Small Space Gardening...Where Are The Blogs?

I am always on the look-out for blogs about gardening in small spaces, like apartment patio gardens, balconies or terraces. But they seem to be few and far between. 

Most that I stumble across haven't posted in a long time, which makes me sad. 

I know there have to be lots of people out there gardening in small spaces, and probably some of them bloggers, but I can't find them.

There is 66 Square Feet

Reading My Tea Leaves is a great blog, but more about apartment living than any kind of gardening. 

Do you know of any other small space gardening blogs? 

One of the main reasons I chose this apartment over three years ago (yes, it's been that long) was because of the delightfully big patio where I so enjoy gardening. 

And the dogs love that patio as well. 

If I allowed it, Charlie would be out there constantly. 

But as I've mentioned before, he tends to be a barker when there's any sound and I can't have him disturbing my neighbors. 

So he's out there under my watchful eye. 

Right now I have a dog sleeping on either side of me, sprawled out on their tummies. I have the patio door open and the screen is closed so that I can let some fresh air in while it's raining.

I also enjoy hearing the birdsong that seems to be everywhere right now. 

I hear the resident ducks squawking out there somewhere too.
I love Apartment Therapy. The guy who started that site has been extremely successful. 

So I just wonder why there aren't more sites suited to apartment and small space dwellers. 

If you know of any, leave a comment and let me know. It sure would be nice to read find other gardeners living in small spaces who make it work.

Although, I realize my space, as large as it is and also privacy fenced, is pretty unusual. At least in these parts. 

Last fall, I ended up giving all my house plants to the apartment manager who now has them in her office. I was in there yesterday signing a new lease, and I noticed how well they are doing.

When I had them, gnats were everywhere and drove the dogs crazy. But they look wonderful under her care.

So one of my next projects will be bringing in a house plant to test the waters again. Flying insects of any variety just make Abi and Charlie shake terribly and run under the bed. 

They seem positively traumatized by them.

I know it must be my watering habits. But the apartment manager, Carolee, said she waters them every other day, and she sees no gnats.

Live and learn, as they say. And also, try...try again.


  1. I was going to suggest Apartment Therapy, but you are on top of that one.
    In French, there are and, but aside from the language issues, the climate is quite different from yours.
    As I pulled weeds in my yard yesterday, I listened to an "On Point" podcast about the terrible lack of biodiversity in our food supply (80% of the calories consumed by humans come from just 12 species) could lead to crisis. It made me want to dig up all the grass and plant a heritage garden. But unlike you, I have a brown thumb and it probably wouldn't grow.

  2. I don't know of any small space gardening blogs, Brenda. Unusual now that you mention it because I am sure there are a ton of people that have small patio gardens and you would think some of them would be bloggers. Have a great weekend- xo Diana

  3. Yours is the only blog I have seen, but your patio is fabulous too, so enjoy.

  4. I hate gnats too. I usually get them when I have bananas sitting out. If I ever find a blog about small patio gardens I'll let you know!

  5. Wow you are right, I just went looking and the blogs have no recent posts. I guess this blog will become the source for small space gardening information. Here's my tip, something I learned when I worked for a nursery and landscaping company years ago: When we placed annuals into pots, we first broke open the root ball, taking it from one round ball into three sections, stopping an inch or so from the part of the plant that would be above ground. (The root ball became like a little three-footed stool.) This was to make sure that the roots had more room to grow and get air and water. Maybe everyone does this already, but it was new to me at the time and I've done it ever since.

  6. I must say, "66 square feet" certainly has a way with words. But I was really attracted to "Reading my tea leaves" and promptly subscribed.

  7. Interesting question. I wonder if there might be more European bloggers who do this? I adore Flower Lady Lorraine's blog but while her gardening space is unbelievably small to hold all the gorgeous plants she has, still it's probably larger than the small space you're speaking of. I'll keep an eye out.

    It's too bad your babies are bothered by insects. I've never noticed them around my houseplants and would hate to do without them in a room. Are there no ladybugs flying around your apartment in the winter or stink bugs? Everyone seems to have them here. They would really upset your pups, I know they do me. I hate them!

