The Lady With The Red Lipstick

Do you see something different? 

I went to the grocery store yesterday. I've found that they have more unique items that I never see anywhere else, and they have really good prices.

Books & The Missing

I noticed this morning the cardinal couple hopping about on the edge of the gazebo. I've never seen them do that before. 

Plants On The Patio & Sisters

Remember this big blue rooster I got last year from, yes, you got it: my favorite antique mall in Jenks! 

They tell me people come in to shop for the first time and mention me because I've talked about it so much.

Patio Living & Courting Birds

I have decided that it was the right move to give away the bookshelves. When I look around my apartment now, I see less for me to clean. And that's much of my intent in purging.

How To Style Your Small Space Home

The Entry: Many apartments or small homes don't have a dedicated entry. Here's how to create one.

Shelves Go Out, Lights Come In

I made the decision to give my brown bookshelves to the maintenance man, and to order standing lamps to go in that spot in their place.

Falling Bottles & Dreaming About My Patio

At some point in the wee morning hours of Friday morning, a loud crash woke me and the pupsters. I looked around, looked outside. Couldn't figure it out.

What's Going On In My Garden

A Few Vintage Pretties

Yesterday morning I went to physical therapy. This time we tried something different. She put some tape on my ankle/leg. 

Spring Table Vignette

I did a little Easter decorating yesterday. I found the eggs at the grocery store. 

Answering Reader Questions

Some of you ask me questions, but much of the time your account is set to no-reply. Therefore I cannot answer you because I don't have an email to reply to.

Amy's Little Jewel Box Home

Amy, the owner of Victory Market Vintage & Handmade, has lived in her Andersonville home in Chicago for 4 years.

Saturday & VIsiting With Andrew

We took Andrew to the park. He will be three years old this next week. He is growing in leaps and bounds.

Sisters: What I Know Now

We are slowly putting the pieces of our life's puzzle together. 

I stare at the bedroom window as I wait for sleep to come. I focus on the light between the blinds, the tree branches dancing against the dark sky. 

Sisters: What I Knew In Childhood

Newer readers have asked me questions regarding what I knew about my sisters when I was a child. I'm addressing this in a series called Sisters...



It seems a bit surreal that I now have a sister to chat with on the phone.

Each phone call usually lasts hours, till we're both exhausted. Trying to catch up on time we didn't get to share growing up as a normal family.

I Think We Fixed The Problem

Abi says to tell you her mom is calmed down now. I think we found the source of my problem with this foreign blog trying to take over.

I have been working with a representative from Mad Mimi (wonderful folks there) who send out my posts to you, and with a woman at, where I have my domain (.com). I had much better luck with these women than the two men yesterday.

I'm not altogether sure how this worked. But somehow the problem was lurking in my DNS (domain) files. It was figured out by the nice woman at Mad Mimi, who has a very keen and observant eye. (Thank you, Celeste!)

And then I knew what to tell the folks at, where my domain (.com) is, to do.

Either someone hacked into my DNS files and altered them. Or they figured some way to piggy bank over me to get my traffic. But the problem was in the DNS files.

I don't begin to understand how they figure this stuff out. But there are simply bad people out there that want to take what you have. So be ever vigilant. Keep an eye on your property.

There is no way to stop the hackers. There just isn't. But you can follow them and try to clean up their mess. And that's what I've done twice now, with the help of others.

If you get anything else from them, please let me know. It has been a tough few days! Abi is very glad I've calmed down, because they sense what's going on with me and display anxiety as well.

While I was sitting here working on this, the phone rang next to me ,and I was left a message saying I owed money to the IRS. 


My accountant told me, and I also read this, that the IRS will not contact you by phone. They will send you something in the mail if necessary. 

So there are bad people out there trying to part you from your money claiming to be with the IRS. Do not interact with them.

I will be redownloading my template around noon today, to look over things. So if you visit here and things look odd, that's what is going on. Won't take long!

Thanks for hanging in there! Back to regular programming tomorrow. I'm exhausted!

Bumps In The Road

I imagine many of you are under snow right now. Here it is cold, but the sun is shining bright. 

Tiny Tree House Home In California

This is the home of Ashley Redmond, head of design for the E-design company Decorist.

Reading Books That Suit Your Mood

It is raining. I see it drip-dripping off the gazebo roof as I sit here on the couch. 

An Odd Assortment Of Things I Love

Do you remember these blue and white plates and coffee cups, an odd amount, that I found at a consignment store in Texas years ago?

I Love To Repurpose Vintage Items

One of my very favorite things to do is to repurpose things.

Shades Of Light

"When you light a candle, you also cast a shadow."
   - Ursula K. Le Guin

Some Spring Growth On The Patio

Finally, a thunderstorm. I watched as lightning flickered and zig-zagged across the bedroom window. Thunder growled in the distance. 

Then rain. A lullaby that sends me to sleep.

When Familial Relationships Are Strained

A couple of weeks ago when I saw my internist for a wellness check up, we discussed the seeming epidemic of adult children who are estranged from their parent or parents. 

Small City Loft Tour In Denver

In this 900 square foot Denver condo, the homeowner sticks to a certain group of hues for her home's color palette.

Adapting To Small Space Living

I had a question in my comments the other day about how I acclimated to small space living. So I'm going to address that.

Decorating & Pupsters

Now that I have the blue table back, I'm glad it didn't sell. I do really like it. And with the chair opposite, there is no problem about space.

The Simple Joys In Life

Another day to wear shorts and t-shirt. I took it real slow and mopped my floors. I'm quite glad I don't have more rooms with floors to deal with!

Birds, A Book & A Table

I had physical therapy yesterday. Unfortunately I was back in the boot. Just months ago I could clean my apartment and mop, usually in the same day or so. 

Storage Project For My Kitchen Wall

I just completed this little kitchen project. As most of you know, I don't use my kitchen drawers or cabinets due to previous rodent problems.