Rain & Taco Soup

Most every day, I hear the resident ducks quacking somewhere around this complex. Sometimes the alley. The other day I saw one in the pool. 

The pupsters don't know what to think when they hear the ducks. They look at one another, perplexed, then look at me.

It looks like they've sold this property to an investor group in California. Word is, they will be going through every single apartment next week.

That means the maintenance man will be moved to another property, as they plan on bringing in their own staff. 

For me, that means they won't be dealing with this tree that is so problematic on my patio. Or the roots underneath my bedroom. At least not this month as proposed.

I heard from Charlie next door that they plan on putting in new windows, which is good. But if they jack up the rent, that is bad. I'd rather have the old thin windows. 

Most of the residents here are old and can't afford much of an increase. I know I can't.

Yes, it would be nice to have things fixed up. But not at our expense, which is what that usually means. So unless the sale falls through, that's the latest.

It has rained and rained. Yesterday I saw hail falling as well. Probably about the size of nickels. 

I have added compost to my containers, to improve the old soil from previous years. 

I have now lived in this apartment three years this month. I moved in April 14, 2014.

The clematis blooms would have opened by now if we'd had more sun.

I cooked a crock pot of taco soup. I will let it cool and then put most of it in individual baggies and freeze for later meals. 

I've just about eaten all the frozen meatloaf and cornbread that I cooked weeks ago.

The frozen TV dinners you buy at the grocery store are so full of sodium that I hesitate to eat them. 

Do you cook meals to freeze? I only have a small freezer above my refrigerator like in most apartments, but I sure utilize it for freezing meals.

I finished Necessary Lies. It was such a wonderful read. I wish the story continued with these very special characters I came to love.

Now I'm reading this book by Dorothea Benton Frank, All The Single Ladies. I can't tell much about it yet, as I've only read a few pages. So I'll let you know once I've read more of it.


  1. We're getting LOTS of rain, everything so soggy right now. And, when a new buyer arrives and makes improvements, usually the first thing that happens is the rent goes up to help them pay for the improvements/repairs. Maybe they will take into consideration that they have an older population in your development.

  2. Good luck with the new apartment owners.
    We cook everything from scratch and freeze lots of meals. No added sugar or salt. Or unpronounceable stuff. It takes time, but it's worth it.

  3. I hope all works out for the good with this new investor group - and that they don't pass the cost of improvements onto the renters. But you're right - this is usually what happens. Even happens if you own a townhouse and you have association fees - when they decide to put on new roofs or put in new sidewalks, etc., guess whose fees go up? It stinks in every situation.

    Yes, I freeze meals when I make things such as soups and roasts, etc. Just the other night, I took some shredded chicken out of the freezer that I had made a couple of weeks ago in the Crockpot. The chicken thawed out and we used it for build-your-own tacos (in soft corn tortillas). I like making a big pot of soup and then putting the leftovers in small freezer containers (I got them on amazon - they're BPA free) like the ones restaurants use. It's easy to grab one to thaw out for a quick meal or for Brian to take to work.
    Nothing but rain here for at least a couple of weeks. Sun is finally coming out tomorrow. A miracle!

  4. It is good to see sunshine this morning after the horrible storms! I hope things improve where you live and that the rent does not go up. It's so hard I know. I've been in my duplex 4 years and can't imagine having to move! Fingers crossed you don't have too.

  5. Could you please share your recipe for crockpot taco soup?


  6. The photos through the rain-streaked windows are like Impressionist paintings. Very lovely. I hope the sale of the apartment complex to another company leads to positive changes and not a lot of stress and higher rent. Stress over housing is a huge stress! I occasionally freeze leftover soups, but having a small freezer, that's about it. We also try to avoid high sodium in processed foods due to my husband's high blood pressure, and make our own soups in a crockpot and I make most of our bread in a bread machine. The device we use most is a rice cooker with a rack in it for steaming vegetables. We use it for cooking our oatmeal every morning, and several times a week I put rice in the bottom and some frozen veggies in the basket to steam for supper.

  7. Goodness we have had so much rains . Now on to snow. Our geese do a fly over every morning at the same time. They make so much noise. Our dogs ignore the fly over but if they are too close outside they bark and the ducks honk right back.
    I hope your rent doesn't go up. You would think that updates should not be at your expense. They should pay you for your updates.

