Bringing In The Quilts

I know most people would be putting away quilts and not bringing them out. But I never followed any rules about when to do what. I just do it.

I was kind of missing seeing my quilts, so I brought this one out of the bedroom and tacked it up. Then going one step further, I tucked another one in the chair.

Added this one to the back of the couch. Sometimes Charlie likes to hop up and lay on the top there. So he'll have a nice soft place.

Normally he's right where you see him now though. Tucked into his little red bed. There's Abi on the floor looking at me like: "Wait, I don't have time to get up and pose where you can see me better."

I found out that the apartment complex didn't sell. The people who we thought were purchasing it put up escrow money and everything. But somehow it fell through. 

Looking at the management company online, there is one star for the review. One out of five stars. That should tell you something.

So nothing will get fixed. Because the owner is not about to put a dime into this place. Sad. 

This could be a really pretty property if they'd take care of it.

All day I hear the wind pushing the trees up against the fence and the apartment on the other side. The dogs bark because it sounds like something is out there I suppose. 

Guess the trees will just keep growing, because no one is about to work on the massive one, or dig the roots out from under my apartment. 

There are two trees in my patio yard. One by the gate, the one with the roots growing everywhere. And then about eight or so feet down, which pushes up against the roof.

If the roots come through the floor, I guess I'll just move.

I found that there are roots going under the cement up by the patio door too. So both ends.

Well, you just do what you have to do and hope for the best, is what I've learned in life. If there's nothing you can do about something, there's no point in worrying about it. 

That sure won't make any difference.

Note: I was asked if I made these quilts. Yes, I did.

Happy weekend!



  1. I think that is called 'rolling with the punches', Brenda. You have certainly had to do that a number of times in your life...which has made you as tough as you need to be to deal with thing that happen.

    Love your quilts. They are bright, lovely graphics; perfect in any weather. xo Diana

  2. Your quilts are beautiful. Did you make them?
    Good luck with the invasive trees!

    1. Yes, I made them all myself. Most were hand pieced and hand quilted.

  3. Yes, worrying changes nothing. Quilts work in any season and yours look beautiful! I am always amazed at what you can do in your small space. I also live in a small space. My husband built a one bedroom house that we moved into a year ago last March. I love my little house. Your blog is always an inspiration in what can be done in a small space.

  4. Quilts are great for any time of year! My friend puts her favorite on her hammock for summer use!

  5. So sad that the owners of the property don't want to take care of it. You are right, nothing you can do about the tree roots so don't worry. If it comes time to move you will just do it. Until then enjoy your sweet little cozy home and patio garden. I always enjoys seeing your quilts!

  6. I have always loved your quilts. It just makes things cozier.
    Well sounds like a good thing about not having new owners. But still the trees.
    Maybe the government will come up with some crazy legislation that will affect management. Hah.
    I know removing a tree is very costly, let alone the roots.

  7. I love your beautiful quilts! they are so cheery. and they're great used in every way and at all times of the year just like you do. they're your own special touch.
    i have such a love of huge trees that it's hard to think of them having to be taken down. but i know they can't be allowed to destroy a home either. what a catch 22.
    you have a great attitude about the complex and its problems! and realistically the only one to have really. live for today and make the best of it!

  8. With quilts that lovely, it makes sense to be enjoying them any time of year. Wherever you have used them, they always look wonderful.

    I hope you have apartment insurance, in case the trees or anything else causes damage to the apartment and then to your possessions. All you can do is protect yourself and the pups and leave the rest to the complex, it seems.

  9. Gorgeous quilts, Brenda, you are so talented! I could use one of them wrapped around me today, it's a cold, rainy, miserable day and I have such a chill!

  10. Brenda, I do love your quilts on the wall; so cozy and warm looking. The bright colors brighten the mood too. How do you hang them. Can you use plastic tacks or are the quilts too heavy? Sandra

  11. Hi Brenda
    Loving your quilts! How gifted you are! My husband went to Cuba a few years back on a missions trip. He told me the outside of buildings and homes were ugly, cracked and in poor shape. The outside of buildings were maintained by the government. He told me that when he walked inside the businesses and homes were beautiful inside because they were maintained by the residents or owners. They were responsible for the inside. This made me think of your situation. You maintain the inside and patio beautifully. You can only do what you can do and make the best of it! You do a great job too by the way. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog.
    Blessings, LaDonna

  12. I used to hand quilt, therefore, I admire your wonderful quilts even more. Your talents amaze me, your patience too. The owner of the building has sure made a profit on you. They're called 'Goniffs' (Thieves). Your home & garden really are cozy. I love it. Sandy

  13. I can see why you would want to look at these quilts and not put them away. They are gorgeous!
    I'm working on not worrying about things I can't change. I'm better than I was, but still have a ways to go.
    Have a great weekend Brenda
    Take care

  14. Brenda - those furbabies are so cute. that red doggie bed looks comfy! LOL. I think this year...i've realized (or gotten a little better) that you definitely cant worry about things ahead of time. That owner should fix the complex. It's sad some ppl dont care about the property or ppl living there. Have a great friday night and happy weekend :)

  15. I agree that it doesn't matter what time of year it is for displaying quilts. They're colorful and beautiful and that's all that matters. We have tree roots growing under our driveway, causing a huge buckling area. We asked paving companies if they could just pave over it, and it doesn't look like that's possible for whatever reason. Well, our entire driveway needs to be dug out and redone anyway - it's asphalt and very old. Will have to wait until next year. We've already budgeted for other things to be done this year.

  16. Beautiful quilts, Brenda. Lots of hours of work in them. And so bright and colorful! You can be proud of your handiwork.

  17. I always love to see when you feature you lovely hand made quilts :

  18. Even with the tree issues your complex sounds lovely. Every home has its problems and there are so many positives to yours, in spite of the trees. Would love to see pics of your area, if you'd like to share them. And your quilts are beautiful!

  19. Love your quilts !! I also quilt, and by hand - machine quilting looks so, well, done, if you know what I mean. I live on Maui, and have my quilts on display year round - they bring me joy. Have you ever tried the Hawaiian style of quilting - all done by hand!
    Hugs to you -

  20. Yay for the quilts. I have missed them. Although chic, your apartment was looking more apartment therapy than eclectic cottage. they look great!

  21. "Experience beautiful things even on ordinary days!" ~ Alexandra Stoddard


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