Boxes & A Book Review

I added some things to the boxes on the ladder. But I'm not sure I'll leave them in there. Looks a bit cluttered. But it took me awhile to do this sitting on my garden cart, so I'll leave it for now.
Funny how I just don't like a lot of things going on anymore. It's like silent noise. Irritating to the senses.

I went to physical therapy. The therapist is my surgeon's wife, and she was really good.

She applied ultrasound to my ankle. Taught me some exercises and how to walk properly. Funny how you walk all your life but find out you're not walking properly.

There was a woman in there before my appointment who'd done something to her ankle. She was about my age, and said she just wanted to get back into her heels.

Wow. I haven't worn heels for many years. I can't imagine how much damage I could do to my body wearing heels!

Sucker sure is sore up the inside of my leg where that tendon is inflamed. Hopefully this will get me going for spring planting. 

The weather is warm. The trees are budding out and the spring flowers are blooming. I don't know how long this will continue.

I finished a book last night. "The Day I Died" by Lori Rader-Day. 

It was a good book. Very intense. Sometimes I had to reread portions to make sure I didn't miss something pertinent to the story.

The character is running from her past. Funny, so many books have that premise for a plot. She stays in one town a little while, then moves on to another.

She has a 13 year old son, and helps the FBI with cases by analyzing handwriting. I wonder if that is really a career. 

Because it was very thorough, how she could analyze so much about a person by looking at an original copy of their handwriting. Quite fascinating.

A toddler goes missing. Law enforcement asks for her help. 

She and the sheriff at first don't get along. But later develop an attraction to one another. 

The vein that runs through the plot of a woman running is often predictable. Because she's often running from an abusive partner. 

Her actions are based first on fear. Of being apprehensive about get too comfortable in any situation. 

I think any woman who has ever been in an abusive relationship can relate to that feeling. 

Being afraid of new relationships. Looking over your shoulder. Forgetting yourself and showing emotion. 

Laughing and then cutting the laughter short because it might start something. Getting angry and then abruptly realizing you can't show it or there might be ramifications. 

It takes time to get past those immediate reactions, and to realize you can have have emotions without thinking.

This woman's 13 year old son goes missing as well. And she fears he's gone looking for his father. For the family she's told him doesn't exist. 

She comes to realize that dragging her son from town to town, thinking she's protecting him from what she left behind, is only serving her own needs. 

And making him more curious about all the blanks in their story.

Her son doesn't like being constantly uprooted and kept in the dark. Kids always know more than you think they know.

I look forward to reading more from this author. Give me a good psychological thriller and I'm a happy camper. 


  1. Good Morning Brenda.... I do like what you did with your boxes. But, I like to have "stuff" around to kinda hug me! Sounds like that was a good book you just finished. We are under a winter weather advisory for a couple of days. They are saying up to 10 inches of snow in our area of Wisconsin. It was 70 yesterday. I walked around the yard & the dogwood, lilacs and a few other shrubs are loaded with buds. It is way to early for them to be out. So, I have they survive this cold spell. Have a marvelous day!

  2. I love the way you filled up your boxes! The washboards in the top lead the eye up to that red piece (is it a vase? Not sure what you call it). Such a cute touch to have the photo of the old truck pinned to the front. Maybe tuck a little ivy plant in to cascade down the face of the top box as there is a lot of 'brown' going on.

  3. I like the boxes. Hope your foot is better soon and the therapy helps.

  4. Good luck with the physical therapy! I went to "Back School"--Ecole du Dos--for posture and it really helped. Who knew how one thing being off can cascade!
    Thanks for the book recommendation. I am sucked into the story already.

  5. I hope the physical therapy helps. Planting season is just around the corner isn't it! The books sounds good but intense.

  6. I like those kinds of stories and movies too. So sorry to hear that your ankle is still giving you so much trouble. Hopefully, your new therapist will be able to help you. I know how frustrating it is to have something that won't get better! Your ankle supports all of your weight and doesn't get much rest so it's no wonder that it's being stubborn! I love your description of silent noise for clutter! I think when you fill several things, if you'll use the same type of item it calms the look a bit. Such as using all books, or all plants in those boxes might be a good idea.

  7. Oh I really hope you have success with PT. Heels, I wound love to wear them again or even a cute flat but my back just can't handle them. I too like the boxes and that long basket in the top one with flowers.

  8. I think I bought that book the other day, I'll have to look it up and make sure - it sounds great! I sure hope the therapy helps you, Brenda. It's warm here today also, I'm hoping the ice on my swing finally melts so I can sit out and enjoy the rare nice day we get at this time of year!

  9. Hope your physical therapy brings good results.

  10. I took a class on Graphology (handwriting) and found it fascinating. It's like studying body language! Every mark (and move)have meaning and will tell you a lot about yourself and others. There must be some "you-tube videos" on these things. I took my classes through the adult education program when I lived in CA. (ancient history!)

  11. Yes, analyzing handwriting is a real career. It's called Graphology. My mom used to be a certified Graphologist back in the 90's. She taught me a lot about it - incredibly fascinating.

    Good luck with your PT. I'll be starting it once again (I've been in the past for my back and my shoulder) in March for my knee, after my knee surgery on March 1st.

  12. Love the boxes. I've been collecting some wood ones. I have about 3. Not sure what I'm going to do with them.

  13. I hope your ankle is helped a lot by the therapy. I gave up wearing high heels 40 years ago after I had to have foot surgery. The surgeon recommended I wear heels no higher than 1.5 inches and I took that advice. I haven't been too fashionable, but my feet feel good!

  14. Some of us worry about how long we may be able to walk and that lady is worried about wearing high's funny how different people prospective are isn't it Brenda?


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