  8. I think an awful lot of people have moved from blogs to Youtube videos. I have found many more Youtube channels about gardening in my climate than I ever found blogs. I like both venues.

  9. I even tried to search it and you're right, there's not much out there, bizarre. Maybe if you search on Pinterest you'll find some bloggers hidden in there.

  10. They are all over Instagram. Bloggers who quit blogging are doing instagram full time. I follow over 50 different IG accounts just on gardening alone.

  11. Hi Brenda, I'm not aware of any small space gardening blogs, but I do love all gardeing blogs. I do have a large garden but I do a lot of patio gardening posts. The older I get the less I can get out in the yard to plant so I've decided to do most of my annual planting in pots or right around my patio so I can enjoy them year round. Hope you will stop by my post today as I have shown lots of pots and window flower baskets. Happy Gardening from OKC. Miss Bloomers

  12. I don't know of any, except what you mentioned and you. xoox Su

  13. This is what I have recently read about gnats around your houseplants-too much watering going on!! Let plants dry out so at least the top inch is dry before watering and then water very sparingly as houseplants use far less water than those outdoors.

  14. Brenda, just learned of this book on a different blog. Thought you might like to look it up and order it from your library! MY CITY HIGHRISE GARDEN by Susan Brownmiller.

  15. I had problems with those little flying bugs too, so I got this little pod in the produce section of my grocery store. It's supposed to trap fruit flies and it works great with the little flying "plant bugs."

  16. You might have a look at I stumbled across it one day chasing recipes and find it so much fun to read. Plus she has some wonderful recipes! Pamela and her husband are both artists living in Brooklyn and have established a rooftop garden starting with just a few pots until now it's considered a mini-farm. It's amazing to see what they have accomplished with their hard work. I think you would really enjoy it Brenda...would love to know what you think.

  17. I am sort of small-spaced in regards to actual gardening space come to think of it : ) but I pack alot in....

  18. So odd that there aren't more small space gardening blogs. Your patio area is just lovely Brenda! Perhaps search for "container gardening" instead?

  19. Brenda, I love the cow in one of your March 28 post's photos. Is she carved from wood? Where did you get her? Does she have a sister that would like to live in Michigan with me? Ha, ha!

    I want a ground-floor apartment or condo with a nice, roomy patio like yours. I've never seen one with that much private outdoor space around here.

    I am really itching to get outdoors in my yard and start planting. It's way too big for me, but I do what I can. I've lived in this house for thirty years and never have been able to tame the way-too-big yard I have. But I keep trying. I'm always optimistic in the Spring that this will be the year I'll get it all under control, then something slows me down or prevents me from working outside and by Fall I am discouraged with having accomplished so seemingly little. This year my daughter is with me, so maybe together we'll get more accomplished. Here's hoping.

    I haven't really looked for small-space gardening blogs, so I don't know what's out there. One of the first blogs I read, though, is called A Garden for the House by Kevin Lee Jacobs. He has lots of space with the old house he and his partner live in and have refurbished, but he has LOTS of great plant advice and tutorials. He's got a great sense of humor and also shares recipes for lots of yummy foods. Anyway, I've always enjoyed his posts about his gardens and his many houseplants. And he's very happy to answer questions relating to growing things. You might like his blog even tho' it's not oriented toward small space gardening.

  20. I adore your patio, Brenda - so pretty! Happy weekend!

  21. I agree that alot have moved to YouTube. Search YouTube for patio gardening or small space gardens and see what you can find. You can also find things such as growing veggies in pots, raised gardens, growing flowers in containers, etc. All sorts of videos also on different water features and tiny water features in pots, etc. I do so love blogs, but also love YouTube! It's very addictive. I probably have over 1000 videos saved for future reference. Trouble is, once you have saved them, they are hard to find again. You CAN sort them into folders, but I've only done that to a few, but would be fun to have a folder on patio gardens or small gardens, etc Let us know what else you find. Thanks... Marilyn

  22. I'd like to suggest

  23. Those gnats usually come from the drain, so that's likely why the office manager doesn't get them, assuming she doesn't have a sink right in her office. I can't remember what I did to finally get rid of them, but it was simple. I remember I Googled "drain flies" or some such thing, because I'd heard that''s what they might be.


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