Squirrel At The Window


Yesterday morning I was sitting here on the couch working on my laptop. Charlie was wedged in between me and the end of the couch, which he seems to like doing. Guess it makes him feel safe.

There he was sleeping away, tongue hanging out the right side of his mouth, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

I looked toward the patio door and there was a squirrel sitting there staring at me through the glass.

Now Charlie goes ape you know what over squirrels. Throws a hissy fit. Barks till he's hoarse. Throws himself against the window. 

And there was that squirrel right there with Charlie totally unaware of it. 

I thought about saying "squirrel!" like I do sometimes, but figured he needs his beauty sleep. 

I'm still pretty tuckered out from taking that gazebo down and walking all the many pieces, thankfully with next door neighbor Charlie's help, down to the dumpster. 

We have been having more big thunderstorms the past few days, and I'm glad the gazebo is down, because these storms have been pretty strong. 

Some of you mentioned that maybe I should start looking for some place else to live, and occasionally I do check places out online.

I don't want to live in a complex where there's all ages of people. I can't take the loud music, etc.

For some reason Oklahoma doesn't have many senior places. Most you have to be 62 to get in or on the waiting list, and I'm 60. 

On top of that, there are really few places that are affordable. Most of them are luxury apartments that are way out of my income ball park. 

So I'm thinking if I can hold on till age 62 in two years, I might have more places to check out. That is, if things are still going downhill here.

With all the baby boomers now retiring, you'd think they'd build places for them to live. But unless you're rich, there isn't much to choose from around here.

Anyway, I'll enjoy life here now. No reason to worry about it. I have a roof over my head and a nice patio that I so enjoy.

It's important to find joy in every day, and I always try to do that. As should we all. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. That's a great attitude Brenda. I'm sure everything will work out. It always does.

  2. Good Morning Brenda. Little Charlie is so cute how he wants to be a hunter of the squirrel!
    If you are happy where you are at and feel it is home to you then why move? Believe me I am in the middle of a move it is a lot of stress and work. I know all too well about the senior living too. I finally found an affordable place for my mom but almost all the places had two to three year wait lists. With our population getting older and living longer they are going to have to start to think about building more senior affordable housing. Have a great weekend.

  3. Affordable senior housing - not luxury complexes for people with retirement incomes of $100K or more a year - is what we need. But we won't get it. There's no "money" to be made in it these days and with the current political climate we are in, HUD programs, such as they are, to encourage the building of more moderately-priced apartment and townhouse complexes for seniors, just aren't going to happen. You are in a place that you are comfortable with for now, and as I wish for all of us of a certain age (I will be 66 in a few months), may we all age gracefully in place and not ever have to confront the ugly reality of trying to find affordable assisted living care for ourselves or even senior-only affordable housing complexes. I am NOT going to move to Sun City - this is where I was born and raised, this is where my roots are if not all of my family anymore (which, like many others of my generation, are now spread out across the country), this is where my doctors are, this is where my friends are, this is where I have pharmacy, supermarket and miscellaneous shopping all within walking distance and am 3 blocks from a bus line. I'll stay in this place as long as I can!

  4. Squirrels have always made our pups crazy, too!
    So sorry to hear about the gazebo, Brenda...I know it gave you some shelter from the heat.

  5. Charlie and his squirrel chasing makes me laugh...he can't be much bigger than some of them!! ;)

  6. Sorry you lost the gazebo. I know how you loved it. And you are so right to stay put for now. You've fixed it up so cute. Funny how things play out, so not to worry now. Oh I feel only we had tge worries our pupsters have.

  7. Each day is a gift--that's why it's called the Present!

  8. I think that's a good plan. At 62 you will have financial changes as well.
    The advantage is that you are renting and can do as you see fit.
    I'm glad you didn't yell that s word.

  9. Take a look at the cantilever umbrellas on Wayfair. Something like this may provide you with a bit of shade in your garden. Not as lovely as your gazebo but l it could be closed in case of winds.
    It's very sad to think of you and other long term, older tenants having to move because of the callousness of the complex owners. I know how much you enjoy your outdoor, private space and how important it is to you. And the pupsters too. It would probably be a good idea to investigate which apt. complexes would be acceptable to you and within your budget before the need to move becomes reality and the scramble is on.
    I wouldn't move yet because of what might or might not happen in the future but a contingency plan is certainly in order.

  10. Charlie is so cute ...I am glad that this year I didn't have the baby squirrels climbing my screens like the last two years ! :)

  11. Charlie probably was dreaming about squirrels when the real one came for a visit! You'll know what to do when the time comes regarding housing. It's good you are keeping a positive spirit about it. How does your neighbor (who helped you take down the gazebo) feel about continuing to live there? Is he planning on sticking it out for awhile also?

  12. Lately Monkey has been going ballistic at all the critters....she keeps trying to dig up all the chipmunk holes. I'm guessing they must have nests in there now or something - she's driving me nuts! Meanwhile, Lily is just about 100% deaf at this point and couldn't give a hoot!

  13. That's too bad about the gazebo. It was very pretty. I buy two umbrellas, usually every year. This year at the store "At Home" for 45 each. They are not sunbrella, but I cannot buy 300 dollar umbrellas that snap in half every season. I need them to cover my plants. We don't get winds like Oklahoma, but we get these strong winds from heat and monsoon that ruin umbrellas. I wonder if they have a place like that near you. They have motorized carts for those who need it, because it is a warehouse box store. xoxo Su


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