Powerful Rain

I cannot recall when I've seen so much rain. 

It rained Friday night. It rained all day Saturday. Sometimes so heavily it was a bit frightening. 

Unfortunately, I'd just planted my tiny lettuce seeds before the rains came pounding down.

It's a little late for lettuce. But I kept thinking a bit of fresh lettuce would be mighty tasty on my veggie burgers.

I also put out a tomato plant and chives. 

I put the veggie containers up on the sewing machine table. I don't think Abi can possibly get up there.

When I was looking at the back of a packet of moon vine the other day at the nursery, I saw that it is toxic. Lord, I had better be checking this stuff better since the pupsters have taken to eating flowers. 

Reminds me of a TV show from my youth: Please Don't Eat The Daisies. Do any of you remember that one? I believe I was in the first years of elementary school when it was airing.

I recall a rogue moon vine came back last year, mixed in with some of those weed-like purple morning glories that are once again climbing helter-skelter up the fence. 

Those things are so sturdy they come up in cracks in the concrete. 

I can plant those beautiful blue morning glory vine seeds, and they don't even bother to come up. So this year I'm skipping them.

With the rain pounding, I could hear the birds cheep-cheeping somewhere out there. I'm assuming up in the trees.

I wonder if the mourning dove down at the manager's office is still on her nest? Hopefully she and her nest is protected by the eave of the roof down there.

The top of my gazebo looks dirty now, due to the rain bringing down the many blooms from the tree branches that loom over it. 

The previous rain, just a day or so ago, had already turned the blooms brown around the edges. The wonderful scent is gone now.

I stood at the patio door and watched the rain sluice down off the gazebo, pouring onto the glass in a deluge. There was to be no taking of photos of my flowers and plants and herbs. 

Occasionally I stepped out under the gazebo, grabbed my broom I keep by the door, and tried to sweep some of the water off the rug. Sending it on along in the current so it didn't overtake my patio step. 

Mostly I stayed inside while the rain beat a steady staccato on the roof. Feeling mighty grateful to have a dry roof over my head. To be comfy here in my little home.

Because, sadly, I know there are some folks out there that don't have even that.


  1. I am glad that you didn't have any flooding. My mom loved Doris Day and I think there was a movie by that name with her in it...maybe a TV show spinoff from that

  2. We live near a river that usually is barely ankle-deep. But a few months ago, it rained like you've described, and the river swelled, almost to overflowing its very high banks. It was shocking. The damage at the park and some roads still haven't been repaired. Too much rain in too little time.
    That yellow plant reminds me of lantana.
    I LOVED "Please Don't Eat the Daisies"!!! Funny, I was just thinking about it the other day.

  3. We have rain here today, too, and 2 more days of storms predicted. It has been a gray, dreary spring here all the way around.
    I thought I was the only person in the world that could not grow morning glories! lol I had them at one of my houses and mixed them in with with moon flowers and they were 'gasp worthy'they did so well. Since then, I have never been able to grow them again. lol

    Hope you have a great Sunday- praying for some dry weather for you. xo Diana

  4. It's always a good feeling to be cozy inside while the storms rage outside - we are truly blessed.

  5. I love to hear the rain when I am in bed but when it comes down in sheets it worries me because we have a basement. In our last house we had a sump pump in the basement to keep the water away which I must say did a great job. So far in this house there have been no problems.
    I do envy you Brenda being able to plant so early, here in Canada we don't usually plant before May 21 because there still may be a frost! We have had some lovely sunny warm days so far but today it is pouring with rain and it is quite cold. I think I will either curl up with a good book or watch my favorite TV program with my cat Dexter on my knee, from there he can see out of the window and watches for any passing animals which could be other cats or rabbits. I do hope the rain you are having has stopped by now.

  6. I am ever so thankful and say thanks to God for my comfortable, safe and cozy little home. It's a modest little home, (not as small as yours) but a wonderful shelter from the scary weather we sometimes experience here in Texas. We had torrential rain lately too. We also had a tornado or two around Canton in East Texas, which I believe is close to the area you lived in before moving to Oklahoma.I take nothing for granted and know as you do, I am fortunate to have a place to call home. You have created a cozy home in your modest space which I look forward to visiting each day. I have been a daily reader since you lived in Texas and just recently began to comment some. Better late than never. Thanks Brenda! Ann H

  7. I know, here too. It's just poured all day and night, with lots of lightening and thunder, the cats are nervous constantly and wanting to crawl all over me. We have so many little creeks and rivers that cause dangerous water crossings that people try to drive over. Lots of hills and valleys around here that funnel water into roads. It's a mess. I'm ready for some sunshine!

