My Long Trek Around Tulsa

Yesterday morning I went to see Andrew. Then my daughter and I went out to lunch.

When we left the restaurant in separate cars, I wasn't quite sure exactly where I was, though I had been there before. I turned in the opposite direction because she lives way out. 


I ended up in Broken Arrow not once, but twice. I ended up on three highways only to exit and go in the opposite direction. I finally saw something that looked familiar and found my way. 

This is always frustrating, but I've decided this is the only way I will see all of Tulsa because, I don't deviate from my path in my own neighborhood often. 

Better to laugh at myself.

I stopped at my favorite Chinese restaurant once I got my bearings. I like to get their lunch meal and save it until supper when my ankle isn't in good shape. That way I don't have to stand up long come supper time.

I happened to pick up their new menu, as they have just renovated their business and had new menus made. 

I was trying to explain to the waitress I know pretty well that they had spelled broccoli wrong. They spelled it with one "c" and two "l's."

Not sure she understood, but a man who was also waiting spoke up. He said: "So you went to journalism school."

I guess he'd heard me try to explain to her that my speaking up about spelling was just a habit from journalism school. (Not sure if it is; I think it's more of an Asperger's trait.)

So I sit down to wait also and we talked a bit. Odd for me to talk to someone, especially a man, that I don't know. But he "was talking my language", said he'd minored in journalism and we talked about the colleges we'd attended. 

I knew my way home quite well from there, because it's pretty much a straight shot back to my apartment. 

The dogs were both angry with me for leaving them and ecstatic that I was home. 

Some of you have mentioned that when Andrew comes over, that perhaps I shut put the dogs in the bedroom. That just wouldn't work.

If Abi can't see me, she wails. And she doesn't stop until she can see me. I can't afford to let her upset the neighbors. 

Which is why it's just best for me to go see him in his own home. I couldn't do that last week because I was waiting for Kenny.

Andrew's at that age when one of his favorite words is "no." 

You ask him a question, and no matter what it is, he often just comes back with "no."

My daughter is 38 and I can see she's a lot more worn down than I was when I had young children. Plus she works all week. If he would let me, I'd take the pressure off of her for awhile and read to him or play with him. 

But he's just not in the mood for being still right now. And he only wants his mother. Or his father. He's in that phase.

I hope in a few years we can plant things together and enjoy watching vegetables grow. If I'm lucky I might make a gardener out of him. 

But right now, he wouldn't be interested in a garden unless there was either a train or a dinosaur in it.

I'm not sure, but I think Israel is back in the hospital. I saw it on FB this morning. But it's all I can do to translate even when I click translate. I don't know where if that's the case.

I told him when he came back that he never should have left Mexico until his doctor told him it was okay. Guess I'll hear something before too long.

So nothing much has gotten accomplished on the bathroom. I'll probably end up finishing what I can manage to do myself. Doesn't seem like outside help is in the cards right now.

However I put up the goodies I found in Jenks in the dining room. And I hung the Janet Hill paintings in the bathroom that I took from that wall. 

Maybe the temperature will get up high enough today for me to spray paint the black shelf for the bathroom if I'm lucky. And then I can cross one more thing off the bathroom project list.


  1. So sorry to hear Israel is not doing so well. We have all come to know him through you. I often get lost and I just 'find my way home' and it does help me to know my town better! Scout is almost two and says no but mostly 'Ya' not yes. It's funny.

    1. Israel just called me. He hasn't seen the doctor yet today.

  2. plan on painting the shelf tomorrow, it is supposed to be in the 70's

  3. We can't shut our dogs off in another room either. They get super excited when anyone comes but then settle down soon after. If visitors are loud and waving hands it gets worse. We have told guests to put there arms down and not be loud and it works. It wouldn't for Andrew.
    It's scary getting listed. I'm like you, find something familiar and center around that.
    Poor Israel. I hope he is okay.
    It's nice that you had a little chat with someone with common interests.
    Please don't judge my writing as I'm not as correct as I should be. Hah

    1. Abi just goes nuts if separated from me. If I hold them, they quiet down.

  4. I have made the same mistake as you did. I once visited Truckee which is about 40 miles from my home and when I went to leave it was getting dark and I ended driving all the way to Tahoe City, (approximately 30 miles from Truckee) before I realized my mistake and I had to go all the way back to Truckee and search for the highway to Reno. I would have enjoyed the ride a lot more if it had not been dark outside LOL!

    So sorry to hear Israel is in the hospital. Is there any way you could call the hospitals to find out which one he is registered in? That way you could go see him. I will say some prayers for him, he has been such a good friend to you, and he sounds like such a kind and loving soul.

    1. I followed my daughter there. I usually ask her which way to leave, but I forgot. I don't carry a cell phone so no way to call her. I probably need to have some form of cell phone service, but I just hate to pay for it right now.

