Birds, A Book & A Table

I had physical therapy yesterday. Unfortunately I was back in the boot. Just months ago I could clean my apartment and mop, usually in the same day or so. 

But the other day I did one task: I took things off the brown kitchen cart and dusted underneath. I even sat on the garden cart to do it. 

Still I ended up with horrible pain. I'm sitting her looking at dust in the living room. The fact that I need to mop and do all kinds of things. But I don't know when it will get done. Frustrating!

I'm so tired of sitting with my leg elevated. But then that's what I normally do when I'm not up and about. It's been this way for nearly five years now. Hard to believe it's been that long.

Guess what came home with me after PT?

The consignment shop didn't sell my table, so I brought it home. No, I didn't lift it. Someone put it in my car. And I asked James the maintenance man to bring it in. 

The red ottoman went to the bedroom. 

I didn't know what else to do. I spent good money for that table, and painted it twice. They said it didn't sell because of its color.

I asked what color would have sold. They said black or white.

The good news is that it's very unlikely I'll be tripping over it since I have the furniture arranged the way I now have it arranged. 

Before Christmas I just couldn't seem to figure out a placement where the table would virtually be out of my way when I get up from my seat.

But new ideas come to the surface all the time, so maybe it was okay that it didn't sell. They only had $89 on it as it was. And I'd have gotten half of that! 

This is what I've been seeing lately when I keep my wooden door open and have the storm door locked. Lots of little sparrows in these bushes. 

I also saw a wren on the patio hopping around, but didn't catch a photo of it.

My blue garden bed shows hostas beginning to come up. I tried dumping some pots of soil into the bed and raking to cover them in case we get a freeze, which we probably will. I don't want to lose my hostas!

Spring flowers seem to be very confused right now. 

I am currently reading this book for review for Harper Collins.

Funny, I've tried starting her books before, and never could seem to get into them. But this one has kept my interest and I'm almost finished reading it. 

Do you like Patricia Cornwell books?


  1. Hope your hostas made it. Another Tulsa blogger I follow showed beautiful pictures of her Catalpa Tree in bloom, then the next day totally wrecked after 29 degrees. I can't believe it's been 5 years since your accident! I started following you just as you left Texas, so remember well your accident at the last house. Who would have believed it would still be causing you so much pain and inconvenience? I am so sorry! It must be so incredibly frustrating in addition to the still on-going pain.

  2. So sorry you are having such a hard time with your ankle. I know how frustrating this is for you, I am the same way. I like to keep busy, and I can't stand messes or not being able to do my household chores or work on projects.

    Maybe you should paint the little table white and list it with a picture on Craigs List or one of the other sites. Also sometimes Facebook has a local buy and sell. that way you don't need to transport it anywhere, they will come to you. I have had great luck selling many things over the years that way.

  3. I'm sorry you suffer so much pain, Brenda - do you need another surgery perhaps to repair the damage? We had 65 degrees yesterday and then snow overnight. By tomorrow the temps are dropping to 1 degree. Yup, ONE degree. Thankfully the warmer temps haven't stuck around long enough to confuse the plants yet, the only thing that seems to be growing are my chives. However, my sweetie has the red winged blackbirds at his house, that's usually our first sign of spring. We have seen flocks of geese flying overhead also, and I saw my first chipmunk yesterday. Bizarre!

  4. Sorry your table didn't sell, but $89 is a high price for a wooden table in a resale shop. My mom buys solid wood furniture in resale shops and chalk paints and distresses them and resells them, so I'm familiar with the prices because of what she tells me. Oh well, you're so good at rearranging things in your house, I know the table will look good and be useful where you decide to put it.
    I don't like Patricia Cornwell books, but my husband is a big fan. That new one is on his library list.

  5. I have to believe there is a surgical option for treatment of your pain and correction of your injury. You are too young a woman to be afflicted by the degree of pain and disfunction you have. I worry so much about the ankle and what the effects of aging will be. I keep thinking, if you were a 25 year old woman, how would they have handeled your case? Differently, I suspect. Ageism IS alive and well.
    Maybe you could research the best ortho MD for advanced treatment of ankle injuries in Tulsa and meet with him. He might have an option that you'd not concidered. If he doesn't take your insurance, write him al letter explaining your whole story. Believe it or not, there are doctors who are willing to show some compassion when they see a case where the patient is suffering. Or, he may direct you to an associate who will take your ins.

  6. I like that table and maybe it's good it came back to you. Hoping your plants do well and survive any cold spell. I'm so sad for you and that durn foot. It has really been such a long journey with no end in sight it seems. Amazing how one accident/fall can change your life. Keeping you in my thoughts dear Brenda. Hugs!

  7. So sorry to hear the foot / ankle are giving you troubles again :( It is the same here in regards to the flowers...things confused and coming up way too early and the weather flip-flopping every few days.

  8. I am sorry about the pain you are having and the limitations that it is causing. I enjoy all your post and love seeing your cozy little apartment and your patio garden. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the table that got to come back to its home.

  9. I'm so sorry about your ankle. I can only imagine how frustrating that is. I hope it starts to feel better soon.

    So glad you reconnected with your sister! That's an amazing development. I hope you meet each other someday.

    Happy belated Birthday, my friend. I wish you many more :)

    hugs to you,

  10. I know from having arthritis in my hands and feet and knees that chronic pain can really wear you down. I'm sorry you are still having so much discomfort. I think some of the others who've responded to this post might be right that something more needs to be done, whether surgery or a change of doctor.

    I think that little blue (?) grey table is a great little piece. Why wouldn't someone buy it and just paint it the color they wanted it?! I, personally, like the color it is, but I'm not much of a black or white lover.

    Brenda, I've been wondering what type of apartment community you live in. Whether it's a place just for "seniors" or not. I am considering when and if I should sell my house and move to something less expensive with less up-keep, but I don't know if I could live in a very small place. At least you have access to the outside it sounds like. I just have to have a place to do a little gardening. Was it hard for you to get used to a small place?

  11. I have to wonder if they left something in your ankle from the surgery that shouldn't be there. Have you gotten an mri? I've known many people with severe fractures in ankles and feet that recovered just fine. Something's not right.

  12. Happy Belated Birthday! I normally read your blog each day and don't know how I missed it. Sorry you ankle is still giving you pain. You will eventually find the perfect place for you table - you always do. I love Patricia Cornwell's book and have read them all.

  13. Brenda when you took that tumble 5 years ago I never thought you would be suffering so long from it...I know chronic pain..I live with it every day too..I do so much reading trying to take my mind away from it..Sometimes it feels like I can not take it another day but I keep moving...I wish we could both find someone or something to help us!

  14. Patricia Cornwell's early work is fantastic. She made some changes in her personal life and it seems they've bled over into her writing, as well. I've not "loved" any of her books for quite a few years now. I have every one of her books until about 2000. I hope to read 'Chaos' before long. Interested in your review; I'll check back.


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