  8. We are getting torrential rains today, which will hopefully wash away the rest of the snow. It is sure nice to see the ground again, and I can't wait to get out in my garden and start the spring clean up!! I got nothing done in the fall except for the veggie garden, as winter really crept up on us this year and then stuck around. I'm going to have a TON of work to do, cutting back and raking out. Hope my shoulder holds up for it! Let's hope those new owners actually care about the tree roots - fingers crossed! You are in your home three years in April, I'm in mine 2 years on April 9th - I can't believe it! I still feel as if I'm settling in!

  9. Hope the new owners fix things up but don't change the rent. That would be perfect.

  10. Rain seems to be finding its way everywhere. We are still in Asheville, and it's raining now, rained yesterday and also Monday. Word has it it is raining in Massachusetts too. Guess the flowers will be coming up soon :)

  11. I've been wondering about the sale. I know it's stressful and there might be some raises but hopefully they will be considerate. Who knows they might just make a lot of positive changes for the good and address the tree issue for you. I really enjoyed those rain photos.

  12. Brenda, I love the photos through the rainy window. I always enjoy the warm cozy feeling of standing in my window feeling my home wrapped around me when it is cold and blustery outside. I'm so thankful for what I have even if it's just an apartment that has many problems. It's still better than being out in the cold and wet.

    The apartment I'm in was sold to an investor in California. Immediately the rents went up and anyone who complained or put in too many maintenance requests was given a "no cause" notice to move. Four families have already had to move out and two more are coming to the end of their 90 day notice. Another rent increase and several more families won't be able to afford to stay here. It's sad. I hope all goes well for you and the other people living in your complex.

  13. Our rains and hail have finally backed off and we have been left with much cooler temps (41 degrees this morning) and sunshine. We still have the high winds, but it's Texas. I do hope the new owners will fix up the apartments without a rent increase. I think that rent prices are already too high for most people and sometimes you just don't get enough in return. Love the photos of the windows and rain! Clematis is such a beautiful flower. I hope to be able to plant one at our new house. Love and hugs!

  14. It scares me that your new investors are addressing window replacements rather than the basic building repairs that the complex seems to need. Even in rent stabilized/ controlled apartments replacement of windows usually means a rent hike. Do you know the name of the group that purchased your complex? You might look them up and find information on what they've done with or how they've handled previously acquired properties.
    Taco soup sounds perfect for rainy weather. Can you share your recipe?

  15. It's also a rainy, windy, crappy day here in Northern Indiana. Hopefully this will be the last of the crazy weather and spring will finally take hold! Your new book read sounds interesting - I read the reviews at the Barnes and Noble website. Will be interested in your review!

  16. hopefully the new owners will approach problems/fixes differently...for your sake. everything is so stinkin wet here that the pool build has been stalled until next week. hope you are enjoying your week.

  17. Love your rainy day pictures..New owners can be good news or bad news...Hopefully it is good!

  18. Dorothea Benton Frank is one of my favorite authors! I hope you enjoy the book(s) as much as I have. She's got a lot of product out there, and I've only read one book of hers that I didn't like.

  19. I just picked Necessary Lies up today and am looking forward to reading it. If you like a good story there is a really old book called Apple Tree Lean Down. It is a wonderful story and I just read it for the 3rd time. Once in the 70s again in the 90s and again now. It is the only book I have ever read three times...take that back-also did Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn 3 times years ago.

    Those rainy pictures are fantastic! I hope you get good new landlords and that maybe they will lock the rent in for the people that have been there prior to purchase. I can hardly believe it has been three years! I remember when you moved out of the blue house and into the apartment! xo Diana

  20. Gosh, Brenda, is that your patio I'm seeing through your rainy-day windows? It seems really good-sized compared to those I've seen with rental apartments. I am considering selling my house and moving in the near future, but one of the things I can't give up is having a private "yard" or patio to plant flowers. These high-rise subsidized buildings just don't work for me--someone who wants at least a small piece of earth under my feet when I step out my door.

    Well, the news about the sell-out is unsettling at best. A formerly subsidized group of nice little townhouses near me was bought out and made into regular commercial units recently and the rent went up several hundred dollars a month. Of course, they did a lot of "up-grading"--mostly cosmetic--when they took over. Nothing really essential though. I hope that in your case all changes will be positive.

  21. I loved "All the Single Ladies". And I have read alot of Dorthea Benton Frank's books. I loved them all. I hope you do too! Can't wait to hear what you think of it. Good luck with the new owners (if it happens) Maybe it will be all good for you!


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