Freezer Meals

I freeze a lot of meals so I have leftovers. But I have a small freezer on top, and I have ice trays and an ice container up there as well.

Of course having freezer meals in baggies would surely take up less room than frozen meat. So this sounds like a good plan to me.

I spent some time creating a Pinterest board called Freezer Meals. I figure this would be a fast way of preparing meals for myself and also saving for later.

You can always look on my Pinterest boards and find things very easily because I have the boards in alphabetical order. 

I also have an extensive Crock Pot/Slow Cooker Recipes board with nearly 1000 recipes on it as well. 

On the Freezer Meals Pinterest board, you will find meals for one, meals for two, Paleo meals, gluten-free meals, low carb meals, crock pot meals, breakfast meals, diet meals, about-to-give-birth meals. There's a bit of everything!

I recall that when my kids were in grade school, I would often spend Sunday afternoons cooking up meals and freezing them so I could just pull something out and cook it. 

We didn't have all the fancy small appliances we have now. We didn't have microwaves yet. But we did have crock pots. Oh, how on earth did we survive!

So if you cook freezer meals, please let me know which ones are your favorites. And if you have any tips for the rest of us.

I want to thank you for all the suggestions on the bathroom. 

Now that I actually have water and a sink and am not waiting any longer for someone to come help with the project, I'm not as anxious over the whole situation.

I'm taking my time to figure out what I want to do in there. Oftentimes if I just mull it over for a few days or more, it will all begin to fall into place for me.


  1. Freezer meals are a great idea for those of us who live alone. That way I won't have to eat the same thing for DAYS!! I'm glad you feel better about the bathroom project. I think it will look great and all the suggestions were so helpful. I did like the idea of a touch of black in there with the red and white. Take care! I've got sick Grands I've been taking care of so my home is on hold at the moment.

  2. I used to do the same thing with meals when my kids were little, Brenda. I also made their lunch bags up ahead with the non-perishables so that in the morning I just had to toss in the sandwiches I had made the night before and kept in the fridge.
    I don't do much cooking ahead anymore but know I should. Thanks for doing all those boards!!! xoDiana

  3. The only thing I regularly make and freeze is leftover soups, usually some kind of bean soup. I put two plastic freezer bags of lentil soup in the freezer a few days ago. I'll check out your pinterest boards for some new crockpot recipes.

  4. I wouldn't normally think of us as "freezer meal" people - Steve shops fresh daily. But, this has been a cold winter and he makes a lot of soups. We are enjoying reheated soup or chili several nights a week and they get better each time.

  5. I am always grateful when I can pull my freezer meals out. I'm running low though now so I need to get busy and make some more. I actually have a turkey in my freezer that I need to thaw out and cook. I can make lots of meals out of that. xo Laura

  6. I don't make freezer meals, per se, but when I do make things in large quantities such as soup, I always freeze some for later.

  7. Brenda, yo alway shave great ideas. I want to thank you for the email with the suggestions for speeding up my computer. You were right, I made time to clean it up and now it is loading the pages a lot faster. Since it is just thehubs and I, when I buy meat, I often break it down into servings for two and then freeze them. Now that our home is not so full of people, it is a lot harder to plan meals. Freezing ahead is a great idea. I will pop over to take a look at your pinterest board!

  8. I find myself that I freeze leftovers like chili and soups which lots of servings that my hubby and I obviously cannot eat in one meal.....the only other time I freeze meals is when I have lots of leftovers from a dinner party....I do love making a spaghetti sauce that simmers all day and then I always intend on freezing it.
    I have a friend who during her working days used to cook all day on Sunday and freeze her meals for the week...a time save of cooking when coming home from work.


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