Plants On The Patio & Sisters

Remember this big blue rooster I got last year from, yes, you got it: my favorite antique mall in Jenks! 

They tell me people come in to shop for the first time and mention me because I've talked about it so much.

I love this big rusty guy.

I mentioned I was going to my ankle doctor yesterday morning. This is what we're trying now. 

First, I have on my anklet that I've been wearing since this accident five years ago. Not the same one. I have two and wash them of course.

Then we have the tape the doctor's wife, Holly, who is my PT person, puts on me. She starts with this very flexible tape under my foot, then brings it around my ankle. 

Yes, Abi must get in the photo. 

She then has me hold my foot a certain way and she tapes it. It helps to protect the tissue while giving my ankle more support. 

She did this for the first time last Wednesday, and I could walk longer!

But it does fall off after about 4-5 days. You can shower but not take a bath with the tape on. 

After I saw her husband, I said I want to be taped again because it really helps. So after he checks me out and puts me in this brace, he sends me to her to tape up again.
So here's how high the tape goes up... 

It isn't nearly as hot as wearing the boot, which goes all the way up to my knee. 

I think I only had to wear the big boot once last week. So this tape really helped. Miracle tape! 

I know it looks very convoluted to have all this stuff on, but it does help me walk. And when you have to sit a lot because you can't stand on your feet, you'll do most anything to get moving again.

Now on the patio...

My white-flowered clematis has lots of buds that will open any day now. I kind of wish I'd gotten purple because the white flowers don't tend to photograph very well. 

I planted it in this pot my first spring here. Which would have been 2014. I moved here April 2014.

Here's a close up...

 When I came home from the doctor and pharmacy, I called my sister Marietta. We always talk for hours. 

I'm trying to get her to move here where she'd have family close by.

As it is she has her landlady listed on her medical forms as next of kin.

She said she'd never had the benefit of having family close by to call on if she needed them. Well, we could change all that. 

She'd have me.

I don't know what these two different sedums are called, but they came back up vigorously in the pots. I don't recall when I got them, but they're one of the first things to come up in the spring. 

A person should have someone to call on when in need. I worry that Marietta will need someone and I'll be hours away. And I can't drive far with this ankle. 

She said the MS affects her throat. And one day she was driving and started choking on some food. She pulled over and before she passed out, she managed to give herself the Heimlick maneuver. Isn't that scary?

We're born alone. And we die alone. But in between, we should all have someone steadfastly in our corner.

We could help one another. 

So maybe one day she'll move here. We'd have so much fun together!


  1. It would be wonderful is you sister would move near you! The plants are starting to bloom here also and I think I'm about ready to add something fun to the containers. Now to find something the deer won't eat!

  2. Oh Brenda! I hope you can talk your sister into moving near you. It would be wonderful for both of you.

  3. Good Morning Brenda! Wouldn't that be wonderful to have your sister near by. Your plants are looking wonderful. I can't wait to be able to work out in the yard. We have rain forecast for a couple of days now. Take care, Kaylene

  4. I am glad the taping helps your ankle. I have had problems off and on for years where I wore an ankle 'brace'...just the wrap ones like you get at Walmart. It really helps just to have some pressure on it when my ankle flares.

    Your plants are lovely-almost spring!!!

    That would be wonderful if your sister could move closer. Kind of sad that her landlord is listed as next-of-kin. You are right- we should all have someone in our lives. xo Diana

  5. I woke up to SNOW again this morning - I couldn't believe it when I looked out my window. There's still so much snow around, I surely didn't want any more on top of it! Thankfully it didn't stick to the roads or paths, so no shoveling. Glad your ankle is getting some relief, maybe now it will finally heal! Why don't you plant another clematis since you want a purple one? I must have 10 or more planted around my house, I hope this is a good year for them, it's their third season so they should be getting established!

  6. The taping is very promising. I read awhile back that athletes use special tape so they can perform despite injury like gymnasts. Your patio looks lovely. I hope all works out with your sister. xoxo Su

  7. Your patio looks so pretty. I'm glad the tape is helping your have been through such a lot because of that injury. How wonderful it would be if your sister moved nearer to you! I hope you can persuade her is always a good thing to have family close by. Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xox

  8. I hope your sister moves near to you! We all need family nearby, especially as we get older! Glad to see that the taping is helping you.

  9. I always enjoy your blogs, but sometimes they also make me sad. I am happy that you have a sister with which to share. How did you injure your foot? It's sunny and warm here.

  10. With MS, your sister probably feels overwhelmed with the thought of moving as well as giving up the known and established for the unknown. And where you are rents may be higher. Many people are ashamed to let on how cash strapped they are. She may just need time to wrap her head around all that's been happening. Are any of the units in your complex alotted for section 8 clients?

  11. I enjoy your blog and how you are real with us. Life has its ups and downs, for sure, and I see you choosing to make the best of each situation you are given. I hope you get your wish and your sister moves close by to you. It would be so great for both of you. I also hope this tape helps your poor ankle!

  12. I think it would be wonderful if she moved close by you! And yes, everyone should have someone to count on.

    I'm glad you're able to walk more with that tape on. It would drive me crazy not to be mobile too.


  13. I so hope that your sister moves near you! That is frightening. Keep wrapping your foot and wearing your boot, it seems like you are getting more mobility and that is great.

    Love your rooster!

  14. I keep thinking good it must feel to say the words My Sister...and actually know who you are talking about! How wonderful that must feel..

  15. Brenda, I sure hope your sister will give moving closer to you a lot of consideration. I think it would bring a lot of joy to both of your lives. My older brother was planning to move closer to me but he passed away before that happened. Keep encouraging her in that direction, life is short my friend.

  16. It would be great if your sister lived near by. The two of you would talk non stop.

    The physical therapy center here uses the taping extensively. I do not quite grasp how it works but know personal experience that it is great.

    Your patio flowers are looking fabulous.

  17. That would be wonderful if your sister moved close to you. I will pray that it will happen and soon! I love your chicken!! I have chickens in my kitchen and I love them. I am also a big big fan of your cow picture! They have the sweetest faces. Have a great day!! Angie

  18. I hope your sister considers moving by you. I think you two could help each other out so much - not to mention, provide companionship for each other. The tape your PT uses - is it kinesio tape? My PT put that on the back of my knee on Tuesday and by Wed morning I had a huge bruise on the back of my knee! Took off the tape, of course. Saw the PT again today and she said my skin is obviously too sensitive for this stuff.

  19. I really hope your sister moves to where you live, I'm certain you would find such enjoyment in her companionship and her in yours. Here's hoping! Sisters need each other.


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