Books & The Missing

I noticed this morning the cardinal couple hopping about on the edge of the gazebo. I've never seen them do that before. 

Seems like birds have rather odd behavior this time of year, as spring commences.

Last night I made a veggie burger for supper. I added baked beans (I always add just a pinch of brown sugar and a squirt of mustard before cooking) and chips. 

Then I went back to the bedroom and watched a bit of CNN before I picked up my reading material. And of course the pupsters go where I go. 

Charlie prefers to sleep underneath the cover of a blanket or quilt. I don't know if it's to hide from Abi, or just a quirk of his.

This book was sent to me last week. I am almost finished reading it. 

The book is told mainly from the viewpoints of the father and the missing girl's two younger sisters.

The father writes long and heartfelt letters to his missing teen-aged daughter. And the two younger sisters, as adults, lend their voices to the story.

One sister is married to a rich man and they seem to have everything. The middle sister is a recovering addict who has finally gotten her life together. 
  The plot weaves and twists and turns, and it is graphic in the telling. In the rawness of emotion.

You know you have a great writer when they can transport you right into the feelings of the characters they've created. 


  1. I love Karin Slaughter. I've just started reading her books recently and have enjoyed her writing very much.

  2. This book sounds very interesting. I usually like to read happy stories, but am finding as I get older I like different types of books. I'll give them one a try.
    Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!! Angie

  3. That is a powerful book review. I will look for it. Thank you!

  4. Skipper sleeps under the cover too. Cuddled up right against me.

  5. Hmm.. perhaps a new author I should look into!...

  6. Sounds like an interesting read. Maybe the cardinals are doing a mating dance. XO Laura

  7. The rusty red truck with sheep (at least that's what I think they are) is so fun!

  8. The cardinals are probably looking for a spot to build their nest. My little monkey likes to crawl under a blanket also - sometimes I can't find her and I check her bed again and see that the blanket is breathing!

  9. Sure sounds pretty cozy and comfy there, Brenda. Good reads, good food and good times with your pupsters!

    Happy weekend,

  10. Your quilt looks nice and comfy up close. I can see why the pups enjoy it. Our cats don't like to cover up, but the male cat likes to have his head resting on something when he naps. It could be a pillow, a rubber boot, or a stack of magazines. I just checked, and he is sleeping with his head on the wooden arm of a chair. Doesn't look a bit comfortable, but he seems to be enjoying his nap. Pets have their own rules for living!

  11. I think that your cardinal couple were courting :)

  12. Your pupsters are adorable, Brenda. Thanks for the book review! I'm always looking for new reads because I hate to be without one in the wings. Our library is only a few blocks away, so I'm a frequent visitor. Have a great weekend!

  13. LOL It looks as if Charlie is in a SLEEVE ! :) Cracked me up. Love the cardinal shot. They were and spring are in the air :)


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