Kitchen Decor, Etc.

This mug full of dark chocolates (that I happily understand are actually good for you) are all I've done in the way of Valentine decor. I doubt I'll do anything else.

I was standing in front of one of my bookshelves looking for a book to read, and came across this one, No Safe House.

I finished my evening chores, had a shower, and settled down to read. Hours later I was still completely immersed in this book plot. I read more than half of it. I could hardly put it down to sleep.

I don't think I've ever read anything by this author. But boy, can he write a thriller! Now I want to see what else he's written.

The other day I got sick of my hand held shower nozzle being clogged up, so I put a big baggie around the nozzle that I laid down in the bath tub. Then I poured a whole bottle of white vinegar into the bag and left it overnight.

The next day when I took my shower, all the little holes were spouting water out just like when it was new. So many wonderful things you can do with vinegar! 

I put all my cutting boards in this basket. It was given to me some time ago. Just couldn't find the right thing to put in it.

I rather like the texture of the basket below the multi-colored bamboo place mats I tacked up to the cabinet doors last year. I still haven't tired of looking at them.

I added a folded red and white fabric napkin for a little color and contrast.

The other day I gathered all the colored bottles I'd been keeping outdoors, and put them in the sink to soak to get the dirt off them.

I put them back here in the window. I kind of missed them there. I guess it's kind of like "viewing the world through rose-colored glasses."

Since the inception of the TV show, The Blacklist, I'd been watching every episode. 

I watched only the first episode this year. After that I decided I'd really rather read before bedtime. It seems much easier to fall asleep after reading. 

Are any of you keeping up with show? 


  1. Good Morning Brenda,
    Love the details of your cozy home and the tip on the vinegar too!
    Such a treat to find a book that you cannot put down. I am reading The Little Paris Bookshop such a darling read. Looks like that is what I will be doing today with the cold and rain.
    I have some peppermint tea that I might just brew up too!

  2. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your cozy home. Your kitchen window is absolutely beautiful!! I have never read anything by your new author either. Guess I will give it a try too. Have a sweet valentines day.

  3. Hi. I love your wicker basket of cutting boards. The red cloth looks like a Valentine! The colored glass adds some oomph on a gray day. I haven't watched any of the Blacklist,

  4. Everything looks perfect, Brenda and I love the mug full of chocolates. I would never be able to keep that around without eating every piece! Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. I enjoy the pretty glass in your window! I'm reading today also, and will check out the author you are reading now. The Blacklist lost me a few seasons ago, I'm a lot like you, I would rather read. Happy Heart Day!

  6. Happy Valentine's Day, Brenda! Funny, I also put my colored bottles back in my kitchen window recently - I missed them, and I missed seeing yours also! As always, your home looks so warm and cozy. Hugs to you, my friend! I'm off to Amazon to look up that book!!

  7. Blacklist isn't quite as compelling as it used to be, but we're trying to keep up with it nonetheless. Trouble is the tv reception here is terrible sometimes so tv watching is at a minimum.

  8. Love the bottles in the window. So pretty.

  9. I love the texture of the cutting boards and basket. The red and white napkin is just the right touch too. The colored bottles in your window are perfect. Such a nice touch. I am currently reading the Left Behind Series. It's a little depressing but a really good read. I started following Blacklist but stopped for some reason. I don't know why except my evening are pretty busy. I have started watching 24 The Legacy. Have you seen that one?

  10. LOVE that basket filled with breadboards, it's perfect! enjoy that dark chocolate and have a sweet day!

  11. The colored bottles in the window really do make a person feel good just looking at them.

  12. The "icing on the cake" in your cutting boards collection basket was the vivid red folded napkin. Man, I never would have thought of that!
    The glass bottle collection photo just took my breath away; you have so many more small bottles than before-what a beautiful rainbow! I hurridly went to grab my two bumpy glass lime and aqua bottles from their home in our entry and placed them on our kitchen window sill where the light is coming through them and, well, it's sure a start to what you have accomplished! Have a happy Valentine's Day with your delish chocolates!

  13. I love the bottles in the window. So pretty.

  14. Sorry I haven't posted. Had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand and have been trying to be good. Happy Vakentines Day to you💕 Love your kitchen window. You are so inventive. Must look up that author.

  15. Happy Valentine's Day dear, dear Brenda!

  16. The basket full of cutting boards and the bottles in the window are so pretty. No, I've never watched The Blacklist. I don't watch much TV.

  17. I love the basket of breadboards and the beautiful napkin folder over. Perfection!! Every couple months, when the water coming from my rain shower head feels like stinging sleet instead of soft rain, I take off the shower head and soak it in vinegar a few hours. Works like a dream. We have very hard water here.

  18. I have kept up with the BLacklist. I still like it, although I am thinking of giving up cable because it is sooo expensive and I watch more on Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix. I rotate through them monthly so I don't have to pay for all three at once. I like to read at night before I go to sleep. I seem to go to sleep faster when I do. xo Laura

  19. I just gave my showerhead and coffeepot the 'vinegar' treatment too.

  20. I just gave my showerhead and coffeepot the 'vinegar' treatment too.

  21. I'm glad to see you put the colored bottles back in the kitchen window. I always thought they were so pretty there. I have two plant spritzer bottles in my window. One is green and the other is cobalt blue. I have a ways to go yet to catch up with you. I never watched the blacklist. I haven't done any reading in a while.(except on the internet) I just might have to go to the bookstore to check out some of the ones you mentioned lately.

  22. It's heartening to hear that folks are going back to reading instead of watching TV. I hardly ever watch anything anymore, but I think I have read about five or six books since the beginning of this year. That is definitely how I relax and get sleepy at night. The Blacklist I know nothing about!

    Brenda, the colored bottles in the window are very pretty and the thing I like most about your photo of them is how the light from behind the blind gives them horizontal stripes. It makes for a very interesting and unique image--more interesting than as if it were just the bottles. If you planned it it was a great inspiration. If you didn't, then a happy accident!

    From what I can see of your little abode I think it is very charming. The vignette of the cutting boards and the blue canning jars on your table are great pieces of eye candy. And the neat-as-a-pin book shelf is nice to look at, too. I"m wondering just how small your little cottage is. Do you know the square footage? How little an area can a person be really comfortable in? Trying to figure just how down-sized from an already small house I can not feel claustrophobic in!

  23. Your colored glass bottles are like a stained glass window. I love glass, even clear ones.

    I stopped watching Blacklist during the first season for the very reason that it was keeping me awake at night. I loved the writing and adore James but wish he'd do something again like Boston Legal that I loved him in.

  24. I haven't watched any TV since HE left..unless you count a show that is on Utube...He left me the TV but I can't afford cost of Dish...I have plenty of books and know I want to find your latest read there...We did watch The Blacklist...I'm glad you put all the bottles back..they always made me smile..

  25. The cup of chocolates is so pretty! I love the basket of cutting boards. They are so useful -- for cutting, trivet, serving tray and so on. The red napkin is the perfect touch. Vinegar might be my main cleaning product. I love the sunlight coming in the window onto your bookcase.

  26. Basket of cutting boards is so pretty !!! ...And thanks for the tip with the Vinegar!! Will be trying that on the shower head at my house tonight !!!! :)

  27. I have baskets, I have cutting boards, I have napkins. Why can't I think of anything cool like this? Brenda, you amaze and encourage me. On the hunt now for colored bottles! Amazing.


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