Spring Table Vignette

I did a little Easter decorating yesterday. I found the eggs at the grocery store. 

I already had the vintage jars in the platter and didn't want to move them. So it's a rather lazy Easter vignette!

I picked up some Easter egg-shaped malt balls on sale. Every time I pass by, I want to pop one in my mouth.

Now that I think about it, I believe I'm going to fill some eggs with the candy to give to Andrew. 

These are little faux plants I picked up at the grocery store too. I thought they were cute wrapped in the paper.

I don't know if our winter is over or not. I'm scared to get all excited, plant a few things, and then have a freeze. So I'm holding off.  

I moved the galvanized containers I had my water gardens in last year where I think I want them this year. By the bird bath.

I've moved the bird bath up closer to the gazebo so I might have a chance of getting photos of the birds. 

Because every time I pick up my camera and walk toward the patio door, Abi starts barking like crazy and the birds fly off.

I'm off to physical therapy. Have a wonderful spring day!

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  1. I went looking for chocolate eggs just now and the ones I want (praliné) aren't out yet. Just as well for my waistline.
    Your eggs and jars are just the right shades for each other.

  2. Good Morning Brenda! Thank you for the info yesterday on the no reply blogger thing. I have printed off the directions & I'll see what I can get done with them Have a great day..

  3. What a cute Spring vignette. I have a few bunnies out and about now.

  4. Love the hen picture, faux plants, and blue jars together. Oh how you make everything look so good.

  5. Sweet spring decorations, Brenda! I remember when we lived in Oklahoma and I finally convinced myself to wait until after Easter. Those dadgum hail storms can come at any time and take out all of your beloved plants. It's so hard to wait though when the weather teases when beautiful warm days.

    Andrew will love the candy filled eggs. ♥

  6. No chocolate allowed in my house. I have no willpower and I am on a healthy eating plan. AGAIN!! Your table looks adorable and I hope that we have all seen the end of wintry weather. xo Laura

  7. Cute spring decorations! I really like the eggs. I liked malted milk balls as a kid, but not anymore. I guess that's a good thing. ;-)

  8. That is the cutest display ever.

  9. If I had malted balls sitting around I'm afraid they wouldn't last to long..lol..I've loved them since I was a little girl..I still love seeing pretty colored Easter eggs..still get the urge to make some at Easter..everything looks so pretty and Springy Brenda!

  10. I'm kind of drooling over those eggs, love those!! I've been doing so well losing the extra weight I put on over the past few years, so I need to really stay strong this Easter - wish me luck!


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