds. And at this point I'm not sure if I will. I'm just going to have to take this a day at a time. 

The new maintenance guy, James, came over to see about my gate, since once opened, it can't be shut due to the tree leaning on the fence. 

I also, once again, pointed out the roots growing under my bedroom from the patio. Which I've done numerous times to managers and maintenance men since moving here.

He told me they had to shut down one apartment completely because a tree actually came up through the floor. So he thought that might get them to take action.

You can actually see the tree root going up the outside wall and underneath my bedroom. It came about from the huge tree that's leaning up against the fence, opposite, and then long ago sent roots across the patio to my bedroom.

As of yet, it has not emerged in the bedroom floor.

Even so, the powers that be told them they couldn't do anything about this. In other words, they would not put out money for the tree to be trimmed. 

So the maintenance guy told me when it got warmer he would bring over his own machinery and at least trim it back. Then put some chemical on the tree growing under my apartment. It has been this way since I moved in.

I've never come across a company that would rather have rental units empty instead of fixing them. But that is the case with at least two units here, and one is a 3-bedroom apartment that continually floods. 

It is not the manager of the complex who is at fault here. It is either the management company that collects money for the owner, or the owner himself. But then he lives out of state, so we don't know.   

So that was my Valentine's Day. Not that I would have done anything special anyway.

However, I'm getting a lot of reading done. And I always enjoy reading.

And I made chicken and stuffing in my crock pot which has been feeding me for several days now.

Here's looking to spring!


  1. Brenda, I hope your ankle gets better quickly. You've certainly had enough pain with it. Take care, and hopefully they will do something about that tree. How aggravating! I don't know why people don't do what is needed. It's hard to find anyone who will do what they say they will. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I was an apartment manager for 9 years. The owner simply uses the unoccupied units as a tax write off. Sometimes with the older complexes, a tax write off is the entire purpose of the ownership of the community.

  3. I'm pretty lucky that the management of my duplex is very good about making repairs. I hope that tree doesn't sprout in your bedroom. I know you hope to live in this unit a long time. Rest that ankle!

  4. So sorry you are having so much pain with your ankle. I know how frustrating it is for you when you have things that you want to be doing. Hard to sit still.

  5. (((BRENDA))) for the ankle and - ok, I honestly didn't think there was any worse unmaintained complex than where I live and - you beat me! WOW!

  6. Oh-I have had tendinitis in my ankle and it is HORRIBLE! Maybe you caught it early on so it won't progress too far. Mine took almost 18 months to get under control because I kept thinking it would 'go away'.

    What a mess with that tree and not being able to finish your bathroom. You are right- one day at a time in dealing with things. xo Diana

  7. Well, at least you know what it is with your ankle, and hopefully the new lifts will help you out. I can't imagine a tree coming up through your bedroom, oh my gosh!!

  8. I hate tendinitis. So painful. Mine flared up behind my knee last week from the antibiotic I was on. You will definitely have to be more diligent about your ankle. I know it is hard when you like to be so active. That is ridiculous about the tree. They need to get it under control. xo Laura

  9. Hope your ankle/hip heal and you can get back to doing some of the things you love. Although we do love our reading, right?!

  10. It's amazing how our body needs to stay in alignment. If our knee or ankle is problematic, it throws off the way we walk and our hips and back get out of alignment. I have a meniscus tear in my knee (which I'm having surgery for on March 1st) and I try not to limp, but it's hard when the pain flares up. That's crazy about the tree. If it comes through your bedroom floor, then what are they going to do?!

  11. Sorry your ankle is giving you more problems. Hope the tree issue gets resolved sooner rather than later. Blustery day here in Florida.

  12. Hello dear Brenda :)

    I can't believe you have a tree growing under your bedroom. That has got to be the most bizarre thing I have ever heard of! I hope the new guy takes care of it.

    I'm so sorry about your ankle. I hope it heals quickly.

    Missed you!


  13. Just take it easy with that ankle !!
    That tree can just stop where it is and you tell it so! :) I am half-serious here / won't hurt to try. Kind of like a prayer / communing with Nature.

  14. Well Brenda, I hope things get better for you with your ankle. I know it can throw your whole body out of alignment. I have a let that flares up and when it does my other leg hurts and my hip and back. And good luck getting the tree situation taken care of. I sure enjoy readying your blog. Take care.

  15. You would think landlords would be grateful for people like you who move in and take care of their property and make it look nice...I don't get it Brenda!

  16. Since I've been limping around on wonky knee for weeks now I can certainly sympathize with you regarding your painful ankle. And I can't get in to see my osteo doctor until the last of March! It's quite a bit better than it was for weeks, so by that time, if it continues improving, I'l be al out of the notion of going to the doctor at al!

  17. So sorry to hear your ankle is giving you so much trouble again. Hopefully it eases up and you can get your bathroom done.

  18. I hope they can do something about the tree roots before it's too late. Can't imagine the owner not wanting to take better care of his property. I'm sorry your ankle is causing pain again. It's something I'm all too familiar with, as you know. You are right that walking unevenly causes other problems, too. Hope you feel much better soon!

  19. Hope your ankle gets better Brenda. Crock pot food and reading good books sounds wonderful; enjoy your down time as best you can...the bathroom will be there when your feeling better.


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