Cleaning Your Coffee Makers

Last weekend I took the time to clean both my coffee makers. The Keurig and the Cuisinart. I'll explain how I did this.

Here's what you will need:
White vinegar
Hot soapy water

Dry dish towel

Cleaning The Keurig: I took the pieces that come off the machine, the bottom reservoir pieces, and cleaned them with soapy water. 

I took off the water dispenser, as I was going to use it for cleaning.

I filled the water dispenser with half white vinegar and half water. 

I then ran all of the fluid through by making one coffee cup after another, and emptying it down the sink drain.

Once that was done, I filled it with just water and repeated the first step, using up all the water and pouring it down the drain.

When I had coffee the next morning, there was no leftover taste or odor of vinegar. 

Cleaning The Cuisinart
I filled the carafe with half white vinegar and half water. I then turned on the coffee maker and brewed half a pot of coffee.

I turned the coffee maker off, and let the remainder of coffee in the carafe sit for one hour. Then I ran the rest through.

During that hour, I took the parts like the filter and filter holder and washed them in soapy water, just as I did with the Keurig. 

I then filled the Cuisinart carafe with just water and brewed a full carafe.  

While you're at it, sponge down (or whatever you use to clean with) the actual coffee makers on the outside and around the edges to give it a good cleaning and clear water build up. 

This will keep your coffee tasting flavorful. 

The jar above is what I put my coffee in for the Cuisinart. I brought it with me from Texas, as I did the Cuisinart. I happen to like Folgers. I mix plain Folgers with French Vanilla Folgers.

I have one cup of coffee each morning, so this lasts me quite awhile. 

Occasionally I have a cup of coffee from the Keurig, but since the k-cups aren't all that cheap, I don't use it as much as the Cuisinart.

When other coffee makers have bit the dust, this Cuisinart has been around about 10 years.

Even though the Cuisinart has the gold filter, I don't want to be buying those. So I use a regular paper coffee filter I get at the grocery store and put one of those inside the gold filter. 

I keep the filters in this vintage Maxwell House can I've had a long time.

Do you have any tips for cleaning your coffee makers? 

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  1. did you know you can buy small boxes of K-cups at places like TJ Max, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning all of those discount places usually have a "kitchen" area and sometimes have the boxes at a discounted rate. I do not have a coffee pot that uses them but my sister does and I noticed this when I went shopping with her

  2. forgot to mention - you can also buy a small cup for your Keurig in the coffee isle, you just fill it with your coffee and dump the grounds when finished and wash it out.

  3. Vinegar is the best to clean just about anything. I try to clean our coffee pot about once a month. You have a great day

  4. Oh good grief. This reminds me of how much I need to clean mine. ugh!!!!

  5. Beside vinegar is wonderful for your sink drains. I had a plumber friend years ago tell me to only use vinegar & baking soda for my drains. That is what I always do too. I put about 1/2 cup of baking soda in each drain, then heat about two cups of vinegar in the micro, dump it down & watch it work. using the vinegar cold works too, but heating it up gives it an extra boost. Have a great week end Brenda...

  6. Hi Brenda, you can buy a reusable pod at Target etc. and use whatever coffee you want. They are around $13. You can also buy mini filters $3.00 for 50. Love your blog!

  7. I always use vinegar/water to clean my coffee pot. My pot shows me when I need to clean it, takes the guess work out. I didn't realize that when I bought it, but one morning I saw a light glowing that said clean. So I obeyed.

  8. That is how I clean my Cuisinart coffeemaker, perhaps I should do it more often though. My Keureg has never been cleaned, mine does not have the water reservoir. I have that extra cup for the Keureg that a person can use any coffee in, but I don't like the coffee that it makes with it, despite the fact that we grind our own Starbuck beans even. We love Tim Hortons dark roast pods.

  9. Coffee stains and burned on coffee in glass carafes can be removed by putting ice cubes in the carafe and swirling them around in it, holding the carafe by the handle. I use a paper clip to clean out the needle in the Keurig that pierces the K cup.


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