On My Patio & Birds In Flight Training

Abi is getting her teeth cleaned today. She's lucky to still have all her teeth. Charlie just has two.

These dogs get better dental care than I do. But then, that's what mama's do, isn't it? Put the babies first.

I was out on the patio yesterday. It was cooler and there was a soft rain.

Now that the gazebo is gone, I feel the need to move things about. Isn't that what we woman often do when one thing is changed? We want to change the rest? 

Well, I tend to do that anyway. 

I noticed that these two yellow-gold pots sure seemed to have a lot of water in the top. I took a garden tool and started scooping some of the water out. 

Then a thought occurred to me. Had I ever used these pots before? Because I've had them several years. 

I couldn't recall, so I looked underneath and there were no holes for drainage. How did I manage to miss that?  

I wasn't about to take everything out. So I went inside and got a Philips screw driver and sat on my garden seat and punched out the indented holes for drainage from underneath the planter they are in. 
When I go outside to do something, I end up doing something else. 

I can go out with my little garden clippers to snip something. Then before I know it I'm moving a pot or putting bricks under it or doing something else. 

I don't know if it's my attention span, or that my eyes roam around and see something else that needs done.  So I tend to do a little of this, a little of that while I'm out there.

The other morning I woke up to a scratching noise. I couldn't figure out what it was.

I finally honed in on the sound being near the bedroom window. I pulled the blinds up and there was this little bird clutching the screen.

I figure it may have been in the midst of flight training. I went out there and was going to see if I could figure out where it came from, but it flew off to the tree before I got close. 

I could tell it hadn't been flying long, because it didn't stay up in the air very long. 

Well, guess I best get to doing something.

Empty the bird bath. Fill it back up. See if anything needs my attention. Take my garden snippers and see if anything needs snipping.


  1. I'm so glad you can still enjoy your patio even without the gazebo. I have thought of adding a big umbrella outside, give me shade but it can be folded up in the wind. Just a thought. Hugs!

  2. That's definitely me, Brenda and I think most women...where we set out to do something and end up doing a bunch of other little things, too. I even get side-tracked as to what I originally set out to do in the first place!

    1. Me, too!! There are always a million things to be done, and it seems never enough time to get to them all!

  3. I like the expression "puttering about in the garden." Doing the little tasks that pop up is, for the most part, a pleasing experience. I used to be more obsessive about getting tasks done when I was younger because I was more focused on how the garden would look in the future. Now I'm more focused on enjoying myself and the garden in the present. No matter what stage it's in, there's something interesting to see or do. Your yellow rose looks beautiful, by the way, and those dark petunias are stunning.

  4. Love your patio. I need an outside area also. Have you seen the half umbrella? It would be protection for the patio doors. Thank you for sharing your Cozy Little House.

  5. I don't think flitting about when you're outdoors has anything to do with a short attention span. I believe it's because you enjoy and savor what you're doing. It's your 'happy place', Brenda! My 'happy place' is my sewing room so I, too enjoy flitting around. :-)

  6. The pictures are beautiful.

  7. I'm easily sidetracked too. I'll have good intentions to deadhead the flowers, but then I'll spot some pretty birds or the clouds look pretty and I'll sit down to admire that. Eventually, I'll remember what I meant to do. :) Same with the housework, I'll start one chore and then another one will get my attention.

    Your flowers are looking good! We've been getting some rain off and on here in MO and now it's cool today, but we have sunshine. Good to see it.

  8. Brenda--do you know the name of your pretty yellow rose? I love it! By the way, I'm a garden putterer, too.

  9. I do the same thing.. go out to do one thing and before I know it, I'm buried in the dirt digging or transplanting or clipping etc. I need to make a garden apron to carry all my tools, as I never seem to have what I need! If I have my clippers, I need my gloves, if I have my gloves, I don't have my clippers, if I pull weeds, I never have my bucket close by.. or if I'm on the other side of the house turning on the sprinkler, then I forgot to bring my gloves to pull up those pesky weeds! I try to remember to take out everything with me.. bucket, gloves, clippers, etc. In fact I do have a garden bucket, but as of yet for this year, I haven't gotten on a roll with the planting and all that. Weather has been so cold here but now is finally warming up. Take care Brenda! Marilyn


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