Ladder Love For Your Home

After I repurposed my old weathered ladder, I became interested in ways others might have repurposed their ladders. So I went to Pinterest to see what I could find.

I love this lighting!

Using old drawers. This is very similar to what I did with boxes.

So many exciting ways to use ladders outdoors. I like how this one used vintage boxes with plant containers.

This would be a good space to start seedlings too.

This particular "ladder" looks as though it was a DIY project. I love how she used it in her bathroom to organize items.

This is a cute little step ladder. The plants arranged on the rungs are a nice touch.

Creating boxes for house plants is a perfect use of this ladder.

And why not hang it for use in the kitchen to act as a storage shelf?

Here's another ladder with house plants.

And another one used in a bathroom to hold towels.

Here's one that stores board games. Wouldn't children love this type of storage?

Do you use ladders as decor in your home?



  1. Hmmm. We have a rickety red wooden ladder that I kind of hate to just throw away. You have some good ideas here, and much safer than using the ladder for climbing.

  2. I do like the use of ladders in decorating. We live in a small house & I haven't been able to use a ladder in doors. I guess we already have to much furniture around. But, I do use them in our yard. I really like your new profile picture too!

  3. So many great inspiration many ways to use them! Love the profile pic!

  4. I like your new (old) picture from Texas. Thanks for the ladder ideas. I am wanting to use one but not yet sure where.

  5. I love old Ladders! My Mum had one on her back porch for years long before they were all the rage. I kick myself I didn't grab it when she moved.
    Thanks for sharing all the photos Brenda.

  6. I have a little ladder and a big tall one. Thanks for the ideas.

  7. I love all of these, how fun and they look fabulous.

  8. All great ideas! I think my favorite is the white one with the big white planter boxes!

  9. Lots of great ladder ideas here! I love the ones using drawers and boxes! And I love your new profile picture Brenda!
    Helen xox

  10. Thank you for all the neat ideas about using ladders. Some of these are new to me! Love your picture Brenda - you are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing your new picture with us.

  11. Wow... who knew ???!!!! lolol.... Love the bathroom use of ladders !!! I have a vintage Amish ladder leaning against the fire place wall with small quilts hanging from it !!! Now... maybe I will make use of some of these great ideas!!!

  12. Brenda, I absolutely love your picture as I was reading this blog. I don't remember seeing this one before...forgive me if I had missed it before because it is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pic and your wonderful photography.

  13. Thanks for sharing. It gave me some ideas for two ladders I have. And I have some old drawers.

  14. Now I need a ladder!! ;) Ps...I love your new profile picture! You look fabulous.

  15. I love all of these! What great storage / display ideas.

  16. these are such great ideas. I love the ladder used like a shelf, really cute!

  17. I don't have any ladders in my home, but I love the one hanging in the kitchen storing baskets.

  18. I have an old wooden ladder that was my dad's. I still use it for painting projects, but these ideas make me wonder if I should put it to a different use. Thanks for the clever ideas.

  19. I love old ladders. I have a big one that I use outdoors to put plants on. My neighbor was throwing the ladder away and I rescued it. I love that little green painted ladder with the plants on it. There's a vintage consignment shop near me that usually has these little ladders for sale in the nice weather. I think I might have to buy one this year now. ;-)

  20. I have a dumpster dive step ladder in my main bathroom. Since it is a very small bathroom I leave it closed but lean it up against the wall and the air register holds the bottom so it does not slide. I use it for a magazine rack and display on the shelves. I love it.


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