Small Space Living In LA

Matt lives in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. His space is a small footprint of 400 square feet.

Like me, Matt has paid to have improvements made to his bathroom. His landlords agreed to split the price with him.  

Unlike me. My landlord was not so generous unfortunately.

He has also made other improvements to his small space, accomplishments he is quite proud of.

Matt got the go ahead to take down the upper kitchen cabinets. 

He then installed open shelving, which makes the small kitchen look larger.

He is in discussion with his landlord about possibly replacing the current kitchen counter tops with poured concrete. Crossing his fingers.

Matt calls his style modern eclectic. He has had many furniture pieces passed down from members of his family.

What is truly exceptional are the wonderful views Matt is able to enjoy.

As you can see, he also has a nice outdoor space to enjoy with his canine companion.

I hope you've enjoyed the tour of Matt's rented space. I think I could live here!


  1. What a great space! The view is awesome and I love what he has done. Its hard to believe the landlord let him do so many changes. I could live there if I was just me. Thanks for sharing another great space.

  2. I could live there, too, Brenda. Love the space. I like all the clean lines of clutter (unlike my space). The more I see small space living the better I like it (especially at this age). xo Diana

  3. Small spaces are some of the most interesting ones and Matt's apartment is totally cool. Our daughter lived in NYC and had two really small spaces, but made the most of them and so functional.

  4. Ha ha, I was expecting the dog to be tiny because the apartment is small. But that's a good-sized dog! Looks like a sweetheart. As for the apartment, I imagine each item was chosen with care, but the result is so natural and unstudied. I love the cool blues and whites overall, with little touches of green, red and orange that seem like reminders of the vibrant world outside. Matt has created a wonderful home.

  5. I really like what Matt has done with his home. If it was just me, I could like there too. Maybe for my taste throw in some older antique pieces with the décor. Love his outside space too. He is lucky to have such a wonderful home. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Matt has created a beautiful space. I am sure that his landlord is happy to have someone that cares for the space make such great improvements!

  7. What a great space!! LA has the best small homes!!

  8. Silver Lake is a very nice area of Los Angeles and I like what Matt has done with his rental.

  9. i love everything about his apartment!
    i always get inspired. but when i asked if i could make any changes to my apt i was told a resounding "NO!" and i would be fined if i did. (so glad i asked!!!)
    so... i'm making do with movable color and textures and my own personal touches. with a little imagination... even without those changes i would have made... it still works for me.
    i just love living small and simple! :)

  10. Love Matt's home and especially that he hasn't bought into the "I-must-have-stainless-steel-appliances" mind set. A beautiful home with lots of individual style.

  11. What a great space! I especially like the large windows in the living room and bedroom. One can never have enough light! He certainly has done a great job and it is such a pleasure to see a man who pays attention to making a home and keeping it nice and uncluttered.

  12. I'm new to this blog and I've really enjoyed reading it. Looking forward to more excellent posts.

  13. I love all the natural light. The colors and lack of clutter make me want to paint and clear out my excess collections. The outdoor space would be a great place to relax. All in all, a great place to live.

  14. I might be able to live there with all the outdoor space included, too. It doesn't look like there is much storage space or maybe we're just not seeing it. Or, perhaps Matt doesn't have much to store! He is young, so hasn't had time to collect a lot! I love the views, too. They would make it easier to live in such a small space.

    Very interesting to see what folks do with these tiny living spaces and imagine yourself living in them.

  15. He has great taste and I love his apartment :)



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