Falling Bottles & Dreaming About My Patio

At some point in the wee morning hours of Friday morning, a loud crash woke me and the pupsters. I looked around, looked outside. Couldn't figure it out.

Then later in the morning I saw that my weathered ladder I have against the wall in the living room looked awry. 

Upon closer inspection, I saw that one of the wooden boxes, that I nailed to the wall, had fallen to the floor for some strange reason. And broken vintage bottles were scattered on the floor below.

I don't think I lost more than one or two bottles, thank goodness. But why that happened I do not know. 

Tis a mystery. 

I've been steadily working out on the patio trying to get things cleaned up. Since they've never fixed the gate so I can open it, I can't blow the dead leaves out to the alley. So I'm picking up the debris a little at a time.

If management won't cut some of that huge troublesome tree back in April, I will be all over them. It's the reason the gate won't open. 

And it will be on maintenance alone if it gets done, because the cheap company that handles the property for the owner refuse to spend a dime toward it. Or maybe it's the owner.

Every day now, I stand at the patio doors, or go out and sit on the patio, dreaming of what I want to do out there this year. 

At night I thumb through old gardening magazines for inspiration before I settle down to read a book.

I want to have my water gardens in the galvanized containers again. But my electric bill has gone up so much lately that I  have decided I just can't afford to plug the fountains in again. 

Here's a few pics from last year...

I do love the water fountains. I've been looking into solar fountains, but I know they aren't nearly as strong. So doing some pondering here. Decisions, decisions.

So I will probably be getting little fish that will eat the mosquito larvae, because I don't want still water being a breeding ground. 

I've read that fish called Gamdusia (commonly called mosquito fish) might work. Not pretty fish. But might be great little workers.

I've never had fish in my little water gardens. I know those galvanized tubs on the cement get pretty hot. 

Don't want to fry fish out there!


  1. is it possible that adding small chunks of ice daily would keep the water temperature a little cooler so the fish if you add them would be more comfortable and the water not way too hot? You can make chunks of ice in your freezer in small plastic containers that you would normally save left overs in

  2. Hi Brenda. It irks me that your complex is so uncooperative regarding the tree blocking your patio gate. It occurs to me that the fire department might consider that blocked gate to be a fire hazard, since, if your front door was blocked for some reason, you have no escape from your residential area out the back gate. Also, since the gate is blocked, you can't remove leaves and other debris that could be considered a fire hazard. I'm not bringing this up to scare you, but to raise the possibility that this blocked gate could be not only an inconvenience but also a hazard that needs to be taken care of by your complex for your safety! Oh it bugs me. You could call your fire department and ask them about the codes regarding such gates and ask them if your blocked gate is a fire hazard. If so, they could give your complex a citation and require that the tree parts be removed that are causing the problem. I hope it can be resolved soon because it is ridiculous!

  3. Also, my sister has a small solar fountain for her birdbath that is really great. I just did a search on amazon using the phrase solar birdbath fountain and found what I think is it, and it is in the $16 range. There are some other solar fountain devices at higher prices too. I'm going to have to check them out myself. Maybe something like this can help keep the electricity costs down.

  4. Brenda, did you nail the box to a stud? If not, nailing it to sheet rock alone would not take the weight of the box, especially if it had added weight in it. That had to be scary!

  5. I sometimes hear things move in my duplex but never seem to find what fell. Hmmmmm...ghosts? I love the idea of a fountain and may look into a solar fountain even if it is weak. My Mom wants some herbs so we will be buying and planting those in containers soon. I can't believe your complex is so bad about the trees, they are ruining the foundations.

  6. I agree with Sharon, nails have to go into a stud. If there is not one then use a screw with a plastic insert that goes in the wall first. The plastic insert that looks like a screw itself is the best kind, all you need is to poke it in a little and use a screwdriver, then put your screw in.

  7. I can't believe how these people neglect this property..I wonder if the owner even knows how little they do with the money he gives them to take care of his place?..Maybe this management co. is taking advantage of him!..If so they should be reported!...It makes me very angry considering how well you take care of your space...

  8. Years ago I had silver mollies in a large ceramic pot that I had in my flower bed in the full sun as a water garden/fish pond. Even though the water was shaded by water hyacinths, the water got pretty warm many days. The silver mollies thrived while gobbling down any mosquito larvae, and had many, many babies, providing pet fish for many of my kids' friends that summer.

  9. Hi Brenda. I am sorry your bottles broke. You do have to go into a stud. If you start at a wall and measure every 16" inches you should find a stud...unless it was made cheaper --then they will be located every 24" along the wall.

    That is awful about the tree. I would bet it is the owner that will not spend the money rather than the management company. They usually just collect a fee for collected rents and the owner usually pays all other costs. Good luck. xo Diana

  10. The way to get action is to present complaints IN WRITING every couple of weeks and keep copies for yourself. Ask them to date stamp your copies and put the date they receive them. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Also if they are on the web, send a message under their "contact us" section. You can almost be assured the district manager or the owner will see that and should respond. And yes, contact the fire department and see about the access rules.

  11. About the ponds---we had a wedding garden party ---and I filled the pond with gold fish the week before (for all the kids to enjoy)---however, by the wedding there was only two scared to death fish left as the Raccoons had marauded and trashed the flowers around the pond also. Just a thought, lol. The fish seemed happy---for the few days they managed to survive.

  12. oh too bad about the vintage bottles breaking ! I think you are right in thinking that the water might get too hot for the fish or at least checking in to it.


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