  8. We didn't get much rain here but the wind has blown nonstop for several days. There's a dove with a nest on my bathroom window ledge. She's between the glass and the screen and she's pretty safe from the wind. I checked this morning to make sure she was still there.

    I have no luck with morning glories. Last year I bought one that was already started and about a foot tall. No luck. I will try one more time and then I will have to settle for admiring them from afar.

  9. What a coincidence you mentioned "Please Don't Eat the Daisies!" I recorded it off TCM just this past week. Such a cute movie. So glad you and the pups were safe from any flooding.

  10. The rains have been torrential here as well. We had flash flooding in our area last night and we awoke to some water in our basement. I haven't planted anything yet in my patio container garden and will wait another week or so, until these heavy rains move out. Homegrown lettuce sounds so good. I hope you have good luck in growing it.

  11. Here in Northern Ohio we are getting just enough rain right now. My day lilies seem to double in size every day. I remember the tv show when I was young. I thought it was very cool. I saw some episodes on an antenna channel not long ago. It seemed pretty trite to these old eyes. I do love the movie, though.

  12. We've had a happy medium around here, some rainy days and then the most gorgeous sunny days. This Spring I've been outside more often than last year, it's amazing to see how the "dead" forest beyond our backyard comes to life once again.
    As they say, April showers bring May flowers, I guess you're going to have an abundance of flowers this coming month! :)
    Gorgeous pics.

  13. Yes, I do remember Please Don't Eat the Daisies! I loved that show. There is something so comforting about being inside, and listening to rain outside. Glad you and the pupsters were safe and cozy!

  14. It has rained here yesterday (with thunder) and all day today and promises to continue through the week according to the weather forecast in the Sunday paper. I've not planted anything yet up here in Michigan. So I hope the rain stops soon and the ground dries enough for me to start to put in some annuals and a few new perennials.

    I am always grateful, too, in bad weather to have a warm, dry place to live as I know that isn't the case for so many these days.

    I hope the deluge stops soon in your area. Rain is good, but now it's time for the sunshine so we can play outdoors in the dirt!

  15. We had torrential rain here at the lake in Michigan. I sort of like hearing it and watching the lightening make the sky spark and light. More to come all week. I planted lettuce and spinach last week so I'm happy for nature's water.

    Jane x

  16. Hi. I was visiting relatives in southern Ohio and we had a huge storm late Friday night. The next day some of us reported being awakened by it, while others had slept right through it. That's always weird when some people never even hear such a racket. I remember a little about the Please Don't Eat the Daisies show. I was around 10 or 11 at the time it was on. The family lived in a big house and had a big sheep dog, and the pretty mom didn't seem to get too upset over anything. As a kid, that seemed like a pretty great situation!

  17. Think many people have had strange Spring weather this year. Never know what ours in western CO will be, seems different each year. Have lived in several places in our 48 yrs. of marriage, different climates so pretty much just go with flo. In Grand Junction there are areas which flood so am glad we're out here (few miles west of G.J.) on our little hill. CO river is about 2 miles south of us which overflows when snow melts a lot, glad we're not close to it.
    When we lived in Tucson streets would flood every time we had gully washer storms and they do have horrendous storms there. Had lots of thunder /lightning in Tucson as well as in MT when it stormed. Learned real quick in MT not to flush toilet when storming or it could wipe out our well pump and pressure tank.
    Was out there alone during many storms, learned not to let it shake me too badly. When we got our first mobile home, had just gotten phone hooked up when storm hit, blew up our phones in both rooms, that was scarey. Our poor dog would go hide during storms.
    Sure do remember "please don't eat the daisy's", cute movie, was my kind of movie, music, etc., need shows like that now but that's my age showing, like simple sweet shows.
    You live in good climate for many flowers, plants to grow. Is hard here as it's so dry, have lot off alkali in soil so much has to be in pots out here. When we lived in KY had flowers, plants all over that grew wild. Miss my forsythia bushes which bloomed so pretty each Spring, were there when we bought place.
    Have good week, hope your rain lets up. We got new metal roof two years ago which are so glad of.

  18. I work as a Pastoral Assistant at a large United Methodist Church in the St. Louis area. We are set up as a Red Cross Emergency Shelter and are also making up clean-up buckets to be given out to folks whose homes are flooded or will be in the next few days. Several people are not at work today because they couldn't find a safe route to get here. I'm really happy you and the pupsters are ok, Brenda.


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