An Odd Assortment Of Things I Love

Do you remember these blue and white plates and coffee cups, an odd amount, that I found at a consignment store in Texas years ago?

I think they're so pretty. However, there aren't any bowls, just an odd assortment of coffee cups and plates. 

My friend Linda from Itsy Bits & Pieces sent me the platter to match them. It's underneath the coffee cups above. She came across it somewhere and thought I should have it. Thanks, Linda!

By the way, she has a lovely blog. And her home is chocked full of wonderful vintage decor! Give her a visit.

I have done away with most of my plate sets due to no longer having room to store them. But I just couldn't give these blue and white ones up. 

Something about them just speaks to me. 

And the mason jar with coffee beans and candle that is an absolute must have in my home. 

I always, always have a mason jar filled with coffee beans and a vanilla candle in the center somewhere near my coffee bar.

It's become a tradition.

And the photos in the basket. They are not family members. Simply photos I found in junk stores/antique malls. And I just couldn't leave them relegated to their dusty temporary homes.

They looked unloved. So they became part of my family. 

And then there's my little collection of white pitchers. I love to show them altogether, but I haven't figured out a good spot yet. 

I managed to break one of my favorite white pitchers, which kind of broke my heart. But then, that's life. You win some; you lose some.

The white pitchers don't look good against white painted walls. So maybe I'll have to figure out a quilt to go behind them.

Speaking of quilts, this one is on my bedroom wall, across from the two on either side of my bed. I sewed the ones in this post myself, so they are rather special to me.

I went through a big quilting phase in the nineties. I probably finished a quilt a month back then! Because I simply loved doing it. And I wanted quilts in my home and couldn't afford to buy them.

And then there's my odd assortment of dough boards. Some of them I bought in a store. Some from garage sales. But I love my little collection, and it's nice that I get to use them as well.

I especially love them all gathered together in this basket someone threw away!

Some things are just special. 

Maybe it's the work that goes into making them. Maybe it's the memory of the day you came across something in a thrift store and just had to bring it home with you. 

I can give up a lot of things. And have. But some things just have a special place in my heart. 

I guess it doesn't really matter why, does it? The heart makes no excuses for what it loves.


  1. You're so right, Brenda. I've gotten rid of so many things, but some are just dear to my heart,and I've hung onto them for that reason alone. Your blue and white cups are so pretty and now you've got a platter to match. Linda is one of the most thoughtful women in blog land and I'm sure you'll cherish the platter she sent to you.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, nice of you! I love all of your special's what makes your house a home...and your very special place!
    Beautiful quilts and collections!

  3. Brenda your quilts are gorgeous and a work of the heart for sure. Love the blue and white assortment of cups and saucers. Linda is the sweetest to send you the platter to match. I am thinking of doing blue and white in my next cottage. Love the color combo. Happy Weekend.

  4. Brenda, I like that...the heart makes no excuses for what it loves. Hugs on this pretty Saturday.

  5. I often pic up old pictures too because I feel sort of sorry for them! I love all your little collections :o)


  6. Glad I'm not the only one who likes old pictures...I call them "instant ancestors". As soon as I click "publish", I'm going to put coffee beans in one of the old Ball jars and add a candle. Your quilts are so lovely. Have a good weekend...back to cold and snow here...

  7. I also quilted in the 90's and it was so fun. Yours are beautiful.

  8. I love blue and white decor, and if those lovely cups were mine I'd never let them go either. It was very nice of Linda to send you the platter. Your quilt is amazing. So pretty. I've been doing a lot of decluttering lately, with the goal of keeping only those decor items I really love. Looks like you've already arrived at that place. Enjoy the weekend.

  9. favorite things just make us feel at home and comfortable.

  10. My dad called the photos - long forgotten in the antique store - "instant family". I love looking at the faces in old photos.

  11. You have a lovely blog! I love blue and white also; at one time I furnished my bedroom using only those colors. Your pitchers remind me of my mom's gravy boats; I'll have to make a post one day featuring those treasures. I've also had the 'declutter' phase in my lifetime. But, then all of a sudden I've at the stage where I need to do it again. :)

  12. I love you sharing your special "things" with us, Brenda! The quilts are stunning. So colorful. I have always loved old photos. I have quite a few that are actually my ancestors. After seeing yours displayed I think I should display some of mine. Now what do I have to dig through to get to them! Too much stuff but I LOVE a lot of it!

  13. Linda is a sweetie to have sent the matching piece! :) Yes some things can go but others are precious...whether special finds, or gifts, or from family...I treasure some pieces from my grandmother the most :)

  14. Your treasures are wonderful. I have lots of small precious items in my decorating too.

  15. Your quilt is beautiful, Brenda, a piece of art.

    I've fallen in love with blue and white again, just lost my heart to it. And I too take home old black and white snapshots. I love to make up a story about some of them. I collected Christmas ones for many years and always put them out in a dish in December and notice that the kids and grandkids would pick them up and look through them. That doesn't happen with digital photos, does it? Although one of these days I would like to scan my old family photos and have them on one of those frames where they rotate through. A project for a rainy day.

  16. I always felt sad when I went to the Salvation Army and saw piles of old family photos that were donated ...I often wondered about the people in those photos not having any family members who cared to keep them ..That's when I decided to borrow old family photos from my husband and my family and make copies. I collected frames to put them in and made a gallery wall. Most importantly, I put the names of who was in the photo. I figured one day when we were gone, the family who was left would know who they were and their connection, rather than seeing old photos and not care about them.

  17. I think Marie Kondo would approve. Every item you own should give you pleasure. There is no point otherwise. It is even better when something useful also is beautiful.

  18. Putting those three photos into that interesting basket really draws the eye to them. Very creative. I really like your coffee mug display. A simple pleasure is picking out which coffee mug I'll use each morning. Thanks for these soothing, lovely photos.


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