An Eventful Day

Well, yesterday was a busy and eventful day. At least for me it was.

First, I decided I just didn't like that mirror in the bathroom. I love the mirror, but I liked it in the bedroom. And I didn't have anything I liked to replace it over my bed. 

So I decided to go see what I could come up with at River City Trading Post (my fav antique mall in Jenks).

I got in my car, went to start it, and it wouldn't start. I kind of panicked, because I don't know diddly about cars.

I kept trying and finally it started. I kind of wondered if this was going to happen, because the battery had been sputtering a bit lately. I had gone to some places Sunday to see about a battery, but they were closed.

So it was time to check into it. I went to the Jiffy Lube around the corner, because they change my oil. Online it said they had batteries, but that one didn't. 

He told me to head down the road to Walmart, which of course I hate, but I had to do something before I turned that car back off. 

So down to Walmart I went, and they said they only had one battery that would work, because my car is an SUV four wheel drive. So I said fine, do it. 

And then I said you might want to check my tires to see if they need balancing or something. Because I've been wearing the boot lately and I tend to run over curbs driving in it.

They said I didn't have some digger-jiggy to unlock my tires. Then I remembered my son-in-law had told me a couple of years ago when I got two tires that I needed to get that. So will have to tend to that little chore. Whatever it is I need to do.

Then I went on down a few miles to the antique mall. Walked up and down every single aisle, limping in my boot. 

I felt like Goldilocks. Some of the mirrors were too small (I always carry a tape measure), some were too big. And none were just right.

Until I got to the very last aisle and I saw my prize for $21! And Goldilocks said "it is just right."

Once I got home I had a message from my youngest sister, the only one I've had communication with. I heard her voice for the first time!

So I call her back and we talk for hours and oh my God, she sounds SO much like me it is a bit scary!

In the middle of that, Israel calls. He'd been in Mexico for well over a month because he had to have hernia surgery. He said he was in town now and headed to my house.

I get off the phone, and we catch up. I was limping around and so was he. He tells me the stuff I thought was what Kenny was putting between the vanity and the wall was not Dap, it was silicone. 

That didn't mean a thing to me. I don't know a thing about either one. But Kenny had never come back, and I understand they're moving him somewhere else now. 

So I dug around in the drawer and found a tube of what looked like what he used to finish filling it up.

Israel tells me I need to dig it out because I can't paint over silicone. Well, shoot. I spent so much time trying to get that stuff smeared in there and managed to get sticky stuff all over me doing so.

So I start digging around and I manage to mess it up, so guess, since Israel lost his job across town being in Mexico so long, I might just have to pay him to finish that off. 

Also I need to get my mirror solidly against the wall, because it has no frame and I hung it on the thing-a-ma-jig Kenny put up there that splays out to stay in the wall where there isn't a stud.

I also found a iron/wrought iron shelf with a towel bar at the antique mall that I want to spray paint a coat of glossy black I have over the dull black it currently is. 

And I couldn't find a stud in the whole darned wall across from the vanity.

When I moved in, there was a towel bar up there, but it was hanging out of the wall because it wasn't screwed into studs, so early on I ripped that thing out and taped paper over it until Kenny fixed the holes last week.

I also decided I want to go more feminine in the bathroom, so I found some wall decor items for over the coffee bar, so I can take what's there and put in the bathroom. 

They are the Janet Hill paintings in this photo.

  So that was my day.


  1. Israel is back! Yay!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Sounds like my day. My windshield wipers quit on the way to work. It was snowing heavily and very cold. I had squirted the washer fluid to clear the window and the wipers stopped in a slanted extended position. The fluid turned to ice and snow was falling. I had a sliver of clear vision. I managed to get to work without an accident. It was a $307 dollar repair, and there were no antique treasures to soothe my soul a little.

  3. I'm so glad Israel is back!! Do you think they will hire him back at your apartment complex? I love your new mirror, looks great!

  4. That mirror is PERFECT and at a good price. It looks great! The pictures from the coffee bar will be beautiful in the bathroom. Love the signs you got. Your home is a "showplace" and you should be very proud of yourself.
    I don't know DIDDLY about cars, either. lol

  5. I hope your apt complex realizes they NEED a good man like Israel!
    and the new mirror is lovely there.

  6. Absolutely love your new mirror! So glad Israel is back and can help you finish your bathroom project!

  7. I love the mirror too! Glad you could talk to your sister.

  8. I hope Israel can get your bathroom fixed just like you want it and in better shape than the other fellow did. You have a great day.

  9. Well, that was quite a day!!!! A BUSY FULL day! Love the mirror but I love even more that you were able to TALK to your sister. Isn't that amazing that you have come together after all these years? I am so happy for you. It is like there is something 'missing' when we have a sibling and can't hear them or contact them.

    I am glad Israel is back. I am sorry he lost his job at the other place. I know you think he is a great guy and I am sure you feel bad for him, too. It would be really good if he could help you do a few things and it wouldn't cost you much.

    A busy day, Brenda, but a good one when all was said and done. xo Diana

  10. Love the mirror and so glad Israel is back and can help you.

  11. If you have an Autozone or other big auto parts store, they will check your battery, and some other problems. They also install windshield wipers. You might check and see what all their services are. Sometimes when your car won't start, the cables on your battery aren't getting good contact--loose or corroded. The stores can tell you that, too.

  12. To follow up on what Junque Procurer said about Autozone -- they will do the battery check and some other diagnostic things for free. If you buy wipers, they will put them on for you at no extra charge. Some other places might do it too -- I know that Walmart will check your tire pressure and fill the tires up for free.

    That new mirror is so pretty, and the Janet Hill art will look really nice with it. I like the idea of the more feminine look for the bathroom. It is going to all come together soon, particularly if Israel can help you out with the tasks still to be done. The farmhouse pieces are fun and will look good in your dining area. The cow will fit in with your other cows. You have an entire herd now!

