Cable Woes & Dental Costs

Yesterday my morning started out with having to call Cox Cable. 

Something New On The Patio

Well, the birds were starting to fight for space at the bird bath. 

Small House Tour With Big Appeal

Isn't this a darling little house and front yard?

Sunday Snapshots

The first cone flower bloom on my patio.

Daily Entertainment & Another Trip To Trader Joe's

Oh my goodness! I had no idea how much I was missing out on on my patio. There is constant entertainment out there!

A Bevy Of Yard Birds

The female cardinal flies to the bird bath.

Changes On My Patio

I've got my patio finally sorted out. I straightened things up. Moved things around. Took things to the dumpster. Cleaned the cement with my hose.

On My Patio & Birds In Flight Training

Abi is getting her teeth cleaned today. She's lucky to still have all her teeth. Charlie just has two.

Proper Humidity For House Plants

I finally have everything out of the way next to my bedroom window, and my plants are now basking in the light. 

Apartment In Cape Town, South Africa

Jacob lives in this 860 square foot apartment in Cape Town. He owns an interior design company.

How To Use Fresh Herbs

Some of you asked me how to use herbs. So I gathered 10 ideas from my Herbs Pinterest Board. At the end of the post is a link to the Herb Grower's Cheat Sheet.

Squirrel At The Window


Yesterday morning I was sitting here on the couch working on my laptop. Charlie was wedged in between me and the end of the couch, which he seems to like doing. Guess it makes him feel safe.

Queen Of The Hill

Don't you think this photo sort of makes Abi queen of the hill? Silly dog. She does the craziest things.

Mad Mockingbirds & The End Of The Gazebo

Yesterday morning the Oklahoma wind was so crazy that the gazebo was jumping all over the patio. It was scary. 

Small Space House Plant Display Ideas

Living in an apartment with few windows, I've been considering the best places to locate my house plants. 

Grocery Shopping At Trader Joe's

Yesterday I changed up my routine a bit. Instead of going to the grocery store, I went to Trader Joe's. 

A Small Apartment In Oakland

Estefania and Chris live in this Oakland, California apartment.

My Early Mother's Day Lunch

My daughter came and took me to lunch yesterday for Mother's Day. 

The Joy Of Using Fresh Herbs

My love of growing herbs began back in the early nineties. 

More Rain & Blooms

Yesterday afternoon I was out running a couple of errands, and the rains came down so hard I could hardly see the car in front of me. We sure have had our share of rain this spring.

Abi's Musical Chairs

I spent yesterday morning with Abi at the vet's office. She had all but stopped eating. And when Abi turns down her evening tablespoon of cottage cheese, that's really remarkable. 

How I Repaired My Giani Granite Counter Top

Over a year ago I transformed the Formica kitchen counter tops in my apartment kitchen with a GianiGranite kit.

A Miracle In Motion

I love this progression. From bud to opening, albeit one petal at a time.

A Small Home In Toronto

Melissa and Henry live in this 600 square foot home in Ontario.

Questions Answered

In case you wondered where I put the long farm painting that was in the living room, it was relocated here in the kitchen. 

Your Bedroom Should Be Your Oasis

It is very important to me that my bedroom is conducive to relaxing, and gives me a pleasant place to read at night. After about 6 p.m. and my yoga and shower, this is where I am.

Bringing In The Quilts

I know most people would be putting away quilts and not bringing them out. But I never followed any rules about when to do what. I just do it.

Oddly Cool Outside

I don't recall cool enough weather that I have had the heat on in May. It is overcast and in the fifties.

Roses & Veggies

After about a week's worth of cloudy and rainy weather, I am finally seeing some gorgeous yellow rose blooms.

House Plants & Regional Tornados

I have decided to try a few house plants inside again. And hopefully not get them so wet I end up with gnats and terrified pupsters.

A Flat In London

Katy and Jules live in this London flat with their dog, Otto.