I Think We Fixed The Problem

Abi says to tell you her mom is calmed down now. I think we found the source of my problem with this foreign blog trying to take over. 

I have been working with a representative from Mad Mimi (wonderful folks there) who send out my posts to you, and with a woman at Godaddy.com, where I have my domain (.com). I had much better luck with these women than the two men yesterday.

I'm not altogether sure how this worked. But somehow the problem was lurking in my DNS (domain) files. It was figured out by the nice woman at Mad Mimi, who has a very keen and observant eye. (Thank you, Celeste!)

And then I knew what to tell the folks at Godaddy.com, where my domain (.com) is, to do.

Either someone hacked into my DNS files and altered them. Or they figured some way to piggy bank over me to get my traffic. But the problem was in the DNS files.

I don't begin to understand how they figure this stuff out. But there are simply bad people out there that want to take what you have. So be ever vigilant. Keep an eye on your property.

There is no way to stop the hackers. There just isn't. But you can follow them and try to clean up their mess. And that's what I've done twice now, with the help of others.

If you get anything else from them, please let me know. It has been a tough few days! Abi is very glad I've calmed down, because they sense what's going on with me and display anxiety as well.

While I was sitting here working on this, the phone rang next to me ,and I was left a message saying I owed money to the IRS. 


My accountant told me, and I also read this, that the IRS will not contact you by phone. They will send you something in the mail if necessary. 

So there are bad people out there trying to part you from your money claiming to be with the IRS. Do not interact with them.

I will be redownloading my template around noon today, to look over things. So if you visit here and things look odd, that's what is going on. Won't take long!

Thanks for hanging in there! Back to regular programming tomorrow. I'm exhausted!


  1. I'm sure you (and Abi) are so relieved to have the problem fixed and you found someone who could help you. It all sounds very confusing to me. I have received those IRS calls too. It's such a shame that there are people out there who prey on others like that.

  2. I'm sorry you've had this issue a second time. It's great that you found people to help you solve the issue. Your blog is important to you, and to your readers, and it's a shame that unscrupulous people want to infringe on what you've worked so hard to build. Hope you have a peaceful day of rest after dealing with this problem.

  3. So happy to hear that you were able to fix the problem through the help of others. I can only imagine how frustrating this is for you. You work so hard on your blog to have someone come along and steal your ideas/income. Hope you have a peaceful day today and just enjoy your puppies.

  4. Good Morning Brenda! Today, just sit back & relax. Let your body rebuild and get back on track. Believe me, I have to do that every once in awhile too, when my nerves get the best of me. But then.... forge ahead again!

  5. Glad you got it straightened out! As my sister used to say, 'a woman has to work twice as hard and be twice as smart as a man to be in an equal position'. She always looked for a woman when she needed help. Glad those ladies were able to figure out those issues.

  6. Happy to hear you got this figured out! I think you've earned a day of rest! ;)

  7. Bless your heart! I know first-hand just how frustrating computer problems can be - I work on them - mainly the hardware problems, inside the actual PC (box) but I do sometimes work with the networking issues too. I have actually been busy with prospective employment options and have not noticed any problem with your website. Glad to know that you got things back in order and I hope you are staying warm this week.

  8. such a perfect little face in the morning!
    i'm glad you got it sorted out.
    I was hacked once. it's a terrible thing.
    my blog was saved but I lost all my pictures... which to me was awful.
    and thanks for the IRS scam tip. especially at tax time when you might think it really IS them!

  9. Glad you got it figured out. So many scams and we do have to stay vigilant!

  10. saw that sweet pupster in my feed! glad the problem is getting resolved. We too have gotten a few of those IRS scams. the first time I got one i freaked out and my husband assured me that if the IRS wanted money from us they would send 2 men in blue suits to the door. Have a great day@

  11. Glad you could get the problem fixed. Yep there are so many scammers and bad peeps out there that want to hack in and take things that do not belong to them. Glad you got it fixed.

  12. Good help solving the nasty issue of stealing, now you have a how to get fixed sequence and I know so many others will benefit from what you have learned. Hugs.

  13. Hi Brenda
    I had a similar incident in January where my DNS files were hacked. For all the bad press Go Daddy gets online, they were rock stars when they helped me. They spent over an hour correcting the problem. Thanks for the IRS tip. laura

  14. So glad you found people that could help with the blog theft. Perseverance is the name of the game. Never heard of DNS files before and need to get up to speed on that! Hope all continues to go well with your blog, a favorite of mine!

  15. Sor sorry you are going through that! Love your blog! Have a great day!

  16. You lost me at DNS files. You amaze me and the wonderful lady that helped you out. I sorta feel computer literate, but I can't do any of that stuff. Maybe a subject for another day: Scammer stories. I have a good one! I know the puppsters are much happier.

  17. Hi Brenda! So happy you fixed that "little" problem. What a pain. By the way, I hadn't seen you new picture and I love it (cute hairstyle!). Hugs, Pat at Bringing French Country Home

  18. Glad that bump in the road is all smoothed out.

  19. I remember how upsetting this was when it happened last time. I'm so happy there are people out there who have the knowledge to help. I'm afraid this problem will only get worse until there is an effective way to block it. In the mean time, breathe in, breathe out... Spring is almost here! Take good care.

  20. The income tax scam has been going around Canada for about a year. The calls were constant and very intimidating. The police, in our case the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) put out bulletins advising people to not respond to the callers requests that they send money, and even ITunes cards. Some people, usually the elderly, were scammed out of thousands and thousands. I laughed when I received my call as the caller advised me that Federal Agents would come to my door and I would have to appear before the Grand Jury on criminal charges. In Canada we do not have Grand Juries and as well since I handled income tax prosecutions I knew that they did not call you...that letters were sent requesting compliance. During a joint RCMP and Indian police investigation, a large telephone marketing scam shop in India was closed down recently, with many people arrested. They had hundreds of callers making calls to the US and Canada. It was a very profitable organization. And the news casters advised that more than likely another shop would be set up somewhere/sometime so to be aware and never speak to the caller and hang up.

  21. Happy that your problem was fixed! What a pain in the butt.

    The IRS scam is a little scary for those who do not know what it is. Last year some crazy people were calling and leaving threatening phone calls for us that we were about to be arrested. I would imagine if you are elderly and get calls like that it would frighten you.

  22. Glad to hear that you found the problem! Sorry that you have to go through that though. I get the IRS scam calls all the time. It really gets to be annoying. Every now and again I get the scam about having won a ton of money if only I would send them money to prove I was legitimate.

  23. Isn't it just a bummer when technology doesn't perform like it is supposed to?! Glad you have gotten it figured out and fixed.

    What a darling picture of little Abi!

    I had several calls from the "IRS". The person always had an Indian accent and threatened me with arrest within the hour if I didn't pay over the phone immediately. At first I was freaked out, then a friend told me about the scam. Such evil creepy people!

  24. IRS scam warning is timely. Just this Monday morning one of my 7th grade students was in my room for tutoring. His cell phone rang and I told him he could answer it. He listened for a while without speaking, then ended the call. He then told me might be miss a few days of school b/c the IRS was going to arrest him. I told him that is too bad but he still has to take genetics test.

  25. The internet is just another playground for criminals. Argh. I am glad you got to the source of the problem.

  26. So glad that Celeste was able to find the issue! :)

  27. EEEEKK Brenda, I almost got my amazon gift card stolen and then after that was getting a lot of weird calls, that I am positive were scams as well. So glad you got this figured out!


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