Onslaught Of Rain In Tulsa

What you see in the galvanized container above are plants that came back from previous years. I didn't have to plant a thing this year, and it's already so pretty and lush. 

In the container below it, I had to dig out an old ornamental grass plant that looked to be mostly dead and about a foot in diameter. I had to be careful not to tear up any other plants, which wasn't easy. 

When I need to work on my plants, I just get my little garden cart, roll it over, and sit down and start working. Sure does help to be able to sit and roll that thing around to work. I highly recommend it!

I doubt if that little garden cart has many more years in it. It's about 20 years old and bought from Walmart. 

I also doubt the ones they sell now are as sturdy or as cheap. So I'm hoping I'll get a few more years out of it.

Yesterday we saw an onslaught of rain here in Tulsa. 

I love the rain for my plants, but this was bordering on a flood.

Yesterday morning I saw that water was about up to the step in front of my patio doors. So I got a broom and started trying to move it along.

Rain was pouring off my green gazebo in a deluge. It seemed like the more I swept the water, the more appeared to take its place.

I'm worried the plants I've already planted, plus the seeds, will get completely washed out. They weren't looking so good yesterday. Especially the few herbs I've planted like sage and lemon verbena.

It has rained and rained and rained.

I planted a packet of Hyacinth Bean vine beans that I found at my local nursery. There were 10 to a packet. I hope some of them don't get washed out of the pot.

I didn't know they were toxic. I read that on the back of the seed packet right before I was about to plant them. So I decided to plant them in a big pot that was on top of a sewing machine table by the fence.

The pupsters have started eating flowers lately, so I don't need any toxic emergencies!

I love the deep purple of the seed pods when they bloom, so I've been looking for seeds. And I'm happy I found some that I didn't have to order online.

The tree you see above is in another yard, but as you can see it has branches over my patio. It is in full bloom. It has the most aromatic scent. 

But now after the rain some of the branches are hanging over my patio onto the gazebo canvas roof. 

The butterflies are drunk on whatever is in those flowers!

We residents are responsible for whatever happens on the patio. Which means dealing with those branches.

I might have to call my son-in-law, though I know he's been very busy with tax time. I hate to do that, as I prefer to be independent, but I'll ask my daughter about it.

I'm afraid to climb up and try to trim the branches to get them off my soft gazebo roof. I don't even have the equipment to do it with.

I have a yellow rose in a 5 gallon container to plant. But I have to find a 24 inch pot, according to the nursery, to plant it in. 

It's not supposed to get more than about 4 feet tall. 

I've wanted a yellow rose forever. Thank goodness I kept it in my wagon under the gazebo, or it would have drowned by now.

My daughter is coming to pick me up after Andrew's soccer practice so we can get out and about, so I need to get some things done before she gets here.

Have a great Saturday! Happy gardening!


  1. That's a lilac hanging over your gazebo - lucky you, oh my gosh!! Cut some blooms and bring them in the house!!!

  2. The tree with the lovely smell is lilac. If you could find a "lopper" you could cut off thinner branches from the ground.... and they'd be lovely in the house.

  3. I didn't know about the toxicity of Hyacinth beans either. Good to know!

    Your blooms look amazing,particularly that butterfly bush (at least I think that's what it is).

    Here's to dryer weather!

  4. Wishing you a wonderful time with your daughter and Andrew.

    1. Myra, I have a good layer of rocks or usually broken terra cotta shards in the very bottom, and yes, holes in the container. I didn't dump out the dirt this year. I ordered compost from Gardener's Supply and mixed that into my old dirt.

  5. Do you have drain holes in your containers to let some of that water out? You probably do, I just thought I would mention it! Your plants are looking lovely. I enjoyed my day yesterday with my daughter and son-in-law, I was tired last night but so thankful for the time with them. Have a good day.

    1. I was wondering about the holes also. I have a question I want to ask you Brenda. Do you fill your containers full of dirt or do you fill it maybe half full of rock or something . Like the large tub and do you put fresh dirt in it every year.

    2. Yes, I always have holes. Then I put rock or terra cotta shards in the bottom too.

  6. When our branches reach over into the neighbor's yard, we cut them back. We don't expect the neighbors to do it.
    I am wishing for rain here. In mid-February, we had so much, the river flooded, but stopped short of wiping out homes (it just messed up some parks and roads). We've had less than half an inch of rain in April, vs. three inches normally. I saw a fig tree that was just starting to bud out a couple of weeks ago and yesterday its leaves were almost all dried up and it had BIG figs on it. Way, way, way too early. Figs are for August, not April. We aren't even past the ice saints yet, though it's very warm and not a cloud in the sky for weeks.

  7. I love the smell of lilacs, lucky you to have one hanging into your yard. Your gardens are so beautiful and lush, mine are being washed out by the torrential rains we are having here in N.C.

  8. Love the photo with the rooster in the background. What was his name -- Deputy Rooster? Anyway, he is so much fun. On the subject of rain in the garden -- do you have a perennial called Lady's Mantle (alchemilla mollis) in your garden? Its spindly yellowish flowers aren't that pretty, but it has THE best leaves for holding raindrops in the most charming way. It looks its loveliest right after a rain or being watered.

    1. I've never had Lady's Mantle. Not sure if you can grow it around here or not. Yep, that's Deputy Rooster!

  9. I heard about the intensive rain in Oklahoma - hope it is over.

  10. The weather is certainly different this year, and people all over the country are complaining. My daughter who lives in Washington State says her garden spot is so mushy she is worried about when she will be able to plant her garden.

  11. Your plants look so lush. We are dry, dry, dry in Florida. Wild fires daily. I am going to plant some drought tolerant Blanketflowers.Hope your rain lets up.

  12. We had so much rain in Jan and now nothing. The hills are golden already. I truly didn't realize I should water my pots two to three times a day til you mentioned it. I've already seen the difference since the spring rains. Thank you so much.

  13. Oh, yeah, cut those lilac blooms and bring them in the house and just enjoy the fragrance!

    I have never heard of Hyacinth beans. I'll have to look them up. I probably shouldn't plant any, though, as I have children and animals in my yard all the time. Just curious to see what the plant looks like.

    Hope your plants get a chance to dry out a little over the next week. Rain is good, except when there is too much of it.

    I love looking at all the images of your flowers and plants. I am so anxious to get out in my yard and start digging in the earth. There have been some good days to do that, but not too many so far. Soon, though, the sun will be more consistent, then it will be too hot to work outside!

    Have a great week!


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