Appointments & Taxes

I've had appointments this week. And my ankle is doing better too, I'm happy to say. VERY happy to say.

Yesterday I had to go to see my accountant to do my taxes. 

Ugh! I hate to do this because it means writing those checks. But self-employment taxes aren't cheap.

The accountant schedules me when he things there is the least chance of having too many folks in there. (Thus noise.) 

Because it's a pretty small room, and the other accountant does taxes for people of different languages. So all that going back and forth makes me jumpy and I can't think straight.

After paying taxes, I won't be buying anything for awhile. So whatever needs to be done in the bathroom will be done with whatever I've got here already.

The day before that I had my bi-annual appointment with my doctor and lab work. My cholesterol was a bit high, as well as my blood pressure. 

It was warm yesterday, so I felt in the mood to shift some furniture around in the living room. 

What's great about my vinyl floors is that I can easily scoot furniture across it. I needed something to take my mind off my taxes and the checks I had to write...

It may or may not stay this way. I like to move things about and think about it. Not that anything stays anywhere permanently.

I've decided I'm going to sit on the couch with the ottoman for awhile. Just so I don't manage to wear out the chair too fast. 

Where I sit, the pupsters sit of course. One on each side.
A week or so ago I gave them a home hair cut. And I didn't do a very good job. But that saved me $75.

While I was at it I cleaned my living room furniture and conditioned it. 

And thank goodness I figured out how to get the cable going on the TV after I moved it. I'm not very good with things like that. However I rarely turn on this TV.

I did three loads of laundry. 

I notice little green nubs out in the container gardens. Yea!

We got a new maintenance man named James. The first thing he did was clean up the massive mess behind the maintenance shed. Which was what I see out my door and have for three years come April.

It was a horrid mess of broken mirrors and glass and pieces of cabinets, etc. Looked like a mini junkyard. Now all that's back there is a line of grocery store carts. 

Don't know where those came from. But they've been there since I moved in.

And I was sent another book to read and review by Harper Collins. But this past week I've been reading books I already had saved on my Kindle.

Here's what says about it...

From USA Today bestselling author Meg Donohue comes a mystery, a love story, and a mother-daughter tale about two women on a precarious journey to uncover their true selves.

Passionate and funny, radio personality Gail Gideon is a true original. Nine years ago when Gail’s husband announced that he wanted a divorce, her ensuing on-air rant propelled her local radio show into the national spotlight. 

Now, “The Gail Gideon Show” is beloved by millions of single women who tune-in for her advice on the power of self-reinvention. But fame comes at a price. After all, what does a woman who has staked her career on being single do when she finds herself falling in love? 

And is the person who is harassing her in increasingly troubling ways a misguided fan or a true danger to Gail and her daughter, Nic? 

Fourteen-year-old Nic has always felt that she pales in comparison to her vibrant, outgoing mother. Plagued by a fear of social situations, she is most comfortable at the stable where she spends her afternoons. But when a riding accident lands Nic in the hospital, she awakens from her coma changed. 

Suddenly, she has no fear at all and her disconcerting behavior lands her in one risky situation after another. And no one, least of all her mother, can guess what she will do next…

Isn't my life fascinating???


  1. I am so glad to hear your good news about your ankle. I wore a boot for almost a year before the surgery (I switched doctors) and I know how difficult that can be to get around. I'm still trying to lose the weight I gained from staying off my feet - that boot was heavy too! I've seen some bulb tips pushing up through the ground and have spring fever.

  2. Glad to hear your ankle is doing better. I wish I could rearrange my furniture sometimes but I really can't move this on this carpet. Taxes, ugh! Think about Spring!

  3. I saw crocus foliage yesterday. Exciting! I'm glad to hear the new maintenance man is cleaning things up. Just as you cut the pups' hair, I cut my husband's hair. I've been doing it for years to save a few bucks. Fortunately he has curly hair and if I make a mistake it doesn't show too much! Paying taxes is a pain but it is good you have found a way to be self-employed. Enjoy the evening sitting with the pups in the new furniture arrangement. We've figured out a furniture arrangement in the living room that probably will stay for awhile.

  4. I really like the cabinet where you've put it, framed by the curtains - looks good. I wouldn't be able to cope in the accountants office with all that going on either, glad he can see you when it's quiet. Don't you just hate paying taxes? Glad the new maintenance man cleaned up some of the back, the grocery carts would drive me crazy because I foolishly let things like that bother me.

  5. I am glad to hear that the ankle is better right now !! :) And that is fascinating, yes :)

  6. Hey Brenda, Talk to you account about doing an LLC then a sole proprietor. May help save you some taxes plus the 15% you pay just to be in business for yourself. I am doing that for this year. I had to go to the last tax accountant I had and pull my taxes. He had them six months and had not done anything. I will know something this week on my taxes!! It will take him a couple of weeks to get them done but they will be done!! Whoo hoo!! Love the new arrangement! Glad you are doing good!

  7. I don't remember seeing your leather chair before in your living room. Have you always had it? It is BEAUTIFUL, and looks oh so comfortable...Love your little house!!

  8. You're new arrangement looks really nice. About the shopping carts..... maybe you could call the local store the carts probably belong to and they will come and gather them up. I know a grocery store that used to have to scour the neighborhoods to retrieve all their shopping carts customers had carted home. Could belong to a local grocery store or Dollar Store nearby. I'm like Mary, it would drive me crazy having to look at them.


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