Andrew, Cheeseburgers & Soccer

Yesterday my daughter picked me up and we went to lunch. 

When she asked Andrew what he wanted to eat, his response was "cheeseburgers." And so that's what we ate.

My little man is growing up so fast! Here is his last school photo.

He is playing soccer. Can you imagine? Soccer for a just-turned three year old? His birthday was last week.

My daughter tells me they start playing at 18 months! I was aghast.

The sun was shining so brightly yesterday. I love walking into the kitchen and seeing the light through my colored bottles. Such a simple thing that brings me a lot of happiness.

I walk out and look at all my containers on the patio. Then I usually sit down and gaze at what is in front of me, thinking where I might put this pot or that container. 

Half the fun is always in the thinking and planning stage! I'm really itching to get my hands in the dirt. 

I did bring some dried cone flower pods from my daughter's back yard and planted them in several of my containers. I hope they come up, as I just love cone flowers. Hardy perennials that are such fun to grow.


Purple is a lovely contrast color in the garden. As is blue. 

The darkness of the colors look wonderful with any shade of green. Especially the chartreuse sweet potato vine that is an annual.

It makes me so happy to watch the birds. One of the true delights of being a gardener and nature lover. 

I'm hoping to make Andrew a gardener and bird watcher. He's a bit young right now. But soon we'll be making fairy gardens and I think he'll really love that.

Happy Sunday. Hope it's a fun day!


  1. I enjoy reading your blog everyday. It gives me inspiration! I love your red dishes.

  2. Andrew is a darling little guy, I love the green shirt he has on for his picture. My sons loved soccer so much and those years of attending all the games were such a good time in our lives. But ours didn't start in them until 7th grade!

    It must be a pleasant daily ritual to walk into your kitchen and see the light coming through those beautiful bottles in the window, like sunshine coming through a stained glass window of a church. And I know your beautiful patio garden must be a true sanctuary for you, a place to inspire your creativeness. I remember how much you used to love driving through the countryside and photographing all that you saw, but it is amazing how much there is to see in your own backyard, isn't it? The antics of the birds and squirrels fascinates us too.

  3. Most children love playing in the dirt so I think Andrew will love to garden with you. Tiger and his Dad are making another planting bed this year and he is very excited about it. Hugs!

  4. He sure is getting big and oh so cute! I'm sure he will love digging in the dirt with you and watching things grow. Those are the kind of memories he will always have with him.

  5. Andrew looks so grown-up in his school photo! I can really see a resemblance to you. My boys grew up playing soccer, too. They started at age 5 and I remember thinking that was so young!

  6. Andrew will make a great gardening buddy. My great grand kids love going to Nana's house and looking at the garden and chickens. They love helping harvest, and have also helped plant seeds. It is good to start them out young, and develop the love for this necessary skill early.
    Andrew is so cute! And I think boys are especially precious at this age.

  7. Andrew is growing up so fast. I am glad that you get to go to lunch with them. I enjoy watching the birds and looking at my flower garden too. Enjoy a wonderful Sunday!

  8. I'm happy for you that you had a nice outing with your daughter and Andrew. Watching birds and gardening certainly are two of life's pleasures. We saw some woodland wildflowers while on a drive in the country yesterday and I think we will take a drive to look for some more today. They only bloom for a short while and are such a treat.

  9. I look forward to pics of your fairy gardens! I'd like to send you a few pieces from mine that I no longer use and I think Andrew might get a kick out of - you know my e-mail address.. if you would like them, I'll ship them off to you ASAP - just send me your address.

  10. Your colored bottles are so beautiful! What a pleasure it must be for you to see them everyday with the sunlight shining through them! I would so love to have a collection of bottles like that.
    Your grandson looks so much like you! I bet he will love gardening with you. My grandson loves digging in the dirt with me, but his favorite thing right now is the insects he finds. Me, not so much!

  11. Your dishes look so pretty. Your grandson is very cute. You know I think I saw that strange ritual at the park north of here the other week. I wondered what these little tykes were doing with all the foam and then I noticed it look like miniature nets, not sure of volleyball terminology, but they were not nets, but more like foam or molded plastic to kick the balls in, so they would not get hurt. It looked like chaos for the adults, but a lot of fun for the tykes.
    xoox Su

  12. What a little cutie, I remember how much I enjoyed my grandson. He is 20 years old and 6ft 4in now but still hugs
    on me and tells me he loves me, which makes my day of course.

  13. He's adorable! It's so much fun to watch the teeny ones play soccer, as they move across the field as one pack rather than in their assigned positions. :)

  14. My goodness Brenda..the little guy is growing so fast...he looks so much more grown up in his school picture...I saw a bluebird in my yard a few days ago..I was so excited as they are one of my favorite birds 🐦...I have been searching for some colored bottles to put in my window too..I can tell how you enjoy your's!..I bet the posters are enjoying this beautiful weather too...Take care!

  15. You have a beautiful eye for vivid colors Brenda....happy birthday to your grandson! Have a lovely spring week ahead!

  16. He's getting so big, oh my gosh!! I can't believe they start soccer so early, that's amazing!

  17. Brenda I always enjoy seeing Andrew but he has grown so much it is amazing!

    My kids were in soccer and I'll never forget how hilarious their first games were..:)

  18. Your grandson is darling. I love it when you post his photos. Isn't it amazing; that itch to get our hands in the spring dirt? No matter how sick I am of yard cleanup in the fall, that itch always comes back in the spring. Enjoy!

  19. Your grandson is a cutie, Brenda. I can't wait to plant some pretties, although I admit I'm not crazy about getting my hands in the dirt, unless it's new potting soil. I've been doing a little bit of weeding and I creep out at the sight of crawlers, never mind actually coming into contact with them! Yikes and Yuck!


  20. Your grandson is adorable! I cannot believe they start kids playing soccer at 18 months! Wow. Cheeseburgers is my favorite meal so I would have loved to come to lunch with you all.

    I hope your ankle is getting better!


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