Oddly Cool Outside

I don't recall cool enough weather that I have had the heat on in May. It is overcast and in the fifties.

I have tried to take down the black canvas-covered clothesline that is on the fence. 

I don't use it. It is hard to pull out and is also right over my plants. 

Plus I hate it in the background of my photos.

Anyone around Tulsa who might want the clothesline is welcome to it. It has strong spokes that you pull out if you like to dry your laundry outdoors.

I even lightened up the above inside photo a bit, as it was so dark it was hard to even see. I think I'm ready for some sun! 

Although I love rain and storms, I think I may have had enough for awhile.

Poor Mr. Sun, which I have had for years, is showing signs of weariness from the very rainy weather. 

I loved the patina that was originally there, and hope that the late deluge of rain doesn't take away much more of it.

The sun is pretty big. I recall buying it at some country nursery for about $35 outside of Tyler. Doubt I'd ever find that good a deal again!

Lately I have been cooking a lot of potatoes. 

Potatoes are relatively cheap, and with the addition of carrots and onions, is quite tasty sliced up with herbs and cooked in my Breville oven. 

Last night I cooked a few chicken breasts with onions and barbecue sauce. But I was astonished that I had to pay over $10 for two chicken breasts, so I think I will be eating a lot more veggies. 

However that is at least two meals.

I don't know if the higher prices are due to the recent flooding or not.

My bottom galvanized containers look a bit empty. The pupsters have been eating the flowers. 

When I saw the other day that lantana is not something dogs should be eating, and then saw Charlie out there munching, I quickly moved it. 


I had ornamental grasses in those containers before. But they died over the winter. And the plants had gotten so big, it was really hard to dig them out. 

So I don't know what to put there. Probably more mints and herbs. 

I read somewhere that you should plant mint around cabbage and tomatoes, by the way. 

Lemon balm in those containers maybe? I need something that will bounce back after the dogs trample through the container.

I have been planting herbs for a great many years. I'd say that pineapple sage and lemon verbena are two of my favorites when it comes to scent. 

But then you can't beat lavender either. 

Do you grow herbs? If so, which ones? 


  1. I usually buy a large package of chicken breast - normally there are about 10 breast in a package for about $10 - I get them at wal-mart - if I were you I would cook some and freeze the rest. Love the sun hanging on the fence -now you would probably have to pay$75 for it!

  2. Mr. Sun looks a bit miffed, doesn't he? I guess he's tired of the rain. I just looked up what plants are OK for dogs to eat and read that rosemary, chamomile, burdock, calendula, and mint are all OK for dogs. When I had a dog, the only thing it ate out in the garden were pears that fell from the pear tree! It's cool and rainy here in central Kentucky, but that is pretty common for this time of year. Not unusual for Derby Day to be a wet one. But, of course we're hoping for the sun to be shining bright on our old Kentucky home on Saturday.

  3. You really do a lot with a small space.
    Herbs: I have thyme, oregano, rosemary, parsley and basil (I can never get enough basil). I try to grow dill, which I never find fresh in France, but it never takes off. It would grow wild in the cracks of my grandma's driveway, but not in my garden! Mint is an easy one, but my husband hates mint, so I don't have much occasion to use it. In November or so, I cut big bunches of everything and dry it, then make pretty jars of organic herbs for Christmas favors.

  4. I grow Rosemary, lavender, mint, thyme and oregano. The Rosemary is right outside my front door so I can run my hand through it as I enter the house.
    Yesterday was finally a warm enough day to mow the grass. We have been building a fire in our wood stove almost daily. Will Summer ever get here??? I have had potted plants setting in my garage for over a week now. I am a bit leery of setting them out. Looks to be a bad year for the fruit growers in our area.
    Your patio looks very inviting and cheery.

  5. What a perfect patio for relaxing. I adore the flowers and Mr. Sun makes me happy! I love planting herbs in containers close to my back door so I can just quickly snip what I need for smoothie making and dinner prep. Happy Thursday, Brenda!!

  6. Pray tell why mint is good by cabbage and tomatoes? I'm not a gardener, but trying to learn. You do so much with your enclosed patio. I think you prove the fact that bigger is NOT better.

  7. I'm disappointed but not surprised that only the sage came back in my herb planters on the deck. Even though I plant a lot of perennial herbs, the fact that they are in a raised bed and on a deck means they won't survive our winters. Shame. I put in lots of herbs every year: basil, dill, thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano, marjoram, tarragon....probably more that I can't remember. I'll be hitting the garden center this weekend to buy them...hope they have them out already, we had a frost this morning!

  8. I always enjoy your blog and seeing your cute and cozy little house and of course your beautiful patio garden. I have mint, basil, chives, lemon verbena, pineapple sage and bee balm. I love being out in our garden area.

  9. What a treat to receive your blog. Your writing speaks to my heart. Thanks for sharing your world with all of us!!!

  10. I love your outdoor decor! Very colorful and interesting. I usually have an herb garden with all the herbs I can find, but this year I gave up my spot for another project and have not found a replacement spot for my herb garden yet.
    :) gwingal

  11. I really enjoy potatoes however they are cooked. I eat lots of veggies and most of my protein comes from legumes. I don't buy the dried although they would be much cheaper than using tins, I guess I am lazy or would rather be doing crafts or reading. We haven't turned our heat off yet which you might expect being in Canada. We are expecting a ton of rain again. It has started already and is threatening to carry on into the night. I love Mr Sun, I had one in the garden at my last house but left it for the next residents, now seeing Mr Sun I am regretting that.

  12. Food prices are high, I agree. I wonder if you perhaps bought "Smart Chicken". I paid a similar price earlier this week. It is high, but it's the only brand of chicken we buy, cook and eat. If that's what you bought, check out the label, and you might feel better about what you paid. I believe there is a huge difference in quality and taste among chicken brands. Hope your weather straightens out. I also had to put on some heat this morning up here in NE Kansas.

  13. We are trying some herbs this year. Mint, oregano, chives and rosemary. I hope they do well. Our back gets almost no sun and our front area gets too much. So we keep things in the front and pray!

  14. Hi, Brenda. Your garden looks so pretty. I plant rosemary, but that becomes a bush here, basil, thai basil, mint, thyme, cilantro (it does not like the heat), lavender, oregano... I buy the chicken already cooked since it is 8 dollars, and then I cook it down. I wonder if you could cook it down and turn it into a soup in a crock pot... xoxo Su

  15. Beautiful garden, Brenda. You've inspired me to do a little planting. I've got the heat on today, myself.

  16. Hi Brenda: If eating the plants is something new for your pups, I'd mention it the next time you have them at the vets. It may mean some deficiency in their diets, it may mean they like their salad very fresh! I grow greek oregano because it smells so good, chives for their lovely flowers, thyme, rosemary, mint, lemon thyme or cinnamon thyme when I can get it, parsley for the rabbits to keep them busy. I just thought of it, but if you like mysteries, there's a writer named Susan Wittig Albert (maybe spelled wrong) who writes a series of mysteries that name a particular herb or plant in the title and involve a texas owner of an herb store and garden. Right up your alley, perhaps. It's raining so hard here in NJ that it's hard to see out the windows, but it should help me tackle pulling weeds and ugly plants from my patio gardens tomorrow. Stay warm and think "Soup!"


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