  13. The new mirror is perfect! And what a price- crazy good! You have a way with finding the nicest things.
    In sorry to say but that Kenny person was a vandal, maybe well meaning but a vandal none the less. Israel will set the job right. If even a bit of the silicone sticks, paint will not adhere to that area. To get a finish job that will not annoy you over the next years, you may need to unseat the vanity and start from scratch. We're sure Israels work will fit your standards. We're so happy he's here. Do you think you might be able to help him get his old job back?

  14. Don't take the Silicone out, just paint the wall and wooden board up to where the Silicone is, then after the paint dries, let Israel put a thin line of Silicone over the one already there and smooth it with his finger...I'll bet he has had enough experience as a handyman to put on a very straight, professional line and it won't need painting; you don't paint the caulking around your tub, do you?

  15. I love the new mirror. It is so pretty and I like that you are going to put the Janet Hill art in there. Yay that Israel is back. I've missed hearing how he is doing. I had to get a new battery not long ago and lots of other work done on my car. Ugh, but it must be done. So glad you are getting the bathroom done, it is looking wonderful.

  16. I hope soon you can enjoy your bathroom without all the stress it has caused you.
    Your sister and Isreal at the same time. I hope that your complex will hire him back. Does he have citizenship here. I hope that doesn't become a problem.
    So wonderful you could talk to your sister. How exciting.

  17. When it come to car trouble...I am dumber than a box of rocks, so good thing DH takes care of anything to do with the car. Thank goodness you got it started. Your new mirror is really pretty, happy you found something you like, and so happy that Israel is back, and can help you out. Things are looking up!!!

  18. Just found your blog today from somewhere...I went down a rabbit hole and don't know exactly how I got here! Ha. Enjoyed reading and like the way you write. Love the mirror. What a find! I'm adding you to my blog list and will be back regularly.

  19. I gotta say although I really loved your other mirror, I think I love this one even more! I love the shape of it and it looks very vintage/cottage style. That was a lucky find for the price! Your bathroom will be beautiful when it is all said and done!
    I hope now that Israel is back he can help you out with any future projects. And I'm so glad you got to talk to your sister. How amazing after all of these years!

  20. WHEW Israel is back / now THAT was good news for you ! :)
    And the ongoing saga of you and your sister coming to know each other is just so wonderful; after all that you have been through it is like a miracle story :) I love to hear about each piece of the puzzle that you are putting together

  21. Great news that Israel is back! Hope your complex hires him back...if that is what he wants. Your bathroom is coming along...hang in there Brenda! ;)

  22. Sounds like a good day to found a beautiful mirror, you talked to your sister, and Israel is back! As for your car, please don't take it to Jiffy Lube for oil changes. They are notorious for not only ripping people off (I can't believe how much they charge for an oil change - find an independent shop in your area! We get our oil changes for $20), but they are also known for upselling or even purposely doing something to your car while they're in there, so you have to get repairs. One of those undercover news programs - 20/20 or something - did an uncover investigation on them. You can do a Google search and find out about this. When Phil was alive, he took his car into Jiffy Lube for an oil change, and they put antifreeze in the oil chamber!!! It caused his engine to seize up. He took his car into our mechanic and the mechanic discovered this antifreeze in the oil chamber (or whatever you call the place where the oil goes). He had to have everything flushed out and it cost a lot of money. Of course, Jiffy Lube denied doing that.

  23. I just knew you would figure out what you wanted to do with the bathroom, and the mirror you bought is just perfect! And I am so happy Israel is back, I like what good friends you two are. It would be wonderful if he could get his old job back.

  24. So glad Israel is back and hope he finds a job soon.

    To talk to your sister must have been surreal. I am excited for both of you.

  25. Brenda, that was an eventful day! Your new mirror is so pretty and that was a great price.

    I'm so glad your friend Israel is back. Lots of coffee and snacks in the future for y'all.

  26. The mirror looks great! Hope you can get it anchored satisfactorily.

    Isn't life a potpourri of craziness sometimes?? I've had day resembling yours frequently. Most recently, there was one where I had my chores all planned out and then a series of incidences like my grandson needing to stay with me because he developed the chicken pox and I don't remember what else. I got nothing done and was off-kilter the rest of the week! You just have to never get too attached to accomplishing anything within a definite time frame, I find. Easier said than done sometimes!

    Thanks for the post; it makes me feel better about how things go here all too often!

  27. What a day you had, you scored on that pretty mirror! And then a visit with both your sister by phone and Israel coming by. Is Israel staying here and job hunting? Wish he could get his old job back. Have a nice Friday!

  28. in spite of all the setbacks with the bathroom, there is good news too - Israel is back and you heard and talked with your sister! I'm sure with Israels help the bathroom will get sorted too!

  29. I hate dealing with car repairs! I am glad you were able to get help with the battery and you were on your way quickly. Looks like you found a few treasures. Love the mirror! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xxx Maria

  30. Well, you were busy, but chatting with your sister and having your friend back seems like the silver lining...and that mirror! Goldilocks, indeed! ;)

  31. Mirror looks perfect! I also have car troubles, my husbands work car needs repaired so he was driving his big truck, costing a fortune in gas, then he informs me last night the brakes on the truck needs to be replaced, so he had to drive my car today! So glad you got to talk to one sister, you have to fill us in. Can't imagine what it feels like!

  32. Brenda Brenda...don't ever rush out and buy a battery because your car won't could be your cables are loose and all they need is to be may not be the battery at all but your starter could be going out..and at lot of men are still quite happy to rip off women..just like Kenny did to you..I don't know where they sent that fool but I hope it was far from you..Besides that I am so happy to hear the good news in your live!


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