Powerful Rain

I cannot recall when I've seen so much rain. 

It rained Friday night. It rained all day Saturday. Sometimes so heavily it was a bit frightening. 

A Simple Kind Of Gal

One of you commented recently that I seem happier here in this apartment than I was in the little blue house. So that got me thinking.

5 Frugal & Natural Garden Tips

I choose to not use chemicals in my garden spaces.

There are many natural (and free) ways to take care of garden problems. In fact you probably have the ingredients in your home right now.

Frugal Deals

Yesterday was strangely cold. And rainy. Yet I headed out in my shorts and tee shirt to run a few errands.

Views Of The Patio

I think maybe I'm done planting. Maybe. I cannot definitively say that of course. As an avid gardener, it behooves me to add that caveat.

Seniors & Downsizing

I'm always looking for articles and blog posts about apartment living.

But what I read is that most refer to apartment living as a temporary dwelling. A place to land until they can save up enough money to buy their permanent home.

Small Space Living In LA

Matt lives in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. His space is a small footprint of 400 square feet.

Saturday Outing

Yesterday was an unusually cold day for late April. 

My daughter picked me up and we ran an errand, then went to eat Mexican food. 

Onslaught Of Rain In Tulsa

What you see in the galvanized container above are plants that came back from previous years. I didn't have to plant a thing this year, and it's already so pretty and lush. 

In the container below it, I had to dig out an old ornamental grass plant that looked to be mostly dead and about a foot in diameter. I had to be careful not to tear up any other plants, which wasn't easy. 

Small Space Gardening...Where Are The Blogs?

I am always on the look-out for blogs about gardening in small spaces, like apartment patio gardens, balconies or terraces. But they seem to be few and far between. 

Now Blooming On The Patio

There has been so much rain, I do believe a few of my plants have drowned. Or their roots anyway. 

They look sad. I'm trying to breathe life back into them.

Proud To Be A Homemaker

I am a blogger. But first and foremost, I am a homemaker. And that is a job that I've always loved and felt an affinity for.

April Showers & Charlie The Watch Dog

It has rained a lot here. I guess that goes along with "April showers bring May flowers."

Urban Loft In Seattle

This is an urban loft space in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square neighborhood.

Nature Gardening For Apartment Or Condo Dwellers

First, Study Your Space:   

Before selecting your final plant list, you need to get a sense of your space’s constraints and advantages. 

How To Garden For Wildlife

This is Part 2 in creating a wildlife habitat in your own outdoor space.

How To Make Your Yard A Certified Wildlife Habitat

When I lived in Texas, I had my yard certified by the National Wildlife Habitat. 

All you have to do is make sure your yard has what nature needs, which I go into below, and register your yard to be certified if you want it to be formalized.

Abi Has Hurt Her Neck

Night before last, I was outside with the dogs, and I heard Abi scream out in pain. 

I rushed over and picked her up, but couldn't find a thing wrong with her. Her little body kind of seized up, and I wondered if she was having a stroke or something.

What's On The Dining Room Wall

The advent of spring always seems to get me motivated to do things. 

The Bathroom Is Finished

I thought I'd never get this bathroom presentable.

A San Francisco Studio

Amanda, who blogs at Advice From A Twenty Something, lives in this 550 square foot studio in San Francisco.

Garden Blooms

I was driving down the street the other day past my favorite nursery. I could not hold off any longer. I stopped and went in. 

Cleaning Your Coffee Makers

Last weekend I took the time to clean both my coffee makers. The Keurig and the Cuisinart. I'll explain how I did this.

Taco Soup Recipe

Originally I used a recipe I found online. But then I added and subtracted ingredients to suit my own taste. Here's the recipe I ended up with.

Rain & Taco Soup

Most every day, I hear the resident ducks quacking somewhere around this complex. Sometimes the alley. The other day I saw one in the pool. 

A Rude Awakening

Digging around in the closet for something, I came across the above Easter decor I'd forgotten I had. A lamb, the eggs and chicks, and the dish towel. 

A Dough Bowl & A Coffee Box

It rained for days and days. I love the rain. But you can't do much outside when it's raining. So I headed for my favorite antique mall.

Can you see what I found? A coffee box for my K-cups. Cost? $16. 

Tips To Make Your Small Space Live Large

It's really not about how much square footage you have. It's about the furniture you choose and how you use the space.

In the above photo, both a glass coffee table, and couch and chairs with exposed legs gives the illusion of more space.

Andrew, Cheeseburgers & Soccer

Yesterday my daughter picked me up and we went to lunch. 

When she asked Andrew what he wanted to eat, his response was "cheeseburgers." And so that's what we ate.

Water Garden How-To

I was sent this wonderful graphic and I wanted to share it with you. 

If you haven't enjoyed a container water garden, then you're missing out! 


Source: Partselect.com