Patio Living & Courting Birds

I have decided that it was the right move to give away the bookshelves. When I look around my apartment now, I see less for me to clean. And that's much of my intent in purging.

And more to the point, less to need to climb on the step stool to clean. 

I don't tend to miss what I give away. Well, sometimes I do. But usually I have a feeling of relief that there is less big stuff to take care of. 

The cardinal couple have been busy in the yard. The male sits up in the tree and sings to his lovely lady. Soon I see her fly to him.

True love. 

I've just about got the patio cleaned up. It rained last night and kind of made a mess again.

I'm itching to get to planting a few things. But I think I'm going to wait until around mid-April, though it's been warm here. 

The forecast calls for warm temps for the next ten days. So it's very tempting to just pop in and look at spring flowers at the nursery.

I think that would be a bit too tempting for me though. I doubt I could come home without a few herbs or flowers. I'm trying to show restraint. 

And then we have this dark stranger appear out front. Is this a crow, by the way?

I have an appointment with my ankle doctor this morning. So I'll sign off for now.

It's sweet tea weather, folks! Although, to be truthful, I drink cold sweet tea year round.


  1. Hi. I think that is a crow. That is a tidy fellow, and ravens are much shaggier, with some rumpled feathers on their neck area. Ravens have bigger beaks, too.

    I've bought a few seed packets of cosmos and sweet Williams (dianthus) but that's all I've done as far as gardening.

    Hope the ankle appointment goes well!

  2. That cardinal photo is gorgeous.
    Last night I actually had a dream about just getting rid of everything, that I am tired of how much there is to clean. Good for you that you did it!

  3. Hope your ankle is okay and not causing your more problems, Brenda.
    I hear you- I seldom miss what I give away either. Once in a while I will think about my 'stuff' but, usually, it is a relief that it is someone else's now.

    I do think that is a crow. Ravens look similar but are larger. Crows are very clever and will pick up and fly off with small shiny things.

    Have a great Tuesday- xo Diana

  4. Brenda, I say go to the doctor...stop by McDonald's and get a large iced tea for $1 and then head to the nursery for a look around. It's good for your soul!

    By the way, I think the bird is a grackel. :)

  5. Yep, it is getting that time of year! Spring flowers & plants. I love them, but i do NOT have a green thumb. But I try. :) We are building a new house, but we have downsized a lot.. from 2200 sq ft to 1450 sq ft. I have a lot of purging to do so it helps when I read your blog and get inspired to get rid of things. So thank you for that. And I love sweet tea all year round too! I hope you ankle gets to feeling better!

  6. Good Morning Brenda, Here in Wisconsin we call those birds starlings. They can be a pest. But, only stay around our yard until it really gets warm & then they leave. So, as I feed my favorite birds, I take the good with the bad. Hope your appointment goes well this morning. Have a wonderful day!

  7. I am ready to plant some things but like you I'm holding off just a bit more.

  8. Hope your ankle gets better very soon Brenda.
    We have 2 inches of snow on the ground this morning...will it ever end!


  9. That looks like a crow to me, Raven has a more pronounced beak - We've still got dreary rain in the 40's brrr.

  10. Enjoy the sunshine and tea, Brenda. I still have patches of snow outside my window...but I do I have birds! ;)

  11. I have been purging my house as well. The older I get the less stuff I want around, not only to clean but to clutter my mind.

    I love the cardinal photo! We have a couple that lives here too and they are fun to watch, especially once the baby arrives.

    I hope all is well with your ankle.

  12. Hi sister. I love your style & taste. Not surprisingly it is my own, the reclaimed wood, schoolhouse, farm & lodge style. Plants in N.Texas...yesterday I liberated some cedar tree babies from the iris/lantana beds to spots in the back yard where it needs something. I also transplanted lilies that come up in various spots along the back yard fence to the front where they will line my stepping stone path to the natural gas meter.
    That bird can be a variety of Asian starling, or "hill mynah". I know crows are black everywhere inc. the eyes. Hard to say if the blue is really black on your bird. People often confuse crows with grackles, whose eyes are brownish gold, w/ a black pupil. I just love that you enjoy photographing nature, another thing we share in common!

  13. I sit and eat my lunch outside of home depot so I can just be in the energy of the flowers. Stop at the nursery and enjoy yourself (leave your wallet in the car :) )

  14. I sat in my car in front of Home Depot today and ate my lunch on my break - just to be around the flowers! Go ahead and enjoy yourself in the nursery. Just leave your wallet in the car :)

  15. Hello Brenda, Due to your positive influence, I have started unloading kitchen cabinets as well as closets. YES I do feel good about it!
    As for your dark stranger....larger than a pigeon is a crow and smaller is a blackbird. If you hear the "CAW", then a crow it is. They love insects and seeds.
    Hope you get nothing but good news at the doctor.

  16. Great photo of the cardinal, love it!! We have horrible rain and fog today, and still snow everywhere. But the robins were back this morning, so that means spring is truly on the way!

  17. hmmm---looks like a crow, but hard to judge without knowing the size. Crows are larger than grackels or starlings. Starlings make a constant noise. We have a large, extended crow family here. They always leave a junior member on watch in case I take out old bread or something. Then he calls the rest of the family to come eat. They are very smart and entertaining and if found when they are very young, can even be taught to say a couple of words. They have a very strong family bond. But, I don't have any cardinals here, so I enjoyed looking at yours.

  18. Love the fact that Cardinals mate for life!....I have lots of black birds in my yard...not sure what they are...they love to swoop down and eat the bird eggs that are always in my ferns in the Spring and Summer....I have been purging to ready for a downsized home!

  19. I like the new lamps. I have purged (ha) for years. I have given away enough furniture to completely furnish 3 houses. I won't try to explain. I do know that I blessed many families.

  20. Oh my! You are so lucky to have the Cardinal couple gracing you with their presence! There are very few pairs here in Manitoba, I have a friend who has a lovely garden and a pair show up every year and one time Cardinal counters showed up in her yard unexpectedly! :)


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