Taco Soup Recipe

Originally I used a recipe I found online. But then I added and subtracted ingredients to suit my own taste. Here's the recipe I ended up with.

5-6 cans of beans (I usually get pinto beans and black beans)
1 can whole kernel corn
1 can Rotel, mild
1 packet Ranch dressing
1 packet Taco seasoning (I use half a packet)
1-2 pounds ground beef

I brown the ground beef in my electric skillet. I then soak up all the grease I can and throw away. I then put the ground beef into the crock pot.

I open the cans of beans and corn and pour into the crock pot on top of the ground beef. Sometimes I leave the liquid on the corn. Sometimes I don't.

Just pour the beans in with the liquid.

Add the Rotel, the dry Ranch dressing powder and the taco seasoning. I can't take it very spicy, so I only use half the taco packet. I put the rest in a baggie for next time. 

You really only need to get this thoroughly hot, as it doesn't need cooking. I leave my crock pot on about 2-3 hours to thoroughly mix the ingredients. 

I remember the recipe I found online also had you add a can of tomatoes, but I don't do that. I think it may also have had you add onion or onion soup mix, but I don't recall. I didn't do that this time around. 

Sometimes I cook cornbread to have with the taco soup. After a couple of days, I put individual meals of taco soup in baggies and freeze. I also do that with pieces of cornbread. 

Lately I've enjoyed adding Fritos instead of cooking cornbread. 

I just mix the Fritos into my bowl of taco soup. It is fast and just a change from cornbread.

And I usually like a tall glass of iced sweet tea with it.

I make this at least once per month. It is a good, filling and fast meal.


  1. I love soup for dinner and will be adding this recipe to my menu. Happy Weekend to you, XOXO

  2. That sounds really good, Brenda. It is a recipe that is different from any I have seen for taco soup. I don't do real spicy, either. Hubby can't eat this sort of thing anymore but he would have LOVED this! xo Diana

  3. This recipe sounds simple and tasty. We eat a lot of beans, usually with rice but sometimes with corn cakes made in a frying pan. Right now I am looking at different recipes for white chili made with chicken and white beans. That's what I plan to fix in the Crockpot today. We are having a cold spell here in central KY.

  4. I do love taco soup and since becoming vegan I am going to try making it with vegan crumbles. I am sure it will taste just fine.

  5. Thank you for posting your recipe! I can't eat anything too spicy either but this sounds very flavorful and easy on the stomach. I haven't been to Trader Joe's in a while but they have these wonderful organic tortilla chips called longboards . I use them in tomato soup and let them get really soggy ( I know that sounds terrible) . They end up tasting like some sort of firm noodle with a south of the border taste. They make the soup quite filling.
    There is no added water or stock? I'm a BAD cook , very bad, so I need to ask. Thanks lots Brenda.

  6. Look at you, posting a recipe! :) This looks great, I might use ground turkey to lighten it up a bit, and I make my own ranch dressing mix and taco seasoning to control the sodium. But I already added the rest of the items to my shopping list!

  7. perfect for this coldish cloudy day! thanks!

  8. I put my browned ground beef in a colander and rinse it with warm water to get rid of the grease. I have a similar recipe but do add a can or two of diced tomatoes (one is Rotel) and only three cans of beans. Very good!

  9. Brenda, can you tell me what Rotel is...is it a brand of something or is it the name of an ingredient? I do not recall seeing anything with that name in our grocery stores. Thanks.

    1. Rotel is the name of this. It is a can of spiced tomatoes.

  10. Brenda can you tell me what Rotel is....is it a brand name for something or is it an ingredient. I have never seen that name in our grocery stores. Thanks
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