  5. Brenda, I understand about getting lost if you go a different way. I have certain ways to go to most places and almost panic if I have to go somewhere new. Usually, a day or two before I have to go somewhere new, my husband will take me and show me how to get there. Most of my friends just take off and drive all over the country, and I envy them their ability to do that. However, we all just have to do the best that we can. Blessings, Carolyn in Florida

  6. Glad you had some time to spend with your daughter and Andrew. Sounds like he is at such a fun and exciting age. Maybe you should detour more often, I love to see what's out there.

  7. I had to laugh about the broccoli event. I have a BA in journalism, and I always notice misspelled words and bad grammar in signs and other printed materials. The mistakes just jump right out at me, while a lot of people often don't notice. I once had a proofreading job in which I had to find mistakes in the content of a website. But I couldn't do the corrections myself, I had to tell the IT guys to do the corrections. They hated to be bothered and they told me that no one cared about the misspellings or grammar and punctuation errors. It took forever to get them to fix something. No wonder the place went bankrupt. Ever since then, I don't tell anyone about misspellings!

    I like the new artwork in the dining room. The Farmers Market sign is so detailed. They all look good together around that cute red shelf.

  8. So did you find anything new or interesting on your tour of Tulsa and Broken Arrow? I get lost I usually have my eyes peeled looking out for a shop to visit...I figure if I have to be lost I might as well make it an adventure and check out something new!..I don't panic anymore because I know that eventually I will find my way home...Cute story about the "broccoli"..glad you were about to chat with him...My son did that NO thing when he was Andrews age..I was in my thirties when I had him like your daughter..He was born two months before I turned 36...My best wishes to Israel too..tell him he has a fan club out here in blog land..He is a good man and he takes good care of our friend since we can't be there to help her...

  9. I really enjoyed this post and your colorful photographs. Never get tired of seeing your adorable pupsters and their expressions and antics. What would we do without our four-legged BFFs! So sorry to hear about Israel. He seemed like the answer to your bathroom dilemma. Prayers for his recovery. Isn't it interesting how two people who couldn't be further apart on all levels can sometimes become very good friends? That has happened to me several times and I know my close(?) friends think I am crazy to take up with certain people, but sometimes you just click with no plausible explanation.

  10. Brenda...I have a Tracfone, that I use for emergencies...It is a no-contract cellphone...You buy a card with minutes on it, for the phone...I paid $9.99 at Wal Mart for the Tracfone and paid $19.99 for 60 minute of airtime...The 60 minute card is good for three months and then you have to buy another card...The minutes that you don't use, roll over though...By doing what I do, it costs me about $7.00 a month to have this cellphone...I rarely use the phone...It is for an emergency...but I feel more secure, knowing I have it...My main phone, is a land-line phone...

  11. I seem to get turned around driving in unfamiliar places. Anxiety +panic attacks. Dislike driving and have given up driving after dark. Love your new signs in kitchen. Bathroom is very pretty also.

  12. Could you take your cell phone with you to access your GPS app or Google maps? Just long enough to get you headed back in the right direction, where you are familiar with landmarks?

  13. I need to get up to speed - I lost your blog for a few years and I am not acquainted with "Israel", I hope you receive good news regarding his well being. Andrew must be a grandson and it sounds like he's about 2. Perhaps a miniature village complete with vehicles (matchbox?) in a little corner of your garden or at his home would be a fun project for you two to build together.

  14. I am like you. I hate driving in areas I am not familiar in but I try and force myself but only once in a while.

  15. It's a shame you don't have a GPS, Brenda - mine has saved me many times when I thought I knew the way but was wrong! Now I use the GPS on my phone, as it seems to be more accurate. I kind of freak out when I get lost, so it's a good thing that technology helps me out!

  16. I think you're very brave to explore a big city, even if it's inadvertently. I haven't driven interstates for years and did not drive at all during the 9 months we lived in FL. But I'm comfortable with this familiar little suburb of Nashville and have driven alone 3 times since moving, to the grocery store and to physical therapy for back pain since moving. It did give me a wonderful sense of independence so I plan to keep it up.

    My granddaughter is 2 and I bet my son and daughter-in-law would tell you they're familiar with the phase Andrew is in. I bet you anything he will love learning things from you as he grows up!

  17. The term I've given me is being "geographically challenged." I was so confused once that the gps i was using just Stopped talking and that was the end of it. I know I was insanely lost, but really!!! I kept going on and getting off ramps and I guess the circling drove it nuts. I know I was by the end of that trip! By the way, I can spot an error in a sign, letter, article, instantly. I have no idea how I can, but my eye is drawn instantly to the error. Your doggies have such cute personalities. Oh, and the idea about setting up a car/truck village for Andrew sounds interesting.

  18. I am the same when travelling to new places. I've had a few panic attacks because of it. I now have a new iphone which I purchased from ebay and I looked up google maps. You set where you are leaving from and going to and a ladies voice directs you the whole way. It has literally saved my sanity! I have a prepaid phone which I put $10 on and when that runs out I put more on it. This saves any nasty little surprise phone bills and if I don't have the money To recharge I wait until I do. Of course this is in Australia so I'm guessing the system in the USA is different. If you can, try google maps, it really saved me from a very stressful situation


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