Tiny Tree House Home In California

This is the home of Ashley Redmond, head of design for the E-design company Decorist.

Her home is 500 square feet in the woods of Marin, California.

The design style is a mixture of modern, bohemian and vintage.

This is her tiny office space.

Stocked with a small bar for ease and entertaining.

Her bedroom has more of a bohemian vibe. Interesting, the jeans hanging on the wall. An art display.

And this is the layout.


  1. I adore her house and love how she has utilized all of the space without it looking cluttered. The jeans on the wall look amazing! Happy Monday, Brenda!

  2. Love this one Brenda. They have used every space so wonderfully. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such a cute place. Loved all her lighting.

  4. Her place looks great. So uncluttered and fresh looking. But I have to laugh. Several months ago we put up four hooks on a wall in our bedroom for my husband to hang his jeans and flannel shirts, since he tends to toss them onto a chair rather than hang them in the closet. I just went in and counted -- there are two pairs of jeans, five flannel shirts, two t-shirts, a jacket, a hoodie, and a pair of flannel pajama pants hanging on the hooks. Not exactly artistic! But definitely better than everything piled on the chair. I can live with it!

  5. Such a beautiful and comfy space! It doesn't feel that tiny, so well put together!

  6. love that cute little Scandinavian stove and the charcoal cabinets. for me it's a no on the jeans on the wall!

  7. Anything in the woods of Marin is wonderful!

  8. What a gorgeous little house, Brenda!! I love all the light and the plants!

  9. This is a darling home. I love the kitchen area.


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