House Plants & Regional Tornados

I have decided to try a few house plants inside again. And hopefully not get them so wet I end up with gnats and terrified pupsters.
I've tried most everything for Abi's horrible coughing. The vet has told me to give her Benadryl, which I do. But still in the middle of the night she often coughs.

I thought, well, I've tried lavender essential oil being diffused all night. Which is nice and I'll keep doing that. 

I've tried medication. 

So now I'll try a few house plants that soak up toxins from the air.

It is quite pretty out today. The sun is shining. I hear a duck quacking nearby.

Over the weekend, we had horrible storms. And it just about tore up my gazebo. I'd say I'm about one thunder storm away from it coming apart. 

There are now holes in the canvas and parts of it are no longer attached to the hardware. On Sunday the wind knocked it over into my patio door, scaring me half to death.

Just to give you an idea of what winds can be like here, I noticed today that there are patches of bright red all over the patio concrete. 

Upon going outside to see what on earth it was, I finally figured out that the wind had blown the paint right off a round table I have over in the corner by the fence. 

These aren't tiny pieces either.
Not all the paint of course. Just patches of it. Never seen anything quite like it.

Oklahoma winds just are not conducive to canvas gazebos. Or even, I suppose, painted tables. 

Live and learn.

I'm wondering how, if it falls apart, I will take it down by myself. And I haven't a clue. I really don't want to climb up there.

It is not the maintenance man's responsibility. As a matter of fact, we are without a maintenance man right now. Last Friday was his last day. They moved him to another complex.

They will not tell the manager or the maintenance man or any of us if the sale of this place went through. The people who manage the company are, for want of a better word, very lacking. 

The maintenance man we did have said even if he was here, they've told him not to touch that tree against the fence no matter what. 

They said the current owner refuses to pay for a professional to deal with the tree because he's looking at thousands of dollars. 

And he doesn't want the staff cutting branches in case that massive thing drops a huge tree branch on an apartment.

Before I moved here three years ago, I actually looked at a few used mobile homes. But with the winds here, it seems a bit foolhardy to try to buy one of those. 

No telling what it would cost to insure one in a state that has frequent tornadoes. 

And just think how devastating it would be to fix one up only to have a tornado come roaring through and tear it to pieces in a manner of minutes.

The people in Canton, Texas saw that just a few days ago. I don't know if they have a final death toll yet. 

I wonder if it hit the infamous Canton flea market? Anyone from around there know?

I hope all of you are safe and sound. 

You cannot outrun a tornado. 

I recall being in the backseat of a car with some other teenagers looking out the back window at one that was dark and quite menacing.

We're foolish when we're young, aren't we? A miracle we even get through those hormonal teen years.  

Be safe during this tornado season, all of you. And whatever you do, don't try to outrun a tornado.


  1. I don't envy you the weather in your part of the country - Home Depot has some pretty sturdy Pergolas, we looked at a few for the cottage, maybe it's time to replace your gazebo with something a little more sturdy? Perhaps a local handyman for hire could do the work for you. I bet you get a lot of use out of it and wouldn't want to be without something.

    I think you're absolutely right about the trailer situation, while they can be quite charming and you'd own it... the liability and your safety would be in question all the time. Same thing with a "tiny house" deal, which I could see you enjoying immensely under different circumstances.

    With luck the new owners will be much more responsible landlords.

  2. I grew up in tornado alley, and know what you mean!
    Re your building's sale, does your local newspaper run property title changes? The paper in the city where I grew up does (along with arrests--must-read material: who bought a house, for how much, and who got arrested, usually for DUI). They are public records. You should be able to go to the courthouse and ask as well.

  3. Thankfully your table did not fly away with winds that whip the paint off! As for the gazebo, maybe there is a local handy man that you can hire?

    We get terrible wind here in VA in the winter at least 1 or 2 Nor'Easters a year.

    Love the idea of the house plants to keep the air clean. I personally never have any luck, I always over water.

    Take care of yourself, and have a wonderful day.

