Roses & Veggies

After about a week's worth of cloudy and rainy weather, I am finally seeing some gorgeous yellow rose blooms.
I have always been a fan of yellow roses. All roses are beautiful, but I just have a penchant for yellow.

I planted creeping jenny and a vinca vine for contrast that will eventually trail down the big pot.

The sewing machine table is my designated veggie spot. 

Chives and pineapple sage. Lettuce seeds that haven't come up yet. Also a tomato plant that I was surprised made it through the storms, as I had just planted it.

I noticed two of the hyacinth bean vines have come up. I have them up on the table as well, since I learned they are toxic.

Those wires you see on the table are solar. Multi-colored lights that are so pretty at night. 

I have various little lights around the patio. You can see one above in the bottom of the plant stand.

Plus I have one hung on the wall of the apartment wall that comes on when it detects activity.

The other day I filled one of the plastic spray bottles I bought with vinegar and got to working on my shower tiles. 

After my shower one evening, I sprayed the vinegar on the tiles and left it on about an hour. 

Then I turned on the hot water in the tub and let the steam rise for about a minute. And then I took a tile brush and quickly cleaned the tiles. 

The vinegar really loosens up the crud. So this technique works really well.

I recall the days when I used chemical cleaners. Chemicals are so strong and you never know what side effects you or someone in the home might suffer. 

I once knew someone who suffered permanent nasal damage from using a shower cleaner. 

Vinegar and other products we have in our kitchens are just as effective in cleaning our homes. They're also cheaper. 

And in my case, I don't want chemicals around the pupsters or Andrew. 

Abi coughs the most. But oddly enough, it's almost always at night. Which is why I have placed some plants in the bedroom and I regularly use an essential oil diffuser at night. 

The diffuser goes off after four hours. But if she starts coughing, I get up and put more water in and turn it back on. She stops coughing once I do that.

What do you use to clean your shower/tub? Any tips for the rest of us?


  1. I use vinegar for all kinds of cleaning! It makes sense that it disinfects--it's literally sour wine, so it contains alcohol. And it's acidic, which is why it works so well to clean the bathroom, where lime in the water forms a film. Also works great on windows; I use a newspaper to avoid lint.
    Vinegar works well in the kitchen, too, for cleaning burned spots on pans (especially if you heat the vinegar in the pan a little), for shining up the faucet...just not on marble countertops!

  2. I was at a resort awhile back with my hubby and the shower,although fiberglass (I've always found that harder to keep clean especially with hard water),was just sparkling,the housekeeper said it was vinegar and Dawn dish soap...
    Obviously needs to be rinsed really well to get rid of the slickness.

  3. Your patio sure is pretty, Brenda. You do a beautiful job out there and I am so happy you have such a nice, private space to enjoy.
    I use vinegar mixed with a few drops of BLUE Dawn dishwashing soap. It will clean scum and just about anything. I put it in a spray bottle and squirt away. It is great for sinks and faucets, etc. xo Diana

  4. Most of our cleansers are left over from when we owned a cleaning biz, which are eco friendly. Although we did leave behind most of them for the new owner, we took enough to last a few years, We are starting to get low though, so I imagine I'll need to think about what to buy or make.

    I like your idea of little solar lights outside. Must look lovely!

  5. here's the best tip i've ever heard of and it has nothing to do with cleansers! it was from an old navy man. he had spent his career on ships. and it was the rule for every man aboard ship.
    he told me if i did it i would only need to 'clean' my bath tub never the tile!
    the secret of the navy is to wipe the tile walls and grout surrounding the tub after EVERY shower. the tile will stay clean and shiny and you'll never have to scrub the grout. and it's true. i've done it for years now everywhere i've ever lived and it has never failed! the tile always looks like new. i keep a towel just for that purpose. it's AMAZING!
    now whether you could convince a husband and kids to do it too is another question entirely. LOL!
    but it's well worth a try.
    and it takes only SECONDS to do.
    so don't let them tell you they don't have enough time. and it has to be done every time or it won't work.
    as for just cleaning the tub... a strong brush and myers or dr bronner's soap about every other week or so works for me.

  6. I use eco friendly cleaning products, but as I'm not a huge fan of the smell of vinegar I don't use that too often in cleaning...only in cooking! Your patio looks great, I'm glad you were finally able to get that big pot for the rose. I hope it's happy in it!

  7. Yellow roses are my favorite. Just beautiful! What a lovely array of plants you have on your patio. Such an enjoyable place to be for you and the pupsters. :)

  8. Isn't it amazing--just fragile little flowers and they keep coming up and flourishing in spite of hail, wind and too much or too little rain. Your garden is beautiful. I think flowers nourish the soul.

  9. Its funny when you mentioned all of the cleaning ingredients...I too used to have so many but now I basically have windex. bleach, and one or two others. For instance, a bit of bleach in the toilet bowl and a swish or two and you are done. I think that when I was younger I fell for all of the TV it's far easier. Some Dawn soap, the windex and bleach, murphys oil soap here and there or Lysol....the old standbys and like you said, vinegar...

    I also contemplated the cost of liquid soap and went back to buying Ivory bars for the shower ....a pack bought months ago and I still have not used it up

  10. I think up one of those sensor lights at my gate. Helps so much when its dark and we come home. I just love your colored pots. I must buy some with color

  11. I love yellow roses too. I once had my husband stop the car when I saw a glorious mass of them and a man working in the yard. He said they were yellow bank roses and I've wanted them ever since. Your patio garden is lovely and I adore lights in the garden at night. I use a lot of vinegar in cleaning too, but Tammy's method sure sounds worth a try. I am completely sold on diffusers and essential oils after my d-i-l patiently educating me about them for several years now. I'm sick now with some kind of respiratory virus and am faithfully following her advice. I'm glad they help Abi!

  12. I have a squeegee hanging at the back of the shower. I use it to help keep the tile dry after each use. I keep a dish scrubber with vinegar and a little dish soap in it. This stays in the shower as well, to use as needed for soap scum etc.

    The yellow rose is my favorite as well.

  13. Hi Brenda: Have you considered using a cool air vaporizer in your bedroom. Indoor spaces can be dryer than a desert.. A cool air vaporizer helps me breathe; it may help your pups, and most work for a solid eight hours. Good luck.

  14. I use vinegar and baking soda for almost all my cleaning. I do use some chlorine bleach if I am dealing with mold, but I always take care not to breath it in much. In the bathroom I just turn on the ceiling fan and leave the room for an hour or so til the fumes have been sucked out. I also use vinegar in place of a fabric softener. I hate the perfumes that are in fabric softeners. I want my clothes to smell clean, but not perfumed. For a disinfectant I use vinegar and water with tea tree oil or some tea tree wipes. Non-toxic and inexpensive, these products do the job just as well as the chemicals.

    I think Judith's suggestion about using a cool-mist vaporizer at night to help Abi's coughing is a great suggestion. I have been using one since I developed bronchitis after having the flu and it does help to have more moisture in the air.

    Your plants are looking great despite the wind storm!


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