Small House Tour With Big Appeal

Isn't this a darling little house and front yard?

A front yard fence and strategic plants gives it great curb appeal. A flagstone path leads the eye up to the entrance.

The glass coffee table and leggy furniture opens up the space visually.

This big built-in entertainment center blends into the background because it's painted the same shade as the wall.

It's important to add personal touches to your small space. But too many small knick-knacks will make it look cluttered.

The limitation of colors gives this home great flow throughout.

Storage is always important in a small home. These IKEA cabinets pack a lot into a small area.

Having a tiny indoor garden is a treat for the eye. It's also a good place to grow herbs for cooking.

If you maintain a well-stocked bar cart, you will be saving valuable cabinet space.

A picture rail adds architectural interest.

Just because you don't have a big bedroom doesn't mean you can't have a tall canopy to frame your bed. It actually draws the eye up without adding visual clutter.

The bathroom is perked up with a custom metal shower door.

I hope you enjoyed this small house tour.



  1. I could move in there in a minute. The curb appeal is very inviting and I am drawn to houses that have the front yard closed in. I like everything about this house. The metal doors are the icing on the cake in this neat bathroom. Thanks for sharing this one. I love all the neat windows which allows plenty of light. Hope you have a great Memorial Day!

  2. Good Morning Brenda! I really like the little house. But, the inside doesn't do anything for me. It doesn't feel cozy & welcoming to me. I would like more color and I am not a glass & brass person either. But, to each their own and it's their life style. Enjoy this wonderful Memorial Day that so many have sacrificed for, so that we can enjoy.

  3. It's gorgeous!
    I wouldn't want to clean that shower door though. It looks fabulous, but the upkeep must be awful.

  4. Love love this sweet little cottage home. That bathroom is fabulous.
    Have a Happy Memorial Day today.

  5. I like the use of orange instead of red in the interior. I sure wish there was a pot of orange flowers or an orange cushion on a chair on the front porch to give the eye a place to land and also to hint at the orange inside. I love the mantel décor and the chair in front of the fireplace. My favorite detail is the gold fish positioned between the stainless steel vent hood and the stainless steel range. It keeps all the stainless steel from feeling so cold. Thanks for sharing this sunny home.

  6. Such a pretty home and so well designed. I love their style.

  7. Brenda this one was my favorite. I too love more color but I could move in and live there. Not too modern like most places. Love your blog.

  8. This is my favorite small house tour so far. I love their use of color and the bathroom is my favorite. I would live here in a minute!

  9. Super cute house and the bright white walls is what makes it feel so spacious.

  10. Very appealing. Nice and light, which makes so much difference to me. The kitchen is wonderful and the built-ins great storage. Yup, I could live there!

  11. I love this house. It looks so airy. I love that the colors are there, but not overwhelming.

  12. I think that's my favorite one yet!! What a great house, I could move right in and settle in without changing a thing!!

  13. I loved this house, the collection of blue bottles and the kitchen is darling.


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