  4. Brenda, I've thought about a gazebo but worry about the winds here as well. Can't attach to the structure since I just rent. As others have said, you may have to hire a handyman. I love my indoor plants and I don't have much problem with gnats at all. Hugs!

  5. How frightening, Brenda!! Those are some crazy winds, to take the paint right off a table! Glad you are safe, my friend. Tornados are terrifying! We had a crazy thunderstorm on Sunday with some of the worst thunder and lightening I can remember, and that was scary enough!

  6. I am sorry about your gazebo. We had one several years ago, and one particularly windy day, I watched it roll across the yard, which bent all of the metal. It was a shame too, we really enjoyed it, but I have never done one since! We have some friends that bought a wooden one with roof, and that will not go anywhere! I think it's because Yardley. Have a great day!

  7. Goodness! Winds so strong they blew the paint off the table! I simply cannot imagine it. How frightening! As another poster said, it really makes me think of the safety of those moveable small houses , which I love. If there are tears in the fabric of your gazebo, there is tape made for repair of canvas awnings available.
    I love plants but cannot have them in my house because of mold spores, even using sterilized soils. Could you stand the noise an air purifier might make?

  8. We have tornado warnings all the time, but luckily none touch down. My high school niece lived on the coast of Mississippi during Katrina. She said that they never bothered to go to the shelter anymore, it was too dark and crowded and hot. They had hurricane warnings all the time. Luckily she was at a friends a little north of the house. Their house was leveled, her school was leveled, her car, which she left home, was in a tree. Mother Nature is nothing to fool around with!

  9. My allergist recommended spider plants to clean the air. I did find them helpful. I don't know if they would work there as your humidity is much higher than mine. (I have to run a humidifier in the winter.)

  10. Oh I hope your gazebo hangs in there, I know you really enjoy the shade. Maybe the new landlords will hire a good maintenance man.

  11. We have a lot of tornado warnings here in IL, too. The weather here the past 5-6 days have been nothing but rain and cold - with the wind sometimes picking up and whipping that rain along with some hail. We even have a frost warning tonight.

    Does Abi have tracheal collapse? I know that Yorkies are prone to that, as well as Pomeranians. My mom has a Pom and she is suffering from tracheal collapse right now. She coughs a lot and it is worse at night. She is under care from both a vet and a holistic practitioner who also works on dogs and she is doing much better. They also put her on a raw food diet which is expensive, but has really helped with her health.

  12. Terrible winds and storms here, too, Brenda. There was a tornado watch in our area last night, which is highly unusual. However, high winds we are used near the water is pretty, but it's windy. Good luck with the plants. :)

  13. I'm 30 miles north of Tyler near Hawkins. There were a total of 7 tornadoes and last I heard 5 deaths. The tornadoes did not hit First Monday Trade Days.

    Did you know every song about Oklahoma mentions the wind? Someone told me that long ago. I'm originally from Edmond and I DO NOT miss the wind.

  14. So sorry about your gazebo, Brenda. We have tornados fairly frequently in the summer here in Michigan, too. I've had the good fortune never to have been close to one, but there have been very destructive ones in towns not far from me. They are scary, no question.

    Speaking of plants to cleanse the air, the spider plant is a good one for that I've read. They are pretty easy to grow. The worst thing about them is all the "babies" they grow if they are well cared-for. But you can always give them away or throw them away. You pretty much need a hanging planter for spider plants, tho'. Don't know if you have a good place for one.

    Sorry you are having to put up with the incompetent management of your apartment complex. It seems management companies are not really concerned about the well-being of their tenants but mostly about $$$ dollars. After all, these days they are large, impersonal corporations. Hope things straighten out soon and that you get a good maintenance person.

    May no tornados come close to you!

  15. Tornados are a horrible threat to everyone in more areas as they were in the past. Odd. Of course nothing new to OK. Take cover as low as you are on ground level you have that to your advantage.

    Not sure if plants are the answer to Abi's problems. It may be the opposite. Perhaps allergies, especially since you had them in your house all winter? See if she improves without the plants. Maybe an air purifier if you don't have one?

  16. As I'm constantly in renovation, I have a few house plants that are supposed to clean the air and they are very easy to take care of.


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