Boxes & Ladders & Pupsters

Here's what I did with my ladder. This is most of my vintage box collection.

I tried layering linens/small quilts on the ladder. But I couldn't get anything to hang straight. And that frustrated me to the point of taking them down.

I had seen something similar to this on a blog or Pinterest or somewhere and remembered it.

I may put something in the wooden boxes. But to keep the top two up there, I had to put a nail into the back side of each box. After that, I was worn out. Had to get off my feet. A chore for another day.

I decided not to paint the horse frame, for now anyway. I kind of like the contrast anyway.

I felt that the red ottoman in front of a red piece of furniture was too much red in one spot. So I laid a small quilt I made years ago atop the ottoman to break up the flow of red visually.

Charlie on his throne. His favorite blanky in his dog bed on the couch. My boy does love that spot. Abi has never gone near it.


  1. Love the boxes on the ladder. What a genius idea.

  2. I really like the boxes on your ladder. One thing about it, you can always put things in them if you feel like it. But, for a change up, you don't have too! Easy peasy, fix for something different. Hope you have some relief from your pain today! Enjoy....

  3. Good Morning Brenda. I kind of like the horse picture in its natural state. Love that quilt and little Charlie is adorable in his special spot. Too cute. I tore my meniscus in my knee a week ago and am waiting to see the orthopedic surgeon next Tuesday. So I feel your frustration of only being able to do a little bit. I am not one to be idle so this is driving me crazy to not be able to get around easily. Have a good rest of the week.

  4. I love what you did with the ladder, Brenda! I have some wire baskets I want to try using with mine, but I love the look of the wood boxes, too! The horse prints are beautiful and I love the quilt on the ottoman. Hoping the ankle feels better soon!

  5. I'm so glad Charlie has one little thing to call his own! I know Abi is a big bully with him, just like Monkey is with her mama!! xo

  6. Your boxes on the ladder is genius! And I also like the horse picture the way it is. Isn't it funny how two dogs, same breed, can be so different? I love how each dog has it's own personality. My new dog Sparky is so different from my last dog Romeo. Both are precious in their own way. I have had to work on not comparing Sparky to Romeo, (he was an exceptional dog in every way). But Sparky is so eager to please, it is hard not to love him.

  7. Love the boxes on the ladder, they look just right and so nicely vintage/rustic. I do love the glimpses of your quilts, as I often say :) Love the red and white one very much! The horse pictures look great in that grouping too.
    Hope your ankle improves very soon, Brenda.
    Helen xox

  8. I love the boxes on the ladder- what a cute idea! You can fill it in if you want to as time goes on. Love that red and white quilt, too...and your pups are as cute as ever. Your sweet little "family"! Hope you have a blessed Thursday- xo Diana

  9. The boxes are a fun idea and the perfect fit. Maybe you can hang some fabrics from the boxes like you did on the front of the basket holding your cutting boards. You could change them up with the seasons. I'm enjoying all of the red!

  10. The boxes on the ladder are gorgeous! Love the look!

  11. I love the boxes on the ladder. Looks good and could be great storage!

  12. what a great idea for that ladder, the boxes are perfect!!

  13. I love the boxes on the ladder too Brenda...another idea I never would have thought of..Poor little Charlie has been through so much I just guess he deserves a spot of his own...I see on the Accuweather online that you all are getting some unseasonably warm weather out there in OK..You and the pups enjoy that and if you possibly can turn some of that Oklahoma wind toward us on the East Coast..we surely do need warmed up! lol

  14. Your box collection on the ladder is so creative and beautiful. It was a treat to see Charlie!

  15. What a great creative idea to use a ladder... And you shouldn't fall from that one!


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